Thursday, September 8, 2011

One month to TWO!

So I forgot to do your 22 month post but we aren't going to dwell on that right now.  So we are just going to move forward with your cute little self!

What can I say are definitely one of a kind and I wouldn't want it any other way (unless that way was less SCREAMING AND THROWING YOURSELF ON THE GROUND).
I know I say this every month but you are becoming such a little person and it's so fun to watch you figure things out.  You are sooooo very independent and it's frustrating for all of us yet it's amazing to watch you learn things and figure it out all on your own.

*  You LOVE music and you LOVE to dance!  You have expanded your list of favorite songs but still revert back to your two favorites....Bottoms Up and Poker Face!  You sing along to Adele and totally jam out.  Your Nani taught you how to fist pump so now we "pump" in the car!  People must think that your dad and I are total ass hats when they look over at us and see us acting a fool in the car!  But if it makes you happy and laugh then I'll look like an ass hat any day!  The only problem is is if we don't have "your song" then we are fucked!  Example being... today in the truck we didn't have the "who who" song (Bottoms Up) and you freaked the hell out and screamed at us for a good solid 5 minutes!  FOR NO REASON except we could not raise the roof or fist pump!  Ooopppsss....stupid mommy and daddy.  I'm working on a CD to keep in the truck now!

*Your two newest movie obsessions are Tangled and Rio....which are totally fine with us because you have yet to ruin them for dad and I.  Close...but not yet!  I sometimes feel like a bad mom because I let you watch movies but you enjoy them and you have actually learned so much from them.  And I'm not just saying that to make me feel better....well maybe a little but there is some truth to it!

*  We are surprised every day by you and how well you do with your words and putting words together to make little mini sentences.  Dad and I have gotten pretty good at figuring out what you are saying.  And if we don't you just scream at us and/or throw shit!  Just a typical day!!

*  Speaking of throwing shit and screaming, you definitely do your fair share of both.  You get SO very frustrated when you can't do something yourself or we don't understand what you want.  You are so much like me in the sense that you are a very emotional little girl.  You are intense and passionate and want so badly to be a big girl and do things yourself.  We've gotten pretty good at trying not to react to the temper tantrums but there are times when we just laugh because you are just that ridiculous that if we don't then I'm afraid WE are going to throw ourselves on the floor and start rolling around and flailing ourselves about!

*  You are going through a mamma's girl stage right now...which is totally fine with me.  I love that you still need me that much because I know that not long from now it's going to be a totally different story.  Besides daddy and I the only person that you will instantly go to is your Nani!  You would be lost without your Antie.  She's like your second mom and I love seeing you with her and the bond that you two have.  Just know that she will ALWAYS be there for you and love the crap out of you!  Plus you listen to her!

*  You tell us "Wuv You" now and it might be the best thing I've ever heard in my life!  That could be the only thing you ever said and I would love it!  And you give the best hugs and kisses now!  It's funny because you are pretty shy and stand offish around a lot of people even your Grandma's and Grandpa's but when it comes time to say good bye and give hugs and kisses you are all about it and will go to anyone!

*  Lately you've decided that it's sometimes not necessary to keep your diaper on so you rip it off and then chuck it over your bed!  Actually you chuck all your shit out of you bed, clothes included and then proceed to pee...without clothes or a diaper on....naked....on your bed....without anything on!  We have a potty chair for you and you know what it is and the whole concept but you don't seem to want to pee in would rather piss on my floor or in your bed!  Yay for mom and laundry!

*  You love babies!  Daddy and I are in the process of trying to give you a baby brother or sister (I know when you are older and you understand where babies come from and you read that sentence it's gonna make you throw up in your mouth a little bit....if that happens then I accomplished what I was going for!).  You already have a little bit of the only child syndrome and we don't want that to continue for much longer!  I think you are going to be a great big's definitely going to be interesting!

Just so you know, you are our everything!  You have changed my life in more ways than you could ever know.  I look at you every day and can't believe what a little person you have become.  You have made me a better me and I love you with all of my heart and soul!
Now bring on two!!!  I'm ready for you.....I think!?!?

