Sunday, May 8, 2011

Closer to 2 than 1....Ahhhh!!!

Today hits the 19 month mark!!!  It's freaking me out that you are now closer to two than you are to one.  Where the hell does the time go?  I don't know....

*  I'm gonna start with a little incident from the other night that mommy would like to call "Are you f'ing shitting me.....did you seriously just bite me in my fat thigh, broke skin and drew blood?"  Mia....I seriously wanted to chuck you across the room!!!  I didn't but sorta kinda wanted to....that shit hurt so bad and is so totally completely naughty and I hope to hell that this doesn't become some sort of habit with you.  Then on top of it all, a little while later you came up to me and pointed to my leg and said with the cutest little smile on your face, "mama, Ouwie?"  Really Mees?  Really?

*  Your vocabulary is getting larger by the day and it's so much fun to listen to you and listening to the way you say things and interpret things!  You are getting so much better at repeating things back...which in turn could start to bite me in my ass....note to self....stop swearing!!   One of your favorite things to do is say "Mama?  Dada?  Mama?  Dada?.......Hi!"

*  You think that ALL furniture is your trampoline!!!  I got two words for you.....IT'S NOT!!!!!  So sit down!

*  Everything is a tea party and it's not a tea party unless we use water and by use water I mean spill that shit all over the place and then proceed to make a total mess and by total mess I mean completely soak yourself and the table and floor!!  You'd think we'd learn better by now but we still give you the damn water so I guess it's our fault????

*  Your independence is becoming much more apparent as the days go by!  You get pissed if we try to help you.  Turns out though...I'm gonna keep helping...I can't help's in my nature!

*  You went to your first wedding the other weekend!  Uncle Jake and Antie Becky had their reception back home and you totally stole the show!  It's a good thing that you are so damn cute otherwise Antie Becky would have thrown you out!!!  You loved every minute of it and so did everyone else.  You were the entertainment.  You danced til almost 11 and didn't want to leave!!  You tore up the dance floor to your two favorite songs....Bottoms Up and Poker Face....I know....Mother of the Year, right here!!!  Your dad and I loved watching you ham it up and I'll tell ya, it doesn't get old hearing that we have the cutest child alive!!!

*  Right now you are obsessed with your Antie Nani, Uncle Joe, Carter and Ella!  All you do is talk about wake up talking about them and you go to bed talking about them!!!  Just remember I birthed can talk about me and your dad every once in a while too!!!!

*  We are still on the whole movie kick but we've added a few to our instead of the same two over and over again we have four!!!  Yeah!!!!

I love you baby girl!!!  Heres to another month.....with NO biting!!!!


  1. She really is all kinds of adorable. Happy 19 months! I love that she's a dancer and tore it up at the wedding. Go Mia!

    And as you know, I've experienced the biting and it was probably the worst for Q around this age. But she will learn! Q has gotten so much better.

  2. You have the cutest child ever! :)

    She is just so adorable. I love that she can get her groove on. If it makes you feel better...Pie's favorite songs are basically all rap or reggae.


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