Friday, April 30, 2010

More Random Whatnots!

TA-DA!!!!  I LOVE my new blog!!!  Diana did a fabulous job and am so excited about it!!!!  Isn't it pretty!!!!

Everyone who knows me AND my family for that matter, know that we can be pretty random!!  I've told ya'll this before so I won't ramble on about all THAT craziness.  So once again here is some of the random shit that goes through my random ass brain!!!

  • I love when Mees snuggles and touches my face, trying to figure me out....I especially love it when she trys to rip my fucking nose off of my face because apparently it's not REALLY supposed to be attached and.... is pretty funny when mommy sheds a few tears because she thinks that maybe her nose just might come off!!!  Oh and P.S. I might, might, have a few bald spots because, apparently, to babies, it's a sweet ass new look for moms!!!
  • If I could live in my comfy pants....I totally would!!
  • I start to panic a little if there isn't at least 3 cans of formula in the cupboard and 2 boxes of diapers in the closet....I know....I have a ton couple of issues!
  • In highschool, my eyebrows were...well...not ok.  It looked like I had 2 fuckin catepillars above my eyes.  No one bothered to tell me that this was not acceptable until I worked in a salon for a couple of months my senior year and one of the ladies decided it was necessary that she wax those suckers right off.  She changed my life and my face!!!! 
  • I finally bought my first pair of shorts in probably 8 years the other day.  I DON'T wear shorts, so we'll see if these stay in the drawer with the tags on or not.
  • My most favorite television show of all time is Friends!!!  It is the BEST show ever.  Justin and I could probably recite the entire 10 seasons for you!!  I all kinda want us to!!
  • Sometimes I enjoy myself a little old school rap.....a little Snoop, Dre, Lil Troy (Wanna be a know you all love that tune).
  • When we (Natalie, Sabrina and Me) were younger, Nat and I constantly tried to "toughen" B up, since she was the only child my sister decided to birth and we were pretty much her "sisters".  Well, one day, we thought lets tie her to a chair, shove a sock in her mouth and shut her in a dark room by herself.  Yeah....big sissy....not too happy with her little sissys.  Apparently thats not the way to toughen somebody up.  Could have fooled Nat and I!!
  • I used to make Nat and B bob for jewelry in a big tupperware bowl.....I'm seriously laughing out loud at myself right now because of how ridiculous this sounds and how fuckin funny it really is!!!  Just picture a 5 and 6 year old dunkin their whole head into a giant yellow bowl full of water to retrieve some stupid plastic jewelry!!!  Man the shit you do to entertain yourself when you are young!
  • I absolutely LOVE when the hubs wears his baseball caps backwards!!  For some reason it just really does it for me!!!! 
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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hello Everybody, I'm Nikki and I am a Coachaholic! 
Everyone:  Hello Nikki

There is a possibility that I have a slight to moderate problem with purses...well bags in general I guess!  Coach to be even more specific.  I'm not sure where this love of fine leather and beautiful craftsmanship came from, but one day, it was just there!  And unfortunately for the doesn't seem to be going anywhere!  I can't help it....they are a's like my drug.....I love getting a new one and feel fricken fabulous when I do!!  I know I'm sad but whatever....thats just how I roll I guess!!!

Last year for my birthday I asked everyone to give me money so I could buy myself a new purse because once Mia came I wasn't going to be able to splurge on myself because I was going to have a baby and people with babies don't get to do anything anymore or get anything for themselves....EVER AGAIN.... and I needed one last fabulous bag that would last me a while!  So I got a beautiful cream colored Coach.

I was on maternity leave for 3 months and then went back to a new position at work.  After a couple weeks back at work I ended back at my most favorite store...the Coach outlet....where I saw this beautiful light yellow leather bag.  Well shit...I just pushed a big ass baby out my whoo and got myself a new gig....I totally need deserve this purse (I know my justification rocks, doesn't it??)  So, home I came, with a new yellow purse! 

