Monday, December 9, 2013

One Whole Big Year and a Half!

So my little lady…..I completely missed the month of 17 so I'm just going to do a little combining here! You are just growing so fast and doing so many new things that it's hard for me to keep up and keep track of when you said this or when you destroyed that or when you actually stopped yelling "mama, mom, mom, mom, mamma, maaammmaaa, MOOOOOOMMMMM"….I hear you kid, I really do!  It would be different if you actually needed something but when I answer you just keep yelling, MOOOOMMMM!!!  So turns out….mommy left!  No, I'm just kidding, but seriously figure out what the hell you need to ask me before you start yelling my name for 15 minutes straight with no end in sight!

You are beginning to say so many more things and I just love your little voice!  (Note to self:  record sweet little voice saying all these cute things before she starts screaming MOOOOMMMM again.) Words right now:  tank you, pease, Mimi(Mia), Ewa(Ella), dada, mama(she's clearly got this one nailed), papa, Nani(Natalie), Joe, baba, poop, shoe and so many other sounds that we totally get and know what you're talking about!  Also, You love to scream for no reason other than to hear your own voice and to make your sister and cousins laugh their asses off until everyone is screaming and dear god please stop all the screaming!

You've started throwing some tantrums and honestly it's funny shit!  You don't necessarily cry, you get pissed as all hell and run around in circles, throw yourself on the floor (all the while you are looking right at us) and then proceed to destroy/ruin/throw/rip/tear/hurl/punch whatever is around you….and let me tell you….F.U.N.N.Y Shit!!!  (Note to self:  this needs to be recorded too before she really starts screwing shit up). 

You truly love your sister.  You follow her and want to do everything just like her.  And it honestly melts my heart.  I can only pray that you two will continue to be the best of friends.  Because there really is no other relationship like you have with your sister.   She will always be there for you and you for her.  We took Mees to see Frozen the other day (and yes you were pissed we left you but you got over it) and it was a fricken great Disney movie, maybe one of my favorites.  Anyway, the two main characters in the movie were sisters, and without me ruining the movie with my eloquent speaking, the main thing that stuck out to me was at the end… sister needed true love to save her frozen heart, and instead of the predictable way of always having the prince ride in and save the day, it was her sister who saved her.  It was the true, pure love of her sister that brought her back.  I want that more than anything for the two of you, that pure love that will always bring you to each other.

You have become obsessed with being on the island in the kitchen.  We finally got a bench to go there so we could sit but it has become your climbing apparatus and it's honestly going to give me a stroke.  I don't know how many more times I can handle walking into the room and find you sipping my coffee while sitting in the middle of the counter?!  GET DOWN KID!!!

You absolutely love seeing yourself in photos or on video or on our phones.  You will FaceTime anyone just so you can watch yourself and make goofy faces at yourself!  Apparently your mother was like this when she was a kid but I just don't' buy it.

I'm sure there is so much more that I could write about but at this moment you are crawling up my leg screaming non other than "mama, mama, maaammmmaaaa, MOOOMMMM" so I'm gonna wrap it up and leave you with a few pics from the past 2 months.
Lovey, you drive me crazy on a daily basis but I really wouldn't have it any other way.  You keep me on my toes and have opened my heart to so many wonderful things.  I might be in a constant state of panic because of all the crazy shit you get into and onto but that's you.  You are a crazy little lady and I love you so very much!  You, your sister and your dad are my whole world and it's a pretty great world to live in!  Love you to the moon and back baby girl!

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