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Weird....I'm late with your post again!  I won't even go there this time!  We'll just move on!

*  I don't even know where to start....Oh...wait...I do know where to are still a huge huge gigantic BEAST!!  A really really hugely cute beast but good lord child, what are we going to do with you!  You are so your own person and we are quickly discovering all of this out!

*  Your new thing call me still call me Mommy but you'll break out the whole "hey Nikki" if I don't answer you!  
Conversation goes like this:  
You:  Nikki
Me:  No Mees, not Nikki, Mommy
You:  No, you Nikki
Me:  No, I'm MOMMY
Me:  Whatever, there's no one here by any of those names!
End scene

*  You experienced your first ever Firework show this year and you did great and thought they were awesome!  You most definitely did not want to get off of our lap but you oooed and ahhhed!!  It was so much fun to see your reaction to them!

*  You continue to amaze us with your words and the small sentences that you are stringing together.  You are like this whole little person!

*  You are obsessed with going to get the mail!  If one of us gets it without you...oh dear lord help us all!  But if that's what makes you happy then I'm all for letting you help us get the mail.  I think it's just a ploy though so we have to take the long way to the door!  

*  You are such a water baby and would spend all of your time outside and/or in the water!  That's all there is to say about that...pretty self explanatory!  

There has been so much going on and you just continue to grow up so fast!  It's starting to mesh all together.  I need to start doing some weekly documenting!  
You are by far the most beautiful little monster EVER and strangely I can't wait to see what kind of trouble you cause this next month!  Love you buggy!!!  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mommy Tip #3 - Car Seat Trouble you know when you and your husband and your sister and her husband decide to go to DQ after the kids go to bed (not leaving them alone of course because you are all staying at mom and dad's house) because you find it necessary to be eating fatty ice cream and fudge and all that good shit at like 10 o'clock at night!  Yeah....and then decide it would be stupid to take two vehicles so decide on one but then realize that all of the vehicles have car seats in them and then decide instead of taking those car seats out of the vehicles you and and your sister decide it's a really good idea to just sit in the car seats!

I'm sure you are all thinking "holy shit...these two are fricken A.W.E.S.O.M.E."  Well we are but for many other reasons than this!
There are reasons why the law enforces the use of seat belts.  Because you see, when you aren't buckled  in your car seat and your brother-in-law decides to go flying over the railroad tracks at like 50mph and you think you'll be fine if you just duck your head a little and then you realize that when your body isn't touching any part of anything that it should be sitting on and you are completely airborne that you really aren't alright, and then this is what happens......

Mommy Tip #3:
Please refer to and abide by all laws and instruction manuals regarding car seats!  Because when you are not harnessed in there correctly this is the shit that happens!  Make sure when you are riding in a car seat with your sister next to you in her car seat that the two of you are buckled in!!!  Don't let this be you!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mommy Tip #2

I'm sure everyone has those mornings where you are scrambling to get out the door.  Where you try to put on your daughter's shoes and instead of sitting down and being fully cooperative decides she would rather run around the kitchen island like a mad woman thinking it's H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S that your dumb ass can't seem to catch her to put on some fuckin crocs!!!  Where you are rushing to figure out what shoes you should grab so you can get the hell out the door!
Then you see a pair of really cute black sandals that you haven't worn in forever and decide, Oh hell, I'm gonna wear these sweet things today.  And then slowly, as the day goes on (a half hour or so later) you realize why those cute black sandals have not been worn in forever! 
And then say to yourself "Holy shit, my feet hurt today!" And then contemplate chopping them off at the ankles.  And then realize that you may have lost some of the circulation in the tops of your feet from the massive grooves that are now permanently embedded into them. 

Mommy Tip #2:
When you see a cute pair of shoes that you haven't worn forever in your closet.....LEAVE THEM THERE!!!  They DO NOT belong on your feet!  They DO NOT belong anywhere near you! There is a reason you haven't worn them in forever!  My feet hate me today!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mommy Tip #1

I'm obviously still learning about this whole motherhood thing and I know that I will continue to learn until the day I die.  You would think however that I would learn some lessons sooner rather than later.  Apparently I'm fuckin stupid and those said lessons are not learned yet!!

