Monday, December 9, 2013

One Whole Big Year and a Half!

So my little lady…..I completely missed the month of 17 so I'm just going to do a little combining here! You are just growing so fast and doing so many new things that it's hard for me to keep up and keep track of when you said this or when you destroyed that or when you actually stopped yelling "mama, mom, mom, mom, mamma, maaammmaaa, MOOOOOOMMMMM"….I hear you kid, I really do!  It would be different if you actually needed something but when I answer you just keep yelling, MOOOOMMMM!!!  So turns out….mommy left!  No, I'm just kidding, but seriously figure out what the hell you need to ask me before you start yelling my name for 15 minutes straight with no end in sight!

You are beginning to say so many more things and I just love your little voice!  (Note to self:  record sweet little voice saying all these cute things before she starts screaming MOOOOMMMM again.) Words right now:  tank you, pease, Mimi(Mia), Ewa(Ella), dada, mama(she's clearly got this one nailed), papa, Nani(Natalie), Joe, baba, poop, shoe and so many other sounds that we totally get and know what you're talking about!  Also, You love to scream for no reason other than to hear your own voice and to make your sister and cousins laugh their asses off until everyone is screaming and dear god please stop all the screaming!

You've started throwing some tantrums and honestly it's funny shit!  You don't necessarily cry, you get pissed as all hell and run around in circles, throw yourself on the floor (all the while you are looking right at us) and then proceed to destroy/ruin/throw/rip/tear/hurl/punch whatever is around you….and let me tell you….F.U.N.N.Y Shit!!!  (Note to self:  this needs to be recorded too before she really starts screwing shit up). 

You truly love your sister.  You follow her and want to do everything just like her.  And it honestly melts my heart.  I can only pray that you two will continue to be the best of friends.  Because there really is no other relationship like you have with your sister.   She will always be there for you and you for her.  We took Mees to see Frozen the other day (and yes you were pissed we left you but you got over it) and it was a fricken great Disney movie, maybe one of my favorites.  Anyway, the two main characters in the movie were sisters, and without me ruining the movie with my eloquent speaking, the main thing that stuck out to me was at the end… sister needed true love to save her frozen heart, and instead of the predictable way of always having the prince ride in and save the day, it was her sister who saved her.  It was the true, pure love of her sister that brought her back.  I want that more than anything for the two of you, that pure love that will always bring you to each other.

You have become obsessed with being on the island in the kitchen.  We finally got a bench to go there so we could sit but it has become your climbing apparatus and it's honestly going to give me a stroke.  I don't know how many more times I can handle walking into the room and find you sipping my coffee while sitting in the middle of the counter?!  GET DOWN KID!!!

You absolutely love seeing yourself in photos or on video or on our phones.  You will FaceTime anyone just so you can watch yourself and make goofy faces at yourself!  Apparently your mother was like this when she was a kid but I just don't' buy it.

I'm sure there is so much more that I could write about but at this moment you are crawling up my leg screaming non other than "mama, mama, maaammmmaaaa, MOOOMMMM" so I'm gonna wrap it up and leave you with a few pics from the past 2 months.
Lovey, you drive me crazy on a daily basis but I really wouldn't have it any other way.  You keep me on my toes and have opened my heart to so many wonderful things.  I might be in a constant state of panic because of all the crazy shit you get into and onto but that's you.  You are a crazy little lady and I love you so very much!  You, your sister and your dad are my whole world and it's a pretty great world to live in!  Love you to the moon and back baby girl!

Monday, October 21, 2013

16 and a Half Months....cuz Mama's lazy!

You, my lovely little child, are a crazy little goon!!  Your personality is just shining through lately and I love it!  Sometimes you have a very quiet and serious demeanor about yourself but I know's all a ploy!  You most definitely are NOT quiet and I think you are just trying to fool everyone!  Cuz child, You Are Crazy!!!  And in a totally good crazy way!

You have starting mimicking people and think you are pretty funny!  If someone coughs you fake cough, if someone burps, you fake burp and then attempt to say "excuse me".  

You truly are a little peanut.  You are so tiny and petite.  You are still rocking all your 12 month clothes  and even some of those are too big on you.  You are obsessed with shoes and going through everyone's shoes in the mud room closet.  You make sure that we all have our respected shoes to go outside.  I got you a new pair of bitchin brown boots and you think you are hot stuff tromping around in those things.

You have most definitely stolen your papa's heart.  You are still pretty unsure of most men but him....not at all.  With everyone going on with Grandpa and him being sick you can light up his day!  You get a giant smile on your face when go up there to visit and bring him his paper.  It truly makes mama's heart melt and I can only hope that you will have many many more years with him because he loves you so much and can't wait to see how you terrorize your dad and I!

