Thursday, September 8, 2011

One month to TWO!

So I forgot to do your 22 month post but we aren't going to dwell on that right now.  So we are just going to move forward with your cute little self!

What can I say are definitely one of a kind and I wouldn't want it any other way (unless that way was less SCREAMING AND THROWING YOURSELF ON THE GROUND).
I know I say this every month but you are becoming such a little person and it's so fun to watch you figure things out.  You are sooooo very independent and it's frustrating for all of us yet it's amazing to watch you learn things and figure it out all on your own.

*  You LOVE music and you LOVE to dance!  You have expanded your list of favorite songs but still revert back to your two favorites....Bottoms Up and Poker Face!  You sing along to Adele and totally jam out.  Your Nani taught you how to fist pump so now we "pump" in the car!  People must think that your dad and I are total ass hats when they look over at us and see us acting a fool in the car!  But if it makes you happy and laugh then I'll look like an ass hat any day!  The only problem is is if we don't have "your song" then we are fucked!  Example being... today in the truck we didn't have the "who who" song (Bottoms Up) and you freaked the hell out and screamed at us for a good solid 5 minutes!  FOR NO REASON except we could not raise the roof or fist pump!  Ooopppsss....stupid mommy and daddy.  I'm working on a CD to keep in the truck now!

*Your two newest movie obsessions are Tangled and Rio....which are totally fine with us because you have yet to ruin them for dad and I.  Close...but not yet!  I sometimes feel like a bad mom because I let you watch movies but you enjoy them and you have actually learned so much from them.  And I'm not just saying that to make me feel better....well maybe a little but there is some truth to it!

*  We are surprised every day by you and how well you do with your words and putting words together to make little mini sentences.  Dad and I have gotten pretty good at figuring out what you are saying.  And if we don't you just scream at us and/or throw shit!  Just a typical day!!

*  Speaking of throwing shit and screaming, you definitely do your fair share of both.  You get SO very frustrated when you can't do something yourself or we don't understand what you want.  You are so much like me in the sense that you are a very emotional little girl.  You are intense and passionate and want so badly to be a big girl and do things yourself.  We've gotten pretty good at trying not to react to the temper tantrums but there are times when we just laugh because you are just that ridiculous that if we don't then I'm afraid WE are going to throw ourselves on the floor and start rolling around and flailing ourselves about!

*  You are going through a mamma's girl stage right now...which is totally fine with me.  I love that you still need me that much because I know that not long from now it's going to be a totally different story.  Besides daddy and I the only person that you will instantly go to is your Nani!  You would be lost without your Antie.  She's like your second mom and I love seeing you with her and the bond that you two have.  Just know that she will ALWAYS be there for you and love the crap out of you!  Plus you listen to her!

*  You tell us "Wuv You" now and it might be the best thing I've ever heard in my life!  That could be the only thing you ever said and I would love it!  And you give the best hugs and kisses now!  It's funny because you are pretty shy and stand offish around a lot of people even your Grandma's and Grandpa's but when it comes time to say good bye and give hugs and kisses you are all about it and will go to anyone!

*  Lately you've decided that it's sometimes not necessary to keep your diaper on so you rip it off and then chuck it over your bed!  Actually you chuck all your shit out of you bed, clothes included and then proceed to pee...without clothes or a diaper on....naked....on your bed....without anything on!  We have a potty chair for you and you know what it is and the whole concept but you don't seem to want to pee in would rather piss on my floor or in your bed!  Yay for mom and laundry!

*  You love babies!  Daddy and I are in the process of trying to give you a baby brother or sister (I know when you are older and you understand where babies come from and you read that sentence it's gonna make you throw up in your mouth a little bit....if that happens then I accomplished what I was going for!).  You already have a little bit of the only child syndrome and we don't want that to continue for much longer!  I think you are going to be a great big's definitely going to be interesting!

Just so you know, you are our everything!  You have changed my life in more ways than you could ever know.  I look at you every day and can't believe what a little person you have become.  You have made me a better me and I love you with all of my heart and soul!
Now bring on two!!!  I'm ready for you.....I think!?!?
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