Thursday, September 6, 2012

3 Month Old Baby Girl

I just looked at the post that I had written for Mimi when she was 3 months old and it totally made me laugh because I could pretty much copy and paste that here for Liv!  It's crazy to look back and see how many similarities there are between the two girls.  Especially since it seems like forever ago that Mia was that little.

I'm getting ready to go back to work next week and it definitely makes me sad.  The one major difference this time is that I'm only going back two days a week which makes things a whole lot easier.

* You have the most contagious smile and I LOVE it!

* You have recently found your hands and they are constantly in your all the time!

* You are a huge drooler all of a sudden and have started blowing bubbles and spitting everywhere!  And think it's hilarious!

* You love to be called Pretty Girl and every time I say your name you get a huge smile on your face.

* You watch your sister so intently and love when she blows bubbles right back at ya!

* You still aren't sleeping in your crib which is totally my doing but are still in your little bassinet thing in our room.  We are starting to lay you in there for your naps (which are not long nor very routine....we'll get there!).

* You LOVE your Mama and that makes my heart melt.  You prefer snuggling with me most of the time which is wonderful except for when I try to put you down then I have to endure your wrath.

* You have become the happy baby that we had hoped for!  The colic is gone....Thank God!

* You love your picture taken and follow my camera wherever it goes...whether it's the big one or my phone.  Which is good for Mama since that's kinda what she does!

* You are extremely smiley in the mornings and I couldn't ask for a better wake up call!

* Bath time is a fricken riot.  You love it and sometimes I think you are going to kick your way right the hell out of your little tub!

* You don't like being cold but love getting changed now.

* We've gotten a few tiny little giggles out of ya and it might have been one of the best sounds I've ever heard!  I can't wait to hear it when they really come!

* You went on your first trip to the Minnesota Zoo and sat in the moby wrap on mommy for a good majority of the day and just watched everything that was going on.

Liv....this last month has again brought us so many joys that your dad and I didn't think was possible for the second time around.  I know I say this every month and I will continue to say it in the coming have definitely completed us.  I can't even imagine what our lives would be like without you!  I love you to the moon and back and can't wait to see what this next month brings!!!  Love you little poopy girl!!!
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