I go pick Mees up from daycare, we walk out to the car and her new thing is to hide and run around the other side of the car.  So I get her stuff in and go around to the other side of the car to get her.  She looked at me and said "Mama, poop."  Ok....well I didn't smell anything and we were on our way out.  I'll check her when we get home!
We get home.....I go around to get her out and she says "Mama, poop."  Okay.... well maybe I should take into consideration that she is getting better with her words and is understanding things.  So like any self respecting mother would do, I pick her up and shove my nose in butt!  Ahhh smells like a cow shit in a barn, ate that shit, shit again and then maybe rolled around in it just a little bit!  Now you would think that since I just sniffed her ass that would be enough....OHHH NO....I decide it's necessary to peek in her diaper.  Why would I need to do that you ask, I don't really f'in know why because when I did I came away with a mothereffin hand full of shit!  Really right now?  Why couldn't the whole smelling of the butt situation been enough?  Not sure why.  I can't really give you a good answer.  Apparently though, for me, shit on my hands was what needed to happen today!  Yay for me!!!

So Mommy Tip #1:
When your kid says she pooped.....take her word for it!!  And if you smell their butt and it smells....just change the damn diaper.  No need to see what it looks like before hand!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We've hit our 20's!

*  I'm just going to start by saying that this picture pretty much sums up this last month!!  You are a fricken crazy ass beast who can make us crack up one minute and 2 seconds later make us want to rip out our fuckin hair!

*  I will say that you have been sorta kinda naughty lately and I'm starting to wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong?!  I know all kids go through "this" kind of thing but holy hell.  You get so frustrated when things don't go your way or you can't figure things out on your own or we won't let you do things by in return you PUNISH us!!!  WHY???  I don't know but I would appreciate it if my cute lovely little girl would start to show herself!!

*  I had said last month that your vocabulary is ever expanding and that holds true for this month.  You learn new things every day and it's so cool for dad and I to hear you start to put things together and know what we are talking about when we ask you for something.  You are a sponge....which means I'm going to have to watch my fuckin potty mouth!  Ooops!!!

*  You are a music freak!!!  I'm probably a horrible mother but we do not listen to ABC's and 123's and Elmo and shit.....your favorite songs right now are Adele - Rolling in the Deep, Trey Songz - Bottom's Up and Lady Gaga - Poker Face!  See I told ya I'm not a very good mom!  You and I totally jam out in the car and you have this great little dance you do and you totally sing along!!!  I love it!  I have a video that I'll have to post!

*  You are a total big girl now....we put your highchair in storage because you didn't want anything to do with that "baby" thing so we had to get you a booster seat so you are a big girl now and sit at the table with us.  It's so weird and cool and sad all at the same time.  You are just getting so big so fast and it just keeps going faster and faster.

*  You LOVE your babies!  We've been having to bring your babies' stroller with us pretty much where ever we go.  It's so cute to watch you push your babies around and give them hugs and kisses!

This last month has been a challenge but one that I welcome with open arms (most of the time).  Regardless of the tantrums and naughtiness you show your wonderful independence and the drive to want to do things on your own!  I just don't want you to get to independent!  I still need you to need me....I most definitely need you Bug!  I love ya to the moon and back!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


My child is a beast!!!  It's no secret!!  We all know it!!  She likes to hit....a lot....we are working on trying to tame the beast but it's a slow training process!  Although tonight I must say I witnessed something quite special....actually quite spectacular!  Mees and Just were sitting on the couch hanging out.  Justin was making kissy noises at her....just a daddy wanting some smooches from his baby girl!  Well apparently this was completely unacceptable behavior in the eyes of the what did she do????  She fuckin wound up and smacked the shit out of him!!!  Now at no time do I condone her hitting or acknowledge it by laughing but if you could have heard the smack and the power she put into this right hook.....oh dear would have laughed your ass off too!
So...the conversation between the two of them after the spectacular not funny whatsoever "incident" goes a little something like this:

Justin:'s not nice to hit daddy like that.

