Monday, March 7, 2011

Almost a year and half (17 months)

Holy shit....where do I start!!!!  Well we can start with the fact that You. are. a. BEAST!!!  A very cute and most of the time sweet beast but MAN do you have an attitude!!!  I have no one to blame but myself but I'm going to blame your dad....just because I can.

* The whole hitting/slapping situation of last month has not diminished whatsoever which in turn makes mommy feel like a big asshole.  Because who wants to be the mom who's kid slaps the shit out of the other kids.....not this mom.  We are trying to teach you in a calm manner that hitting is a no no and one of these days one of these kids are gonna whack ya back.  You are very good with babies though so I'm glad you don't pick on the little ones.

* You are starting to use your words so much more now....although, "Ehhhhhhhh" and "AHHHHHH" are still much a part of your vocabulary!  You are starting to really recognize people by name now and get excited when you see their pictures.  You LOVE seeing Ella...that's all you talk about and then you see her and whack her in the face....that's where this whole not hitting people needs to start to take affect.     Your words include but are not limited to:  mama, dada, papa, Naani (Natalie), B(Sabrina), Elwa(Ella), Caer(Carter), Doey(Joey), Pease, Tank u mama, Oh No, No, Mine, Melmo(Elmo or Nemo, just depends on the situation), up, bubble, cracker, tea, baba......There is more but I'm gonna quit now because I just am!

* You have a new love for MOVIES.  Movies all the damn time.  I feel like a bad mom sometimes because I feel like I let you watch it a little to much but you freak the hell out if we don't put it in.  And I know that I'm the parent and you are the child but honestly sometimes it's just easier.  So...right now your favorite movies are Ice Age 1 & 3, Nemo and Bambi.  And let me tell you, I am at the point of wanting to burn all of them!!!  But I won't.  You have learned some things from them so I guess I can take comfort in that....I'll take what I can get!

* You are obsessed with our electronic gadgets.  We are planning on getting an Ipad2 and am actually looking forward to it for more reasons than just for mommy and daddy.  It's something that you can actually touch and play with.  Because as of now you won't keep your hands of the computer screen and our cell phones!

* You figured out the other night that you could get your diaper off and then proceeded to piss all over my floor all the while running around going "Oh No, Oh No". like to be naked and piddle all over mommy's floor.

* Although your naughtiness has increased slightly you continue to amaze me on a daily basis.  You are at that age for us right now where you are the sweetest, cutest little thing one minute and a total asshole the next.  We can deal though.  I just hope that your dad and I are doing a good job at trying to teach you right from wrong and helping to shape the person that you are destined to be......a beautiful, caring, selfless, responsible, independent, loving little lady.....or we can just hope to get through the next week without pee on our floor and toilet paper strewn about!  We love you's to another exciting month!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Take 5

Apparently Toys R Us got to be a little too much for little Miss here, so a rest break was needed!

 I couldn't find her and her dad for a few minutes and when I walked by this aisle I found her trying to fit her little ass in to this booster with "Gavin's" mug in one hand and her waving with the other!!!  Sometimes it's just necessary to sit your cute little ass down in the middle of a toy store and take 5!!!
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