Well the hubs and I happened upon the same outlet stores the other day and we just happened to end up in my most favorite store and well.....I couldn't help myself....seriously, I have a problem!!!  (Oh...and I pointed out to Miss Mia that this too, someday, would be her favorite store...I almost got kicked!!)   I ended up with ANOTHER NEW bag.  This time a fabulous black one because every lady needs a fab black purse.  Plus, I look at it as I'm totally helping the economy....right??? 
I'm a total dork but I totally heart my new bag!!! 
I'm pretty sure I have to stop using the whole " Well Justin, how much do your hunting and fishing trips cost??  Yeah thats what I suck's imparitive that I purchase this bag, it will think I just don't care and we don't want to upset the Coach"  sooooo....I think, I think, he might need a couple more trips before I can get me a new one!!!  Don't tell him that though!!!  I'm gonna try to play that card as long as I can!!!
Internet.....what are your vices and "aholic" items????

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays.....Sort of!

I'm pretty much obsessed with my child!!!  I'm obsessed with hugging her, kissing her, staring at her, watching her and taking pictures of her!!  I just love her sooooo almost hurts!!!  So once again I'm going to shove some pictures in your face....because...well....she is just so damn adorable!!! 
Ok....I'll stop for today....but seriously!!! 

Oh and one more thing....I'm super excited because Diana over at The Girl Creative is working on a new design for my blog!!!  She's just gonna spruce it up a little....I'm excited....I love a little sprucin!!!  So stayed tuned this week!!  Happy Hump Day!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

For the last couple of months, Mees doesn't care to snuggle with her mama so much anymore.  This makes mama REAL sad because mama LOVES to snuggle!  Well, miraculously, Mees has been snuggling a little more lately.  It's probably just a stage but Mama is goin with it!!!  This is how we roll!!!!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

White Trash Wedding....

Our wedding was Beautiful!!!!  It was a perfect day....sunny, not too cold not too hot....PERFECT!!!  There were no big issues that arose....a few minor things like my sister in law's dress started to fall apart a little but my personal attendants (big sissy and "adopted" sissy) fixed that in a huge hurry, the dj did not have the song that I requested for our first dance (Dave Matthews - Steady as We Go) we went with another Dave song (Crash) because I heart Dave!!!!  Otherwise everything was fabulous.  I'm a little high maitenance sometimes but I do like things simple and not a bunch of foo foo so that's what the whole theme of the wedding was.....I can't help that I like nice things and that those nice things are usually a little pricier!  I'm just a snot like that I guess....whatev!!!  It was elegant, classy and simple. 

Everyone had a blast....probably because most everybody was hammered!!!  It was open bar before the meal so everyone was well on their way before dinner.  Ohhhh Alcohol....what are we going to do with you???  My uncle fell down the stairs....and when I say fell I mean viciously ROLLED down a hefty flight of stairs....still managing to save his Windsor water and most importantly not hurt himself....thanks to the alcohol!  (It's ok to laugh because we all know it's fucking hilarious when people fall.....just as long as they don't get to severely injured!!). 
Justin's long lost cousin decided to pop out of the wood work and show up.....getting absolutely hammered and making a fool out of herself.  She was hitting on my dad and my uncles.....Natalie wanted to beat the shit out of her (it was her first night cocktailing since having Carter so she was in rare form as well).  Nat kept giving her the "I'm totally watching you bitch and if you rub up against my dad one more time I might break your fucking arm" look!!!  Not too much of a big deal though.....that's not totally white trash?!?!  Everyone has some drunk family members at their wedding that they can laugh at the next day....right?  Or is it only big ass obnoxious Italian families??  Oh well, what the hell, it's all in good fun!!