Mia:  Funny daddy, funny!!!

Justin:  No Mees, it's not funny (trying to conceal his laughter, me not so much)

Mia:  (Laughing) Yeah daddy, funny (WHACK!!!!)

Justin:  MIA....

Nikki:  Laughing!!!!  Hysterically!!!!  

Sometimes it's just necessary to laugh!!!  I mean least it wasn't me she whacked this time!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Closer to 2 than 1....Ahhhh!!!

Today hits the 19 month mark!!!  It's freaking me out that you are now closer to two than you are to one.  Where the hell does the time go?  I don't know....

*  I'm gonna start with a little incident from the other night that mommy would like to call "Are you f'ing shitting me.....did you seriously just bite me in my fat thigh, broke skin and drew blood?"  Mia....I seriously wanted to chuck you across the room!!!  I didn't but sorta kinda wanted to....that shit hurt so bad and is so totally completely naughty and I hope to hell that this doesn't become some sort of habit with you.  Then on top of it all, a little while later you came up to me and pointed to my leg and said with the cutest little smile on your face, "mama, Ouwie?"  Really Mees?  Really?

*  Your vocabulary is getting larger by the day and it's so much fun to listen to you and listening to the way you say things and interpret things!  You are getting so much better at repeating things back...which in turn could start to bite me in my ass....note to self....stop swearing!!   One of your favorite things to do is say "Mama?  Dada?  Mama?  Dada?.......Hi!"

*  You think that ALL furniture is your trampoline!!!  I got two words for you.....IT'S NOT!!!!!  So sit down!

*  Everything is a tea party and it's not a tea party unless we use water and by use water I mean spill that shit all over the place and then proceed to make a total mess and by total mess I mean completely soak yourself and the table and floor!!  You'd think we'd learn better by now but we still give you the damn water so I guess it's our fault????

*  Your independence is becoming much more apparent as the days go by!  You get pissed if we try to help you.  Turns out though...I'm gonna keep helping...I can't help's in my nature!

*  You went to your first wedding the other weekend!  Uncle Jake and Antie Becky had their reception back home and you totally stole the show!  It's a good thing that you are so damn cute otherwise Antie Becky would have thrown you out!!!  You loved every minute of it and so did everyone else.  You were the entertainment.  You danced til almost 11 and didn't want to leave!!  You tore up the dance floor to your two favorite songs....Bottoms Up and Poker Face....I know....Mother of the Year, right here!!!  Your dad and I loved watching you ham it up and I'll tell ya, it doesn't get old hearing that we have the cutest child alive!!!

*  Right now you are obsessed with your Antie Nani, Uncle Joe, Carter and Ella!  All you do is talk about wake up talking about them and you go to bed talking about them!!!  Just remember I birthed can talk about me and your dad every once in a while too!!!!

*  We are still on the whole movie kick but we've added a few to our instead of the same two over and over again we have four!!!  Yeah!!!!

I love you baby girl!!!  Heres to another month.....with NO biting!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays.....sort of!!!!

I'm back for a sorta kinda wordless Wednesday!!!!  Yeah for me....and especially yeah for all of you because I know how much you've missed my most adorable family!!!!!  

I'm can you not smile at this?!!!  It's Miss Mees' famous "cheese" face!!!!  I can always count on her to make me smile!!!  P.S.  Her dad's okay to look at too....I mean if you have to and all!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Bad Ass Motha!

Ok...I have no idea if anyone even reads this thing here I like to call my blog anymore.  I haven't been much of a "blogger" lately and am completely disappointed in myself.  I'm working on it!

I did however just want to write a quick post because I'm so excited that my "sister" (adopted sister...not legally adopted....verbally adopted.... into our know.....that person that should have been born into your family but wasn't but now is so much a part of your family....yeah that kind of sister) finally decided to start a blog of her own!