You are still obsessed with the pantry and raiding it everyday!  You know what you want and what you don't want!  If I try handing you something that you don't want, I'm quickly aware because you literally shove it out of the way or throw it on the ground!  A simple "No Thanks" would do kid!

Your sister is clearly your number 1 person!  Having a sister might be the best thing ever.  I know because I have 2 pretty awesome sisters myself.  I see how you two interact and play and sometimes I just sit back and watch because never in my wildest dreams did I think that it would fill me with so much joy to watch you two.  I know that there will be fighting and screaming and all that fun stuff but hope that you two will always stick by each other and be each others person.  Because the bond and love that you two share is so incredibly strong and wonderful.  

You definitely get into a lot of things especially all of your sister's stuff!  You love playing with babies and hold them and give them kisses.  You love pushing the strollers around and carts around.  You kind of look like a little old lady running around the house!  You like to destroy mom's office anytime I'm in there working.  I end up with papers and pens and god knows what else all over my floor.

And like your sister you love looking at pictures of yourself and watching videos of yourself!  You sit very still and are so content just staring.  I love it!  You love music and shake your booty like no other!  You attempt to sing and it cracks me up!

You try so hard to keep up with the big kids and do a pretty dang good job at it.  The 3 of them do a pretty dang good job and including you too.  Although I think Carter may do it a little better!  That little boy loves you to pieces and takes such good care of you.

So munchkin, you keep growing and learning and exploring so many new things and it's so fun to watch you.  You are such a happy little girl and pretty much just go with the flow!  Mom and Dad love you so much Olivia Rose!  You bring a light to our lives that just seems to get brighter as the days go by.

Monday, October 7, 2013

4 Years My Little Lady!

Happy 4 Years my sweet girl!  It's hard for me to grasp that you have been my baby girl for 4 years now.  Becoming a mom, your mom, was one of the scariest most wonderful things that has ever happened to me.  It's not been easy but oh so worth it,  because bug, you made me a mom and I will forever be grateful for that.

You have become quite the little lady!  You are beautiful, head strong, smart, emotional, sensitive, stubborn, irrational at times, strong willed, sassy, mouthy, empathetic, sweet, loving, defiant at times, funny, loving, creative, athletic, crazy, wild, loud and most importantly you are ours!

You have accomplished so much this past year and we are so very proud of you.  We love you Bug-a-Lou so very much!!!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

Mia 4 Year from Nikki Westbrock on Vimeo.

Monday, September 16, 2013

15 Months plus a few days!

You are becoming quite the little lady Livy Girl!  You have such a great personality and are hilarious!!!  You clearly get that from your awesome mama!!  I'm just saying!  You make us all laugh on a daily basis and I'm so very grateful for that!

You love being outside and get so excited.  You go to the closet and get whatever shoes you can find, whether they are yours or mine or dad's because you want out that door!  You love running around with your sister and all the neighbor kids.  You are still a little too little to keep up but you try your very best and it's damn cute!  You still put just about anything and everything into your mouth so I would appreciate it if you would stop eating fricken rocks and dirt and shit!  It's icky!

You are our little peanut!  At your 15 month check up you only gained 10 ounces from your 1 year and now weigh a whole whopping 19 pounds 13 ounces which puts you in the 25th percentile for you weight!  Nothing to be concerned about by any means just means we have a petite little gal.  You take after your Antie Becky in that sense!  Which is good cuz Mama is not one that you would call petite!

You used to be our good eater but lately you've gotten picky!  You still love all your fruits but everything else kinda gets pushed away.  I'm sure it's the teeth you are getting and just a faze we are going thru.  Speaking of now have 4 full on teeth!  Better late than never but now I have a feeling that they are all going to come at once!

The witching hour still exists at the Westbrock house...usually around 7:30 or so.  You and your sister go bat shit crazy!  It's hilarious and dad and I just sit back and watch!  Sometimes it's still hard to believe that the two of you are all ours!  God gave your dad and I two wonderfully beautiful, smart, funny and crazy girls and I love watching you grow as sisters!

Mees is still totally your most favorite person!  You want to do everything she does.  Most of the time she doesn't mind although you are the little sister and can be a little too much all up in her biz!  I think it's funny....Mia not so much!

You are starting to say a few more words.  I've been a little concerned because I feel like at this age Mia was saying more but your Doctor reassured me that what you are doing is completely normal and right on point.  Apparently the second child is sometimes a little slower with words because you have everyone talking for you!  You definitely understand what we are saying so that's good!  Words right now are "mama", "dada", "baba", "bye-bye", "hi", "eewww" and then lots and lots of wonderfully funny babbles!  