The reception was over but the party sure as hell wasn't.  There was a bar downstairs at the hotel we were at so we all went down there to keep drinking because...well...why the hell not.  It's my wedding night, I'm all fancied up in an expensive dress that I only get to wear one time....I ain't going to bed yet....are you kidding are going to have to peel me out of this dress....I might want to bathe in this dress!
So here we are all Soprano style down in the "lounge" cocktailing and having a fantabulous time....I mean come on I'm somebody's old lady now!!!  We got to toast to that shit...right??? 
So there is a drunk couple at the bar (yep here it starts) who are somewhat obnoxious but whatevs....we all are too.  I have no idea what the hell happened but my two cousins (through marriage) ended up arguing with the drunk guy because he was saying some nasty shit about all of us.  And if you have ever hung around a bunch of Italians....that's the last fucking thing you want to do....OOOPPPS for this dude!!!  All I know is that I saw someone shove someone and that was that.  I walked out because I HATE watching people fight.  So I went outside to have a cigarette or fifteen ( I don't smoke anymore) and a few minutes later Tony (cousin through marriage who was part of the fight) came outside with his hands over his face moaning. while I was outside, the douche bag little rent-a-cop that you have to have at weddings now, decided it was a real good idea to fuckin mace everyone in the bar....yeah that's right....mace!!!  Not just one can but three cans!!!  If you were still left in the were maced!!!  My cousin Michael...who is my favorite gay....came out of there appalled,  screaming "I'm gay and they maced me....I'm gay and they maced me"  (Now that's some funny shit). 
Meanwhile, Justin came out to see if Tony was ok and the douche bag rent-a-cop followed.  During this period that we were outside (I'm outside) Justin may or may not have called the douche bag rent-a-cop a fucking pig....whatever.....Justin was at no time in his face or anywhere near him for that matter.  Justin had nothing to do with the fight...he was on the other side of the bar minding his own business. 
Ok...are you all following to this point???  I hope I haven't lost anyone!!! 
At this point people are bleeding and people are maced!!  I did not incur any of those....thank god!!!  So by now the cops are starting to roll in.....and when I say cops I mean 18 fucking squad cars showed up!!  Yep 18!!!  They ambushed the lobby,  manhandled Justin and threw him in cuffs.....threw Tony in cuffs, Mark (the other cousin through marriage/fighter) escaped up to his room so he could try to wash the massive burning sensation of mace out of his face....the water only made it worse.....and a couple other people were put into cuffs.  I at this point am absolutely mortified and in disbelief as to what the hell just happened.  I mean are you fuckin kidding me??? 
Justin got put in the back of the squad car (remember...he had nothing to do with the fight but the douche bag rent-a-cop was a douche bag and said that he felt threatened by Justin....which COULD be possible because I could have kicked the shit out of him...which I almost did when he got in my face but I figured that wouldn't be good to have both the bride and groom cuffed and stuffed!!)  Oh and my parents had NO idea any of this was going on because they went back upstairs to party!!
By this time it is a spectacle of all was pretty with all the cop lights and what not.  The hotel manager came out and wanted to talk to me....he said we had two options....I could either stay and Justin would go to jail or we needed to go get our stuff immediately and leave.....well let's see, what should I do??  So my father-in-law, sister-in-law and I went up to our honeymoon suite (which was really nice...I only saw it for a minute) to get our bags and came back down to hopefully get my husband out of the back of the squad car. 
So here we are on our wedding night shoved in the back of my in-law's SUV with Justin's sister and fiance, me....still in my wedding dress with our bags in the trunk.....yep...sweet...huh???
Meanwhile...Tony went to jail and the other obnoxious bar man probably went to the hospital. wasn't good!
So here we are.....3am and Justin and I are tromping through our garage (still in tux and dress) and up to our house!!  We got in.....I told him to undo my dress because all I wanted was my sweats!  This is the point that I began to cry.....seriously what the hell just's our wedding night, Justin almost got thrown in jail and we are at our own fucking house going to sleep in our own fucking bed!!  Is this really happening???  Justin can't put on his wedding ring because his skin is on fire from the was a god damn disaster! 

There came a point the next day where I just started to laugh....because really....who the hell does this happen to??  It's definitely a story and a wedding that the family will not forget.....we always make sure to bring our own mace and cuffs to all family occasions in the event that we NEED them!!!  PLUS....we have our very own police report in remembrance of our special day!!!!