She is an amazing woman who has an incredible talent for writing!  Her story and her family our amazing! I hope that anyone who has still stuck around here at My Fantabulous Wonderful Life will please go check her out at My Life as a Mom to  I swear you will not be disappointed!!

I promise that I'm going to be writing more too....this is a promise to myself.  Yeah for me!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Half way to Two!!!!

Here we are another month older and mommy is another day late on her post....bad mommy!!!  These months are just flying by and you are getting so big so fast.

* All I can say is that I want to chuck Bambi and Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaur out the f'ing window!!!!  Your dad and I could give anyone a dramatic reenactment of either of these movies!!!  It wouldn't be pretty but it would be accurate!  We get home everyday and everyday you run to the DVD player and stomp around until we put in a movie.  Good Lord child!

* You used to let me put your hair in pigtails and barrettes and now you let me put them in but decide to rip them out shortly thereafter.  And honestly honey.....your hair is one hot mess of a mullet right now.  Mommy would really appreciate it if you could keep that shit in your hair!

* We got our iPad and you LOVE to "paygays"(play games).  You are learning so much and it's amazing how quickly you learned how to work it!  Plus it's an extra bonus for mommy and daddy because we get to play with a fricken sweet ass toy!

* We went for you 18 month check up the other day and you are perfect!  You grew 2 inches or so and are now 32 inches tall and 23.6 pounds.  You are taller than average and your weight is smaller than average!  You still have a big ass head apparently though!  We can all only hope that you have your Antie Becky's cute little petite body....because mommy and your other Antie's are not what you would call Petite!!!

* You've gotten better about not hitting.  Except now you think it's a good idea to inflict pain upon yourself?  Not sure why but when you get mad at one of us and you don't get what you want you will bang your head into the floor, you prefer carpet but hardwood will do, the couch, the ottoman, your princess chair, dad's knee, oh I could go on and on but we'll leave it at that.  I asked your pediatrician about this and she said it's perfectly normal.  I think you're a little crazy....but so am I so who am I to judge!!

There is so much more but stupid me hasn't been good about blogging lately so I really can't remember!  It's my goal to start writing more during the month instead of just monthly!  All I can say is that I look at you every day and wonder how your dad and I were able to make such a beautiful little girl with a personality like no other! are one of a kind and I love you to the moon and back!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Almost a year and half (17 months)

Holy shit....where do I start!!!!  Well we can start with the fact that You. are. a. BEAST!!!  A very cute and most of the time sweet beast but MAN do you have an attitude!!!  I have no one to blame but myself but I'm going to blame your dad....just because I can.

* The whole hitting/slapping situation of last month has not diminished whatsoever which in turn makes mommy feel like a big asshole.  Because who wants to be the mom who's kid slaps the shit out of the other kids.....not this mom.  We are trying to teach you in a calm manner that hitting is a no no and one of these days one of these kids are gonna whack ya back.  You are very good with babies though so I'm glad you don't pick on the little ones.

* You are starting to use your words so much more now....although, "Ehhhhhhhh" and "AHHHHHH" are still much a part of your vocabulary!  You are starting to really recognize people by name now and get excited when you see their pictures.  You LOVE seeing Ella...that's all you talk about and then you see her and whack her in the face....that's where this whole not hitting people needs to start to take affect.     Your words include but are not limited to:  mama, dada, papa, Naani (Natalie), B(Sabrina), Elwa(Ella), Caer(Carter), Doey(Joey), Pease, Tank u mama, Oh No, No, Mine, Melmo(Elmo or Nemo, just depends on the situation), up, bubble, cracker, tea, baba......There is more but I'm gonna quit now because I just am!

* You have a new love for MOVIES.  Movies all the damn time.  I feel like a bad mom sometimes because I feel like I let you watch it a little to much but you freak the hell out if we don't put it in.  And I know that I'm the parent and you are the child but honestly sometimes it's just easier.  So...right now your favorite movies are Ice Age 1 & 3, Nemo and Bambi.  And let me tell you, I am at the point of wanting to burn all of them!!!  But I won't.  You have learned some things from them so I guess I can take comfort in that....I'll take what I can get!

