Wednesday, February 6, 2013

8 Months

Let me start by saying you are the cutest most beautiful little thing but you have become a goddamn terrorist!  And I mean that in the most nicest way possible.....but holy shit are all types of crazy!!!

* You are now a completely mobile cruisin little gal!  You were doing this whole seal crawl thing and got where you needed to go quickly but just in the last 5 days or so you are full blown crawling and getting into EVERYTHING!  And when I say everything I mean everything!  I can't keep up!

* Along with the crawling you have now begun pulling yourself up on everything.  You think you pretty hot shit.  I on the other hand do not!  I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to put your sister's hockey helmet on you because the head injuries have already started because You.Will.Not.Stop!

* You have been and still continue to be a mama's girl!  I can't complain too much!

* You have quickly become addicted to puffs and I have quickly come to hate them!  I have puff trails all over the house!  I'm going to need to teach you how to run the vacuum soon too if this addiction continues!

* You still do not believe in sleeping thru the night which dad and I aren't all that cool with!  We would appreciate it if you could get a handle on that!  Please!  I don't believe it's because you are hungry but you haven't figured out how to self soothe yet.  We've tried a few nights of the whole crying it out thing  but honestly it sucks and honestly you can fuckin cry!!!  A LOT!  I know we need to stick to it but at 3am the last thing I want to hear is you screaming and then screaming some more.  For one it's fricken loud and two, it's just really pathetic.  So....lets figure this out kiddo!  Whadaya say?!

* You have the most hysterical and adorable nose scrunchy face that you do and it's accompanied by snorting!  I LOVE it!  Mees can get you to do it better than the rest of us!  You find her quite hilarious! The two of you crack us up most of the time!

* You continue to be all up in your sisters business and it's gotten funnier.  I don't think she thinks it's all that funny but dad and I sure do!  We just kinda let you go for least for a little bit until things get out of control and you are trying to shove something of hers or her in your mouth!

* I'm pretty sure you've started to say "mama".  Not sure if you are understanding the meaning but I'm pretty sure you do which makes you amazing and ridiculously intelligent......I mean why wouldn't you want to say mama?!  I'm just going to go ahead and claim that you are saying it so there!


* I'm pretty sure too that you are cutting your first tooth.  I think I can see it but I thought I saw it like 2 months ago so what the hell do I know?!  But if you are anything like your sister which so far things have been quite similar then I think you are getting your first little toofer!  The past week or so you've had a horrible diaper rash...and by horrible I mean bleeding little tooshie and all.  I've felt horrible.  I know a lot of people say it's only a myth but I'm not one of those peoples.  So I'm fixing to see a tooth here soon!

* You are still obsessed with your blankie but have started to shy away from your Nuk.  It's good thing and a bad thing.  It's good in the sense that you don't need it but it's bad in the sense that you won't take it sometimes when I just wish you would!

* You have become such a good little eater.  You are taking your baby food like a champ and have started holding your own bottle which is so dang cute plus, as noted above about the whole not sleeping thru the night thing, it makes night time feeding so much easier....change your diaper, give you a bottle and mommy and daddy can go right back to bed!  Yay for small things!

So my little poopers, you continue to amaze your dad and I with all of you crazy big accomplishments. I say this every month but I just wish I could stall time...just a little!  It's hard for me to believe that in just 4 short months we will have a 1 year old again.  I feel so proud and blessed that I get to be your mama!  I'm blessed that I get to be home with you and I'm blessed that you are a beautiful and healthy baby girl....our baby girl!  There are so many things that I wish and hope and pray for for you!  I will continue to try my best at being the mother that you deserve because you deserve the world!
Love you my little Livers!
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