You still do the 2 naps a day thing but it might be time soon to go down to one long afternoon nap.  Your morning nap is becoming shorter and shorter.  I don't know that I'm ready to give up the 2 naps yet but a nice 3 hour afternoon nap might be what we both need!  You are awesome about going to bed at night and we have zero problems with that.  Bed time is usually about 8:30 and wake up time is usually around 7.  

You've also started this whole hitting thing.  Not hitting others but just straight up hitting yourself?!  What the hell kid?!  I remember when your sister would just bang her head into the floor or the wall.  Not really sure why you all like to inflict pain upon yourself but whatever I guess!  It's weird and funny all at the same time.

I feel like our months are going by much faster all of a sudden and they seem to be running together.  So much stuff happening I need to get better at documenting your sweet happy little existence!  You and that beautiful smile of yours light up our hearts!  You are truly one of a kind and each day I love you more than I ever thought was possible!  Love you little loves!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

14 and a Half Months because Mama's Lazy

Well my little are now 14 months and 2 weeks old.  It's still hard for me to believe that you are 1!!  One whole big year old.  And seriously crack us the hell up!  I know I'm your mom but you might be the cutest 14 month and 2 week old I've ever known!!!  

You finally have more than 2 teeth!!!  You have 3!!!  And a half maybe.  I'm pretty sure I see that other top toofer coming in.  You are a little behind on the teeth growing thing but I'm cool with that because I feel like once you get more I'm going to get the shit bitten out of me.  Just don't do what your sister did and chomp a chunk of my leg out!  That was so not cool.

 You are still a great eater and Dad and I have decided that you are your father's daughter!  If you are hungry and don't eat you turn into a giant monster crabby asshole.....just like your Dad!  You will stand in the kitchen and pretty much yank my pants down until I feed you.  You scream and stand at your chair in the hopes that someone will put you in it and there will be food waiting for you!  And on the other hand you are your mother's child are a fantastically wonderful little mooch!  You see someone with food and you are on that shit!  You love love love fruit, watermelon, strawberries and cherries are your favorite.  There isn't too much you won't eat and if you don't like it it comes shooting out of your mouth quite quickly!

You and your sister have the most amazing heart warming bond that I forever hoped for!  It is so much fun to watch the two of you together.  You are getting to be such a big girl and try so hard to keep up with the big kids and Mia is very good about including you...most of the time.  The two of you can make each other laugh and cry but it's all good!  There will be many moments like that because unfortunately kid you are the little sister and tend to piss your big sister off sometimes.  Especially since the whole hair pulling has starting.  That shits not cool little hurts!! Bad!!!

 You are obsessed with digging in the pantry and pulling out anything and everything which goes back to you loving some food!  It's a disaster in there and I'm just not bothering with trying to keep it organized because the second I do it will be all over the floor again.  Pretty much any cabinet in the kitchen has been destroyed by you and is a complete mess but whatever!

You have the most hearty little laugh and raspy voice like your sister.  And I could listen to it for hours. Your babble is hilarious and it almost makes me a little sad that words are soon to come.  You say mama, dada, nana (this word pertains to a ton of things) and baba.  You don't have a ton of words but you know what things are when we ask for it.  Especially blankie!  You love your blankies!  Like Love Love Love your blankies!

You love being outside and running around in your bare feet!  It's so cute to watch you with all the neighbor kids and how you try so hard to keep up.  You eat dirt and rocks and I just wish you would stop putting so much shit in your mouth!!!  Like seriously....STOP!!!  It's gross and I don't want to keep digging shit out of there!

 Your hair is finally getting long enough for me to put in little midget ponies!!!  And it's damn adorable!  It works to keep the whispies out of your eyes!  Plus if I tried barrettes you would just yank those damn things out!  So ponies it is!

You've grown out of the lots of snuggling stage so when you do decide to crawl up and sit on my lap I take it all in and let you sit as long as you like!  You are still a mama's girl which I love.  Although one of the cutest things to see is your excitement when Dad gets home from work.  Mia and you both scream and run to him.  You have so much to say to him when he gets home and I know that he loves it as much as I love to watch it.  You've also started to back your little butt up into our laps when we are sitting on the floor and you usually start backing up like 4 feet away!  Kinda cute....just saying!

Now that you've started sleeping thru the night you are a pretty awesome sleeper.  It's never a struggle to put you up for your naps or bedtime.  You get yourself to sleep and it's fricken wonderful!!!  Bed time is usually about 8:30.  Wish it was a little earlier but when we did that you were getting up at like 5:30 in the AM and that was not cool with me.  You now get up anywhere between 6:30 and 7 on a typical morning which isn't horrible! You still have 2 naps a day which is great for me!  I'm just not ready to give up that second nap yet.  Mama needs you to take 2 naps!!!  Now if only we could talk your sister into napping!

