Tuesday, April 8, 2014

22 Months

You my dear are crazy!!  Crazy good and sometimes a little crazy bad!  The baby in you is disappearing so quickly.  It's disappearing from your face and most definitely from your attitude {your attitude is more like a teenager}.  I miss the baby in you but I will say that this is one of my most favorite ages.  It's tough, don't get me wrong, but you are becoming such a little person and learning so much and you get so excited about things and want to be so independent and it's such a pleasure {most of the time} to watch!

Your vocabulary keeps growing.  All of us could literally sit for hours and spew out words for you to say because honestly it might be the cutest thing of all time.  You are stringing more words together and we are able to understand you a little more each day.  A new thing you are doing is stretching some of your words out.  Like "mooooommmmaaaaa", it cracks me up every time.  Your voice is the sweetest and I want to record it all the time just so I don't forget.

You are determined to be more independent.  Like when we go outside to get in the car or out of the car somewhere you have to walk and right now you think you are pretty hot shit when you get to do so.  You want to do a lot of things by yourself and if we try to help you pretty much freak the hell out.  Like throw yourself on the floor or run in circles because that's apparently what you do when you are mad.

You copy everything your sister does.  From the way she acts, to what she says, to where she plays, to where she runs, to where she sits, to how she eats and what she eats.  There is definitely a pattern here! I love watching you two together.  I love how much you love each other.

The last few weeks you've turned into a whiny little drama queen.  I seriously have no idea where any of that comes from?!  It's a good thing you are as cute as you are because holy hell kid….you are driving me nuts!  The screaming still exists and it's loud….like really really fuckin loud!  You think you are hilarious.  My ears on the other hand don't feel that way.

You still suck at eating and won't get off your bottle.  Not really sure what we are going to do about that.  We've tried so many things but it's your thing and it's your comfort and I know we need to take it away but it's hard.  It's hard for many reasons.  

Some of your favorites right include:
* Mickey Mouse
* Frozen
* My Little Ponies
* Strawberries
* Scrambled eggs & sausage
* Looking at Pictures
* the iPad
* Goldfish
* Playing in our bathtub
* Painted Nails {they are pitttyy}
* Jewelry
* Your sister
* showers
* messing my shit up!

It's hard for me to believe that the next time I write you will be 2.  I have a lot of emotions about it.  I'm excited to see how you grow and how you learn.  I'm sad because you are getting further and further away from our baby girl.  I'm nervous because the attitude that you already have can only be a small inclination of what is to come.  But most of all I'm happy!  I'm happy that I get to be your mom and that I get to experience all of these things with you.  Til next time little lady!  I love you to the moon and back and back again!
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