* You are obsessed with our electronic gadgets.  We are planning on getting an Ipad2 and am actually looking forward to it for more reasons than just for mommy and daddy.  It's something that you can actually touch and play with.  Because as of now you won't keep your hands of the computer screen and our cell phones!

* You figured out the other night that you could get your diaper off and then proceeded to piss all over my floor all the while running around going "Oh No, Oh No". like to be naked and piddle all over mommy's floor.

* Although your naughtiness has increased slightly you continue to amaze me on a daily basis.  You are at that age for us right now where you are the sweetest, cutest little thing one minute and a total asshole the next.  We can deal though.  I just hope that your dad and I are doing a good job at trying to teach you right from wrong and helping to shape the person that you are destined to be......a beautiful, caring, selfless, responsible, independent, loving little lady.....or we can just hope to get through the next week without pee on our floor and toilet paper strewn about!  We love you's to another exciting month!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Take 5

Apparently Toys R Us got to be a little too much for little Miss here, so a rest break was needed!

 I couldn't find her and her dad for a few minutes and when I walked by this aisle I found her trying to fit her little ass in to this booster with "Gavin's" mug in one hand and her waving with the other!!!  Sometimes it's just necessary to sit your cute little ass down in the middle of a toy store and take 5!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Toilet Paper Terrorist

Justin and I have been perplexed lately????  We continue to find random white shit all over our floors.  What the hell could it be you ask?  We were confused at first as well.  I'm pretty anal and keep our house fairly does get messy once in a while....we do have a one year old...but again I don't like crap just laying places.  So this whole white shit on the floor business was not really working for me.
I finally realized it was toilet paper!  Toilet paper you say?!  I started to think that Justin was getting bored in the bathroom and decided to really piss me off and scatter this shit all over the floor because who the hell else wants to terrorize me?  Oh.....I'll give you all ONE other guess............ guessed right!!!!  Little Miss Lou Lou here!!!  She obsessed with toilet paper all of sudden and thinks it's fricken hilarious to leave little pieces ALL over the f'ing house!  Lucky us, I know!!
So I have found my toilet paper terrorist......I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this one.  I'm just waiting for the day that I walk into the bathroom and she's covered in lotion, baby powder and shampoo and is bathing in a pile of toilet paper and tampons!!!
Got to love little girls!!!!  I know I love mine!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Motivation.....I have none!

I'm pretty sure that lately I've started all of my, one big whole post a month, with some kind of reference to the fact that I have zero motivation and I and am lacking any sort of creativity in my entire body!  I just can't seem to figure out what I want to write about.  Seriously......What.The.Hell.Do.I.Write.About????  I'm an extremely boring 29 year old with a very old (30) husband and a crazy ass beast who's name is Miss Mia Lou.  She keeps us busy and lately keeps me wondering when Justin is going to have to call the fuckin ambulance because I'm going to have a god damn heart attack with some of the shit that she thinks she can do...."thinks" is obviously the key word to all of this.

So....once again my goal is to really start utilizing this outlet again.  I miss writing and I miss my friends and I miss reading.  So hang in there....I promise that there will be some random ass reading for you all in the very near future again!
I'll leave you with a pic of my munchkin because she's just too cute to not share!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

16 Months going on 16 Years

I once again am a day fricken late with your monthly post.  I can't seem to get my crazy ass together.  But, better late than never I guess....right??  Right!!!

This last month has not been without our fair share of tantrums and apparently now you think it's ok to scratch, smack and oh yeah...fuckin bite your cousin.  Mia....not cool!  I have no idea where you got that from but it's only happened once and I pray to the good Lord above that once is all.  You get so mad so easy sometimes and take your frustrations out in any way you can at that moment.  Please Mia, Please, Do. Not. Become. A. Biter!