Besides your sister, Carter and Ella are your two most favorite peoples!  You get so excited to see them and I know that they love it!  Elle takes extra special care of you!  I think she likes taking on that mama roll since she is the baby too!  It's still a little hard for you to keep up and play but I give you another year and you'll be giving them a run for their money!  

So sweet are getting too big too fast and I want you to just stop...stop it right now!  You crack me up on a daily basis and although there are times I want to rip my damn hair out I really don't know what I'd do without you.  It's hard to remember what life was like before you and your sister.  All I want is to be the best mom I can be because Lovey, you deserve the world and so much more.  I know you are going to do great things and I love that I get a front row seat to watch it all!!!  Love you to the moon and back and then some!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The 13th Month

You my sweet dear are already past 1 and into this next month.  It amazes me how so much can happen  and you can grow so much in just 30 days.  

It's been a busy month with birthdays and celebrations and family get togethers and cabin trips and 4th of July celebrations and so much stuff that mom can't keep up with it all!

You are becoming quite the walker!  You still look like a little mini Frankie but it's so dang cute how you balance yourself with both arms sticking out at the sides and you run!  Run.Run.Run with your little flat feet!  Now mom just needs to start putting shoes on you more regularly so you really don't end up with flat feet!  You are like me though and would much prefer to run around barefoot!

We went up to Al and Roxie's cabin a few weekends ago and it was your first road trip!  Actually I think it might have been Mia's first road trip too!  You both did really well with the drive.  I would say the last half hour each way you got a little antsy but being stuck in the truck for 2 and a half hours makes anyone antsy!  We actually hauled our boat up so you got to experience your first boat rides.  You loved the ride.....hated your life jacket!  Which again I can totally understand since you could barely stand correctly because you were so top heavy!  I will say you looked mighty cute!

You still have not gotten any more teeth!  The only ones showing are your two bottom two!  I know your sister was later in getting hers but I think you've surpassed that!  I'm figuring any day now so lets see some more of your little toofers!

You my love have finally figured out the joys of not waking in the night!!!  Yay for mommy and daddy!!!  Although the alternative to that is you now find it necessary to wake anywhere in between 6 and 6:30.  IN.THE.AM!!!  What the hell kid!?!? I'm grateful for the nights and not waking up but come on dude......6 in the AM?!  I guess I'll have to compromise!

You're babbling cracks me up!!  Like seriously....I could listen to you all day long....except for 6 in the AM when I wish you would be sleeping!!  You have this way of enunciating your "words" and sounds and your facial expressions and how your jaw moves is wonderful and hilarious and I don't ever want it to stop!!  I try to record it as much as I can because I know that in no time you will be saying real words and whining and sassing like your big sister and I want to hold on to the innocence and cuteness before I want to chuck you into the other room!!

You are busy! Busy.Busy.Busy!!!  You pretty much refuse to snuggle with me anymore unless you have your bottle and blankie and even then it doesn't last long!  I miss the snuggles!  I can't wait for you to hopefully get back to the sitting and snuggling stage!  I'm holding onto hope cuz your sister went thru the same thing and she's once again an excellent snuggler!!!  So Liv, come back to your snuggling ways, will ya?!

Bath time for you is still bath time for everyone else!  You are crazy and splash and try to do everything your sister does even putting your face in the water!  MMMM....yum....dirty bath water!

You are getting better at catching up with the big kids but you are still such a peanut that it's hard.  They will play with you for a few minutes but then they are off and leave you wondering what the hell just happened and where did they go?!  It's ok Love, soon you will be right beside them causing all the trouble in the world!  But for now I'm happy to keep you by me!

You still are an excellent eater!  I don't think there is much we've put in front of you that you won't eat. Although fruits are your favorite!  You can take down some strawberries, watermelon and cantelope!!! Like take down!  You are your mother's child and are a complete mooch!!  Everybody else's food always looks better than your own and if you see someone eating something or with a plate or a bowl you are up their ass in 2.2!

You still find it necessary to say "Dada" more than "Mama"?!  Not really sure what the hell that's all about since I'M WITH YOU 24/7, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!! I mean come on kid?!  Give mama a little credit here and say my damn name!!  Just like once a day will be fine!!  Just once!!

You, my little love, have proven to be quite the little character and I love watching you grow and develop and gain your independence and play with your sister and giggle and babble and all of the wonderful things you do on  a daily basis!  I wish I could bottle you up and make you stay like this a little bit longer but knowing I can't I'll just keep cherishing you every day and cheer you on as you grow more and more into this whole little wonderful person!!!  Love you Livy Girl!!  Til next month!
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