Tuesday, April 9, 2013

10 Month Old Baby Girl

You my little dear are only 2 short months away from being one whole big year old!  I don't know that I'm quite ready for that yet.  These last 10 months have flown  by way too quickly and it makes me a little bit sad.  I love watching you grow and learn and discover new things but you are my baby and I would really like it to stay that way for a little while longer!  But clearly you don't really care to listen to your mom so why should this be any different?!

* You are crazy!  I mean cray....zee!!!!  I love it!  You have such a personality on you!  One minute you can be the most serious little person just trying to figure out the world and people around you.  You get such a serious look on your face and make no kind of expression whatsoever.  Usually this happens when you've just woken up or your around a lot of people.  And then on the other hand you can be absolutely bat shit crazy!

* You are a chatter!  And your chatter has reached a new level....it's so damn cute!  You can tell you want so badly to talk or say something.  You also like to scream and yell like a damn dinosaur.  Not for any reason except to get our attention or just to hear your own voice.  Don't worry....we've recorded it!!!

* You are fast and into everything!  You've started walking behind your pusher which I'm totally not ready for and you've decided that you now want to just go ahead and stand on your own!  It's not going to be long before you just take off and then god help us all!

* You finally have 2 little bottom toofers!  It feels like it took forever for those bitches to pop up and now they are here so I'm hoping you decide to not be a biter!  All of your babyness is slowly going away.  COME BACK!!!!

* You want so badly to be able to keep up with your sister and Carter and Ella but you're still a little munchkin so it's hard.  But anytime they sit and play with you, you love every minute of it!

* You are still a terrorist and seem to get yourself into everything!  Or under everything. Or on top of everything.  It doesn't really matter.....if you can reach it then it's yours!

* You still DO.NOT.sleep through the night.  I'm thinking it's time you figure out how wonderful sleep really is?!  Don't ya think?  I DO!!!

* You are a beast to change....like literally a beast!  Especially after baths.  It takes two of us to pretty much pin your ass down and wrangle you into your diaper and clothes.  Not cool kid.....just calm down!

* If you are even a little overly tired you tend to go crazy!  It usually happens at night at about 7:30 when the craziness starts!  It's not bad crazy it's fricken crazy crazy!  It's actually quite funny because you and your sister will just roll around on the floor like a couple of lunatics, laughing and flinging your bodies wherever!  Usually it's on top of your dad, which I think is hilarious!

* You are a food mooch!  Anytime you see anyone with food you are on it!  You are eating lots more big people food and you think you are pretty hot shit!  I'm still a freak about choking so I'm not even sure how much you actually taste since the pieces I give you are minuscule but whatever!

* Everything still goes into your mouth!  Like everything!  If it's on the floor you will find it and it will end up in that mouth of yours!

You are starting to become this whole little person way too soon and way too fast!  I know there is nothing that I can do to slow it down.  All I can do is cherish each of your many milestones and accomplishments and hold on to the memories of them because they are just flying by.
I know I say this in every post but you really make this family complete Lovey!  You are a beautiful one of a kind little girl and I love you with all of my heart and soul!  I often look at you and your sister and wonder how I got so lucky and thank God each and every day that he chose me to be your mom.  I would do anything for you and do my best each and every day to be the best mom I can because you deserve the world and nothing but the best!
I love you my beautiful crazy little Love!  Bring on month 11!!!

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