So there it a nut shull!!!!  Just remember....bad shit can happen to good people.....we are good people....and not white trash!!!!  We are not a bunch of drunks....just very passionate about our family!!!  And yes....we all swear just a little too just helps explain things so much better sometimes!!!!!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Granny's Girl

I was always a grandma's granny and me were best buds!! 
After my grandpa died when I was 8 we moved in with her so my mom and dad could help her with the house and really be there for her.  Because we lived with her, my relationship with her was much different than most peoples relationships with their grandparents.  We were extremely close!
For the most part I loved living with my grandma...except for the fact that it was like I had a second mother and when you are a teenage girl a second mother is last fucking thing you want!  Besides some slight yelling and screaming bickering, she was one of my most favorite people and bestest friends.  There was really nothing I couldn't talk to her about. 
She was seriously probably the coolest granny EVER!!!  All my friends loved her....she was everyones granny.  We would get out of school early and come back to our house and sit out on the deck, smoke cigs and shoot the shit with granny.  She was a huge gossip and had somewhat of a potty mouth and something pissed her off she wasn't afraid to let you know. 
When I met Justin she instantly LOVED him!!!  Justin could do no wrong...which in turn led to a few more fights small arguments.  She always stuck up for him....even though probably 90% of the time I was being an Asshole but whatever.  Same way with Joe and Nat....she always stuck up for the boys and Natalie and I could pretty much suck it!
She loved anything sports, her cigarettes and snickers!!  She was a frickin hoot and could always make me laugh.  She would get so mad at me, Deb, Nat and B for our innapropriate conversations at the dinner table and the way we harrassed her about and her "man friend" (they were actually just friends but we liked to tease her about it in a very vulgar kind of way...I won't tell you the shit we would say because's definitely not G rated.....but she was cool like that so we could....and would usually give it right back to us). 
Two years ago in April was an extremely busy time in our lives.  Justin and I bought our first house in the middle of April and and were getting married the very beginning of May.  We thought...hey...why the hell not...lets buy a house, move and get married all within two weeks of each other ( I work well under pressure).  
Justin and I closed on our house on a Tuesday and were packing and moving all that week.  The next day (Wednesday) granny went into the hospital, the doc said that she had a minor heart attack, but she was doing well.  In the mean time we are still moving and now trying to unpack.  On Saturday, Granny discharged from the hospital and was going to be admitted to the nursing home where my mom and I work for rehab so she could gain her strength back because Justin and I were getting married in 2 weeks.  By Monday night they moved her into the hospice room.  Tuesday night I had class and had to go because I had a presentation.  I knew I shouldn't have gone but I did.  Justin called and had to leave a message that I'm sure was the most difficult message he has ever had to leave.....after my mom and I left work that day she passed away.  I think that that was possibly the worst I have ever felt.  I seriously couldn't believe that she was gone....I felt so guilty because I told her that I was going to be sooo mad at her if she didn't make it to my wedding and here she was gone before I could tell her otherwise.  My mom was completely devastated being an only child and all of us kids were completely heart broken.  So, the rest of that week was spent planning her funeral, which was held on Friday.  After that we had to go from one extreme emotion to the other because that next Saturday Justin and I were getting married.  In a way, all the wedding stuff actually helped all of us because it took our minds off of how shitty things were.  It still sucks to think that she wasn't physically there that day....I do know though that she was there in some sense because the weather that day (May 3rd) was supposed to be shitty, cold and possibly snowy.  I woke up that morning and the sun was shining and the day turned out absolutely beautiful!  
I miss her and think of her every day.  It sucks that she isn't here....there are times when I still pick up the phone to call her because I HAVE to tell her something and then I realize I can't.  It sucks that she will never get to meet Mia and that Mia will never get to meet her.  It sucks that she doesn't get to see her great grandkids play together at HER house and it sucks that she doesn't get to see the women that Natalie, Me, Debbie and Sabrina are continuously growing to be.  And A LOT of what we are is because of her.  It sucks to loose someone sooo close to you especially at such an important time.  Pretty just sucks ass all together!!! 

Today has been 2 years since she has been gone.  It seems like just yesterday she was standing in the kitchen with her blue shorts and red shirt on and cigarette hanging out her mouth ( I still expect to see her there when I walk in the back door) waiting to tell me that I forgot to bring my clothes downstairs or wondering why Justin isn't home from work yet or wanting to know if I talked to Nat and is she going to be home for dinner.  I still expect all of that and then I feel like she has been gone forever and it's been forever since I've seen her and do I remember what she looks like or what her voice sounds like.  And then I feel like sometimes I try not to think about her because it makes me too sad.
I am so grateful for the 27 years I had with her.  I couldn't have dreamed a better granny and I miss her every single day!  I wish everyone had a granny like I did!! 