Your new favorite words or "No" and "Mine"!  Seriously the best words EVER!!  No...not really!  Everything that comes into a your eyesight or everything that is in a...oh...lets say, 5 mile radius of you is "mine".....we know Mia....everything is yours!!!  You don't let us forget it and I really don't see an end in sight to your favorite new words!!!

You love all of mommy's girly things!  Every morning and after baths and showers you have to have your body spray just like mommy, you have to have lotion on your hands just like mommy, chapstick is a must which doesn't surprise me since I have to have it on at all times.  Your getting to be such a big girl and it's so exciting to watch you.

Antie Becky and Uncle Jake got married at the end of January in Jamaica and it was the first time that I was away from you for more than a night (I had only been away from you twice over night since I've had you).  You stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for 6 days while mommy and daddy were on vacation.  I missed you like crazy, it was hard but I'm so glad that you got to spend that time with Grandma and Grandpa.  You did great but they said they could tell that you were definitely lonely for us.  We got the best reaction from you when we got home, you were so excited that you didn't know what to do so you just ran around!  Then 3 days later you decided to get ridiculously sick and so we were stuck in the house for 3 whole days at the end of our vacation and the 3 of us were pretty much miserable!  Fun wasn't fuckin fun at all!  I just brought you in to the doctor again today for the third time in 5 days and not only did you have an ear infection and a firey red throat you now have been diagnosed with Roseeolla.  Sweet!!!!  This is the worst part about being a parent....feeling completely helpless and not being able to do anything for you.  So...could you stop getting sick....mommy can't handle this shit anymore.

* You weigh 23 pounds
* Books have reentered our lives again....which means Brown Bear has reared it's ugly damn head again.
* You love Crystal Light Raspberry Ice Tea
* You are a total seafood eater....LOVE it!
* You can dance your ass off
* You started a Tiny Twister Tumbling class
* You love looking at pictures of yourself
* You are obsessed with babies and animals
* You love daddy's hats
* You have a thing for being's cute now but that shits gonna stop!
* You've been snuggling more with me lately...which I love!
* You love "Melmo"(Elmo)
* You are more attached to your blankets than ever.  You always have to have at least 2 at all times.
* You are starting to become such a good helper with putting things away
* You totally found the snack cupboard...shit!

I'm hoping you aren't quite so naughty this next month but regardless you are my munchkin and look forward to seeing all the new things you discover!
Love you baby girl!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

15 Months....the month of the "No's"

Here we are.....the 15th month.  Time really does go by way too fast and it seems as though it just keeps going faster.  
This last month brought us your second Christmas which was sooo very much fun.  You had a blast....actually I think your dad and I had more fun.  It's amazing how much fun Toys R Us can be for adults!  Because of all the fun our house has now been taken over by TOYS!  Holy shit the toys.  

You are still doing all the same wonderful crazy things that you were doing last month with a few more antics to add. ARE old enough to start having temper tantrums?!  Not really sure how that works but it does and you do!  It's almost funny for a while because you are this tiny little thing running around yelling "NO" in a very angry beast like way.  We are trying not to react and to just ignore the behavior but sometimes the yelling doesn't stop and your dad and I want to rip our ear drums out.  The whole patience factor has not gotten any better and actually now with these special little outbursts it's gotten worse.  I'm really hoping that we grow out of this faze.  I can only hope.

Your appetite has increased a ridiculous amount!  You LOVE to eat!  Your new favorite thing is soups.  Which is fricken awesome because dad and I LOVE soups.  You love chicken wild rice, broccoli cheese, clam chowder, vegetable beef, pretty much any soup we've given you to try you love it.  It can not enter your mouth fast enough.  I'm so grateful that you are willing to try new things.  Even if you don't like them you will still try.
You and dad still have your snack time at night.  Your new thing is bananas and cereal.  And like usual you shove as much food as you can in your mouth and hoard it all!!

You are so busy everyday!  It's so much fun to watch you explore new things and play.  You are such the girl love playing with your purse and necklaces and all those girly things.  You still get frustrated when things don't go your way or your toys don't come out of the toy bin easily or your baby stroller gets stuck on something then we experience the giant dinosaur like being that takes over your body.

