Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ohhh the Elements

So....I got a new lense for my camera the other week (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this a couple hundred times to everyone) and I LOVE IT!!!  I was hesitant to tell Justin that I wanted to get it because well....he's not all about spending the money like I am.  But surprisingly he LOVES the lense too!!  It's a prime lense, which is taking a little while to get used to because it doesn't zoom but the quality of my pictures is amazing compared to the stock lense that I got when I purchased the camera.   Along with the lense, I bought Photoshop Elements...... and let me tell you...that shit is real hard to understand. All I want to do is add some different effects and whatnot but my pictures end up turning out looking like a fricken 2 year old colored them with fuckin crayons!   I feel like a idiot trying to figure it out.  I don't even want to know how the 8 million dollar photo shop program works.....I would feel even more like a f'ing idiot!!  All I want to do is teach myself how to edit some of my photos so I can continue to take my own pics and not pay almost $100 at Target for photos that I could have taken WAY better!  I'm kinda cheap like that!  I did find a fabulous photo blog that helps you with Photoshop and has different tutorials.  I haven't had a whole lot of time to play around with it yet but I'm hoping it helps!!! 
Anyway, I do have one favorite pic that I took and did a little editing so I will share that with yall!!!

So...there it is!!! If anyone has any helpful suggestions or tips regarding anything here PLEASE let me know!!!


  1. awwwwwww look how cute!!! You need to figure out how to do it so that my lazy ass doesnt have to and you can just tell me what to do when I get a sweet camera!!


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