And on a side note...I've been crying writing this and just had to get up because I had large amounts of snot running down my face....I know you all wanted to know that but I needed to lighten the mood up a little!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays....Sort of

Our wedding anniversary is coming up May 3rd.  It will have been 2 whole years of wedded bliss!!!  I thought I would share a few photos from that day.... before I delve into the whole wedding debacle and share the infamous white trash wedding story!!!  Again, I promise we are not "those" kind of people.....crazy shit happens to good people sometimes!!!
Isn't he dreamy??!!??!!
I just love this pic of Nat!!  She's real f'ing excited!!!

Two of my most favorite girls....Ry and Mo!
I'm going to leave you all with this picture.....this was eventually the demise of our beautiful, classy, elegant wedding!  Fuck you jag bombs!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

I love doing Mommy and Me Monday!!!  For one... I love pictures of my babe, for two....I love pictures of me and my babe and for three.....I love being in pictures (lets face's just more fun to look at when you're in them!!)
We are totally working our asses know...with all the blogging and online shopping!!!
It's so nice that she helps me!!!!

And yes...I promise that I will post sometime soon about our wedding night debacle and why Justin and I were not welcome in our honeymoon suite. It's a great story and I promise we are not white trash (it may have seemed that way for an hour or so but I promise...I have pictures to prove it!!)

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

People Like Me!!!!

I'm really lovin this whole blogging community!!  I honestly didn't think I would get so into it like I have.  I just wanted a place to be able to write down random stories and tidbits of my family's life and to chronicle Mia growing up.  It has actually turned into this fabulous network of new friends that I've connected with.  It's so nice to read other peoples randomness and know that I am not alone out there in this crazy ass world of motherhood and all that comes along with it!!  I LOVE reading stories and laughing (especially at poop stories...cuz lets face it...they are f'ing hilarious!)
I was reading some of my favorite blogs this afternoon and found that I had been nominated for the Honest Scrap Award by one of my favorite reads....Larrys Ass!!!  I was so EXCITED!!!  It means there are some people out there besides my family who actually read this (I pretty much force this down their throats and threaten their lives if they don't read it)!  It makes me feel loved and special....yeah I'm a bloggie whore like that!!!
This award is meant to share some random tidbits of info about me (because I know you all can't wait to hear me talk about myself) and to pass this along to 10 of my most favoritist blogs!!!  So let the fun commense!!!

1.  I had a severely unhealthy obsession with the Twilight series while reading it.  I didn't talk to my husband for 8 days (I read all 4 books in that time) and actually wished him to be a vampire and even considered asking him to grow his hair out a little!!   I's not normal....I'm pretty much over it now though!!

2.  I could eat seafood EVERY DAY!!!

3.  I LOVE Coach and if I could buy a new Coach purse once a month I would....I'm what you could call a purse whore.....I probably wouldn't have a husband anymore but I would have some cute ass purses!!!

4.  I spend A LOT of time with my family....people sometimes think we are weird because we all hang out so much.  Besides my hubs, my mom, my two sisters and my niece are my best friends and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

5.  I'm what you might call a drama queen, a slight hypochondriac and an overexaggerater....what a great fricken combo huh.....I am pretty fun though!!!

6.  I was so far beyond petrified to give birth to my daughter that I actually had slight panic attacks about it before I even got pregnant.  I'm not one for a whole lot of pain...meaning I have zero pain tolerance!  But....I surprised the shit out of everyone and delivered her within 7 hours and made no noises, screams and I didn't even swear at my to all those who thought differently.....SUCK IT!!!

7.  My favorite band is The Dave Matthews Band.  I heart them A LOT!!!

8.  Justin and I got kicked out of our honeymoon suite the night of our wedding!!!  (Thats like 4 more blog posts)

9.  I pretty much cook everything with garlic!!!

10.  I LOVE to snack!!!  Me and my family ALWAYS have to have snacks when we do anything and usually end up making a party out of it! 

I have so many blogs that I love reading and it was super hard to figure out which ones I wanted to list today but here it goes in no particular order!!  Please check them out...they are fantabulous!!!  I love them all and they totally deserve this award!!!