Again, I can't wait to experience this next month with you and watch you learn, explore and figure out your world.  You amaze me on a daily basis.  You continue to put a smile on my face each and every day.  Maybe not all day but every day!!!!  Love you bug!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas....Twenty to the Ten

We were quite the busy Westbrock's this Christmas....lots of running but oh so much fun.
Let me share or 2010 Christmas story with you all....via photo story!  Thats what I do best and I'm still lazy and don't feel like typing all that much!

Christmas Eve day....hanging at the in-laws for a few hours so Antie Becky and Uncle Jake could see the munchkin.  They suck now and live out of town so we don't get to see them much....except we will be spending 6 glorious days with them in Jamaica in...oh...I don't know....27 days!!!!
Here we are Christmas Eve Eve at my parents house for the craziness that is Christmas!!!  I think Mees is trying to bribe Grandma in to giving her a chip or something that she probably shouldn't be eating but I'm sure ate the entire evening!
We got some crackers all over the face and she's probably wondering why the hell I'm taking another photo of her.....well sweetheart...that's what mommy does!
Just another family Christmas can never have enough!
Grandma and the three little crack heads....pretty sure they were hopped up on something...not sure who's purse that got into!!!  Kidding...kidding!  
Antie B and my kid...the ham!  In case you couldn't tell, she is saying "Cheeessseee"!  She did it so well!
Our yearly daddy daughter Christmas photo!  And somehow we always seem to's totally not planned....we are just fricken sweet like that.
Mom, Dad and their children...minus Justin and Joe....somebody had to take the photo...I have yet to figure out the whole timer dealio thing.
Belle Boo looking so sweet and innocent!  
The Fabulously Fantastic Four!  I just made that shit up!  
This was the first Christmas in 29 years that I have not woken up at my parents house on Christmas morning.  I had a rough time with this....I'm very much for family traditions....although it was fun to wake up with Mia in our own house and sneak out into the living room to see what Santa brought her.  It was a wonderful morning with just the 3 of us.  
Figuring out Santa's Racin Ramps Garage he brought her!  Can you tell that's Justin's kid???!!!!  
We hung out all morning, made breakfast and played.  P.S. Note to not let photos be taken without putting your face on!  Not good!
After breakfast and playing we packed up and went back to Justin's parents' for the afternoon where we stuffed our faces with prime rib, baked potato and corn....DELICIOUS but it also put me into a total food coma.  After stuffing our faces as if it were our last meal on earth we headed over to Justin's grandparent's for a while to visit and then we headed back to my parents house for our Christmas Day Eve Extravaganza!!!  Told ya....busy busy people!
"Cheeessseee" once again!!  This was after we stuffed our faces again with my dad's fabulous breaded pork chops, cheesy potato's, green bean casserole and corn.  I'm not ass is gigantic!  
More presents....the boxes didn't stop!  She did however get her very own pink princess chair from her fairy godmother and she fricken LOVES it!  She thinks she is hot shit and plops her cute little diaper butt right in there...blankie and all!
Loungin probably watching Toy Story 3.
Mom, Deb and Mees' new doll.  Aren't the three of them just precious?!
Deb, completely smooshing the pink princess chair...although I think she looks real good in it!
Every year Justin and I get everybody Old Navy T's for their stockings and coincidently the three of us got the same damn shirt...go figure!  
So after putting the kids to bed we sat up and cocktailed and played LCR and shit on your neighbor.  I talked a lot of smack about taking everyone's money and it turns out that I didn't.  I actually got shit on and pretty much got eliminated right away.  Whatever....I'll get their money next time!
We had a fun slumber and woke up the next morning for yummy egg bake, hashbrowns and fruit.  Pretty much the entire moral/theme of this Christmas weekend was eating the shit out of everything in sight.  That's all we did and that's all I've been doing.  My ass has grown out of my pants.  Not cool...not cool!  

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.  I'm sure I'll get my New Years post up in about a week or so!  
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