Wednesday, January 9, 2013

7 Months

Well my little Miss you are already 7 months old and it's hard to digest that.  You have been quite the character this last month.  Time goes so fast that I feel like the months just all blend together.  I'm trying my best to remember the little moments each day but mommy's memory sucks!

Here are a few things you've been up to this last month:

* You have started the army crawl/scooting!  You get up on your hands and knees but haven't quite figured out the whole hand.knee.leg moving together situation.  Which is actually just fine by me.  But you do manage to get your chubby little but to places you want to go!  It's so strange to see you moving all by yourself.  I feel like you aren't old enough to be doing that yet.

* You want EVERYTHING you can't have.  You have a bagillion toys to play with but you want the paper, cell phones, diapers, wipes, remotes, cardboard, water bottles, everything your sister has, etc etc!!! And it all goes into your mouth!!  Holy hell are crazy!

* You have started sitting up on your own.  You aren't totally stable but getting there.  It's still a little wibble wobble but it's fricken cute all the same.  I love staring at your little peanut head from behind!

* You are obsessed with your sister and all of her things especially her literally attack her for it and I think it's damn funny!

* To say you are high maintenance is an understatement!!  You have your bad times of day where the second I or your dad set you down you freak the hell cry and cry and then you fricken cry some more.  It makes it really difficult to get things done and it does start to wear on my psyche but I know and hope it's only a faze and I know you are only little once so I'm trying to embrace it.  But let me tell ya's hard embracing it at the moment!!

* On the flip side when you are in your smiley playful moods it's absolutely wonderful.  You've found your voice and are now babbling and it's hilarious!  You definitely know how to speak your mind!  And scream!!!  I love it and it's hilarious!

* You celebrated your first Christmas this last month and I'm pretty sure you had a blast!  I could have just gotten you wrapping paper and boxes but I was stupid and bought cool toys that light up and make noise and are fricken awesome which you really want nothing to fuckin do with!  I should have known from your sister but I'm stupid!

* The beginning of December we took you and your sister to "out hotel" in St. Paul.  Your sister loves that place as do we!  I think you had a good time in your new surroundings.  You went in you first pool which was not a very warm one and you hated every damn minute of it.  I wish it would have been a little warmer so you could have at least enjoyed it a little bit because you love bath time!  Oh well....hopefully next time!

You are growing much to fast for my liking but I guess that's the way things go!  I'm so grateful that I get to be home with you and your sister so I can experience all your moments and milestones when they happen!  When I think of how much I love you and your sister my heart just explodes.  It's amazing the love a mother has for her children and it honestly gets stronger each day!  You two little ladies are my whole world.  I love you to the moon and back and then some!  Bring on the next month!!!
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