1. Larrys Ass  (right back at ya)
2. My Super Kaduper Life
3. Gerber Days
4. Adventures of a Wife and Mom
5. A Beautiful Life
6. Rush Hour
7. Jackie Fo
8. The Purse Blogger
9. 504 Main
10. EllaBellaMozzarella

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ohhh the Elements

So....I got a new lense for my camera the other week (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this a couple hundred times to everyone) and I LOVE IT!!!  I was hesitant to tell Justin that I wanted to get it because well....he's not all about spending the money like I am.  But surprisingly he LOVES the lense too!!  It's a prime lense, which is taking a little while to get used to because it doesn't zoom but the quality of my pictures is amazing compared to the stock lense that I got when I purchased the camera.   Along with the lense, I bought Photoshop Elements...... and let me tell you...that shit is real hard to understand. All I want to do is add some different effects and whatnot but my pictures end up turning out looking like a fricken 2 year old colored them with fuckin crayons!   I feel like a idiot trying to figure it out.  I don't even want to know how the 8 million dollar photo shop program works.....I would feel even more like a f'ing idiot!!  All I want to do is teach myself how to edit some of my photos so I can continue to take my own pics and not pay almost $100 at Target for photos that I could have taken WAY better!  I'm kinda cheap like that!  I did find a fabulous photo blog that helps you with Photoshop and has different tutorials.  I haven't had a whole lot of time to play around with it yet but I'm hoping it helps!!! 
Anyway, I do have one favorite pic that I took and did a little editing so I will share that with yall!!!

So...there it is!!! If anyone has any helpful suggestions or tips regarding anything here PLEASE let me know!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays.....Sort of

My crazy ass, obnoxious, loud, innapropriate, Italian, potty mouthed, hilarious, ridiculously fun family!!!  We all just want to know one thing......Who doesn't want to hang with us????!!!!
Mom and parents EVER!!!
Big Bro (Geno)

Sissy (Deb)...bestie and her hubs (Stan)
Us...The Westbrock's....ya'll know who we are!

Soon to be brother in law (Joey) and goddaughter and neice Belle

Little Sissy (Natalie)....bestie
My most favorite little boy in the whole nephew(Carter)

Neice B (Sabrina(bestie)....we call her B!!(Natalie and I used to torture her... but thats a whole other blog post)) and Timmy!
These are my most favorite people in the entire world and I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for every single one of them!!  I love my peeps!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Randomness

I guess you could say I'm a pretty random kind of gal!  I think I get it from both my wonderous sisters.  We sort of play off of each other with our randomness.  There is a possibility that we may drive our husbands and parents nutty but whatev....they are totally stuck with us!!!  Sometimes we say and do the most stupid and random things and it's probably only funny to us.... and those who don't think it's can just suck it!!!  So I'm now going to just ramble on about some random ass thoughts....because I can and I want to!

* I think that the words unitard, biscuit and nugget are f'ing hilarious!  They seriously make me laugh out loud when I or someone else says them.  I know it's childish but I don't care!  Oh and I can't stand the word moist.....isnt' it funny how different words affect people differently??
* I'm completely addicted to Medex lip balm and freak out if I don't have it.  (I'm down to my last jar and am having a slight panic attack about it).
* I sleep with 5 pillows and pretty much leave no room for Justin in bed.....we need a bigger bed!
* I have the WORST potty mouth and am really working on fixing that.....oh who the hell am I kidding....that probably won't happen!
* I'm pretty sure that my OCD issues are far worse than I or my husband ever thought.....I have ROUTINES!!!
* I used to love cold coke in a can whenever I was hungover....that definitely does not happen anymore!!
* A couple of years ago while driving in the car at night and listening to a Vikings Packers game on the radio, my younger sister Natalie asked me how the AM radio worked in the PM.....yeah I almost peed my pants and threw her out of the car!!!  It still cracks me up!!
* I LOVE anything Coach!! 

