Friday, January 7, 2011

15 Months....the month of the "No's"

Here we are.....the 15th month.  Time really does go by way too fast and it seems as though it just keeps going faster.  
This last month brought us your second Christmas which was sooo very much fun.  You had a blast....actually I think your dad and I had more fun.  It's amazing how much fun Toys R Us can be for adults!  Because of all the fun our house has now been taken over by TOYS!  Holy shit the toys.  

You are still doing all the same wonderful crazy things that you were doing last month with a few more antics to add. ARE old enough to start having temper tantrums?!  Not really sure how that works but it does and you do!  It's almost funny for a while because you are this tiny little thing running around yelling "NO" in a very angry beast like way.  We are trying not to react and to just ignore the behavior but sometimes the yelling doesn't stop and your dad and I want to rip our ear drums out.  The whole patience factor has not gotten any better and actually now with these special little outbursts it's gotten worse.  I'm really hoping that we grow out of this faze.  I can only hope.

Your appetite has increased a ridiculous amount!  You LOVE to eat!  Your new favorite thing is soups.  Which is fricken awesome because dad and I LOVE soups.  You love chicken wild rice, broccoli cheese, clam chowder, vegetable beef, pretty much any soup we've given you to try you love it.  It can not enter your mouth fast enough.  I'm so grateful that you are willing to try new things.  Even if you don't like them you will still try.
You and dad still have your snack time at night.  Your new thing is bananas and cereal.  And like usual you shove as much food as you can in your mouth and hoard it all!!

You are so busy everyday!  It's so much fun to watch you explore new things and play.  You are such the girl love playing with your purse and necklaces and all those girly things.  You still get frustrated when things don't go your way or your toys don't come out of the toy bin easily or your baby stroller gets stuck on something then we experience the giant dinosaur like being that takes over your body.

Again, I can't wait to experience this next month with you and watch you learn, explore and figure out your world.  You amaze me on a daily basis.  You continue to put a smile on my face each and every day.  Maybe not all day but every day!!!!  Love you bug!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas....Twenty to the Ten

We were quite the busy Westbrock's this Christmas....lots of running but oh so much fun.
Let me share or 2010 Christmas story with you all....via photo story!  Thats what I do best and I'm still lazy and don't feel like typing all that much!

Christmas Eve day....hanging at the in-laws for a few hours so Antie Becky and Uncle Jake could see the munchkin.  They suck now and live out of town so we don't get to see them much....except we will be spending 6 glorious days with them in Jamaica in...oh...I don't know....27 days!!!!
Here we are Christmas Eve Eve at my parents house for the craziness that is Christmas!!!  I think Mees is trying to bribe Grandma in to giving her a chip or something that she probably shouldn't be eating but I'm sure ate the entire evening!
We got some crackers all over the face and she's probably wondering why the hell I'm taking another photo of her.....well sweetheart...that's what mommy does!
Just another family Christmas can never have enough!
Grandma and the three little crack heads....pretty sure they were hopped up on something...not sure who's purse that got into!!!  Kidding...kidding!  
Antie B and my kid...the ham!  In case you couldn't tell, she is saying "Cheeessseee"!  She did it so well!
Our yearly daddy daughter Christmas photo!  And somehow we always seem to's totally not planned....we are just fricken sweet like that.
Mom, Dad and their children...minus Justin and Joe....somebody had to take the photo...I have yet to figure out the whole timer dealio thing.
Belle Boo looking so sweet and innocent!  
The Fabulously Fantastic Four!  I just made that shit up!  
This was the first Christmas in 29 years that I have not woken up at my parents house on Christmas morning.  I had a rough time with this....I'm very much for family traditions....although it was fun to wake up with Mia in our own house and sneak out into the living room to see what Santa brought her.  It was a wonderful morning with just the 3 of us.  
Figuring out Santa's Racin Ramps Garage he brought her!  Can you tell that's Justin's kid???!!!!  
We hung out all morning, made breakfast and played.  P.S. Note to not let photos be taken without putting your face on!  Not good!
After breakfast and playing we packed up and went back to Justin's parents' for the afternoon where we stuffed our faces with prime rib, baked potato and corn....DELICIOUS but it also put me into a total food coma.  After stuffing our faces as if it were our last meal on earth we headed over to Justin's grandparent's for a while to visit and then we headed back to my parents house for our Christmas Day Eve Extravaganza!!!  Told ya....busy busy people!
"Cheeessseee" once again!!  This was after we stuffed our faces again with my dad's fabulous breaded pork chops, cheesy potato's, green bean casserole and corn.  I'm not ass is gigantic!  
More presents....the boxes didn't stop!  She did however get her very own pink princess chair from her fairy godmother and she fricken LOVES it!  She thinks she is hot shit and plops her cute little diaper butt right in there...blankie and all!
Loungin probably watching Toy Story 3.
Mom, Deb and Mees' new doll.  Aren't the three of them just precious?!
Deb, completely smooshing the pink princess chair...although I think she looks real good in it!
Every year Justin and I get everybody Old Navy T's for their stockings and coincidently the three of us got the same damn shirt...go figure!  
So after putting the kids to bed we sat up and cocktailed and played LCR and shit on your neighbor.  I talked a lot of smack about taking everyone's money and it turns out that I didn't.  I actually got shit on and pretty much got eliminated right away.  Whatever....I'll get their money next time!
We had a fun slumber and woke up the next morning for yummy egg bake, hashbrowns and fruit.  Pretty much the entire moral/theme of this Christmas weekend was eating the shit out of everything in sight.  That's all we did and that's all I've been doing.  My ass has grown out of my pants.  Not cool...not cool!  

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.  I'm sure I'll get my New Years post up in about a week or so!  
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