Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Beast and The Monster

Once upon a time (May 19th, 2009) there was a little girl by the name of Ella (Beast) born.  She was my most favorite little fairy goodness (I'm her godmother) of all the land.  Then a short while after that once upon a time (October 7th, 2009) another little girl by the name of Mia (Monster) was born.  My most favorite creation to date!  These two little girls are the most amazingly beautiful, funny and great spirited little ladies I know.  That said, I can only imagine the truck loads of trouble that these two little girls are going to get into.  I can't wait (well I can wait because I'm not looking forward to late night phone calls from the police or whoever else these two decide to piss off (apparently there are rumors going around that these two are also somewhat like their mothers....I beg to disagree)) to see what these two spectacular little peoples become! 

As a side note there is a good possibility that Natalie and I are going to have to take up drinking and find a way to heavily medicate ourselves in order to get through the next 18 years, oh who am I kidding, forever!!! I love my little Beast and Monster!!!!

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