These are my random ramblings for now.....I'm sure there will be more....there is always some random ass thought going on!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

Mees started swimming lessons this last Saturday....Justin and I were totally pumped about this.  She did SO GREAT!!!   I feel like she is such a big girl now in her swim lessons.  Pretty soon there is going to be car pools and dance lessons and holy shit we are never going to have a free moment.  Honestly though.....I can't wait! 
These pictures that I'm posting for this weeks Mommy and Me photos are not my most favorite (I DO NOT have pictures of me with a swim suit on....but it was Mees first swim lesson ever so I made an exception). Please if you would....just focus on the little one!!!

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful.  We all spent the weekend out at mom and dad's so we could enjoy the weather and the yard.  Turns out that as of today, I'm pretty sure that I got everyone sick.  Not cool.....I was feeling so much better and didn't think much of it so we went ahead and went out to the house and as of right now all but two of us are sick!!!  This shit sucks!!!  And I feel like an ass hole!!!

Before everyone started feeling all poopy and whatnot I was able to get some pretty good pics with the new lense that I got last week for my camera.  So I will share some photos instead of all the ailments of my entire family!  No need to gross anyone out!!
Here they are:
Grandma and the little ladies!

Pretty Pretty Belle.....this girl loves her beads....we are just glad that she still wears onsies!!

This might be the sweetest picture of Mia EVER!!!

Now I just need to figure out how to use the new Photoshop program I bought so I can do some editing to these here photos!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just one of those days!'s Friday....I'm home sick from work (some nasty bug going around) so Justin brought Mia into daycare this morning.  I had to pick her up about 45 minutes later due to the fact that she threw up all over herself.  Now we are just hanging at home....miserable!  Nice fricken Friday huh???  NO NOT REALLY!!!

Do you ever have days that go from this:
To this:

And then back to this:

In a matter of....oh I don't know.....2 minutes!!!

This has been my morning!  Happy Friday!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

6 Big Whole Months

Today Mees,  it is the big 6 month mark!!!  I seriously can't believe that half of the first year of your life is over....where the hell did the time go.  It seems like so long ago that we brought you home from the hospital yet it seems like just yesterday!  Weird how that works. 

This last month has been VERY interesting!!!  You are STILL a diva and I'm pretty sure the whole divaness isn't going anywhere.  You DEFINITELY know how to work mom and dad!!  You are the sweetest little thing when we are around other people and then we get home and the OTHER Mia comes out!  Your crabby time is definitely at night and you let us know!!  It's sort of hard not to know, with all the yelling and whatnot that comes out of your beautiful little mouth!  I do understand that it's hard NOT to be an ass hole when I'm pretty sure that I was/am.....I have no one to blame but myself for that.  It does make you you though and I love it!!
You are starting to sit up on your still have some weeble wobble in you but you are getting so much better at it.  Although you still find it necessary to stiffen your entire body at random times and fling yourself about! 

You are eating fruits and veggies now.  Your favorite is applesauce and aren't much of a fan of carrots ( I don't blame you though....that shit smells nasty)! 
Carter and Belle gave you their walker and you LOVE that thing.  You love being mobile and seeing whats going on. 
You roll EVERYWHERE!!!  You will start on one side of the room and then we find you wedged by the couch.  Along with this, you want to sit up soooo badly on your own that I'm pretty sure you are going to have abs of steal in no time.
You haven't cut any teeth yet but it could be any day.  The drooling has doubled which means a whole shit load of it and your diva moods have increased!  I wish one of those things would just pop through! 
Your personality is really starting to show.  For the most part you are a happy baby and love to smile.  Dad and I know where your tickle spots are and your laugh is amazingly wonderful! 
You held your first sippy cup this month....I don't think you drank out of it but you looked so cute with it in your hands....such a big girl!

The interaction between you and the fam is getting so much more animated.  You are starting to play with Carter and Ella and they LOVE it.  I think it's different for them too because you aren't this tiny little baby anymore. 

We've finally gotten you on some sort of schedule.  It doesn't ALWAYS work out but it's a work in progress. 
You are still getting up in the middle of the night but go right back to sleep after we've fed you and now instead  of crying in the mornings we are awoken by you talking to yourself in your crib.  It's the most wonderful way to get woken up!!!
I know there are about a thousand other things that you've done or accomplished this last month but the time goes by sooo fast and it's so hard to keep track!  You are becoming such a little person and I love it.  Happy 6 months Lou Lou!!
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