Saturday, June 4, 2011


My child is a beast!!!  It's no secret!!  We all know it!!  She likes to hit....a lot....we are working on trying to tame the beast but it's a slow training process!  Although tonight I must say I witnessed something quite special....actually quite spectacular!  Mees and Just were sitting on the couch hanging out.  Justin was making kissy noises at her....just a daddy wanting some smooches from his baby girl!  Well apparently this was completely unacceptable behavior in the eyes of the what did she do????  She fuckin wound up and smacked the shit out of him!!!  Now at no time do I condone her hitting or acknowledge it by laughing but if you could have heard the smack and the power she put into this right hook.....oh dear would have laughed your ass off too!
So...the conversation between the two of them after the spectacular not funny whatsoever "incident" goes a little something like this:

Justin:'s not nice to hit daddy like that.

Mia:  Funny daddy, funny!!!

Justin:  No Mees, it's not funny (trying to conceal his laughter, me not so much)

Mia:  (Laughing) Yeah daddy, funny (WHACK!!!!)

Justin:  MIA....

Nikki:  Laughing!!!!  Hysterically!!!!  

Sometimes it's just necessary to laugh!!!  I mean least it wasn't me she whacked this time!!!!


  1. Lord, I hear ya. Davis is going throught this tantrum phase and it has me at my wits end!

  2. My daughter thinks hitting is hi-larious as well. Except the only one she hits is me, even though my husband probably deserves it more.

  3. I'm always amazed at the power those little suckers have. I have sworn more than once that Pie has broken my nose. Thankfully she hasn't, but she has split my lip. Bugger.


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