Friday, February 25, 2011

Motivation.....I have none!

I'm pretty sure that lately I've started all of my, one big whole post a month, with some kind of reference to the fact that I have zero motivation and I and am lacking any sort of creativity in my entire body!  I just can't seem to figure out what I want to write about.  Seriously......What.The.Hell.Do.I.Write.About????  I'm an extremely boring 29 year old with a very old (30) husband and a crazy ass beast who's name is Miss Mia Lou.  She keeps us busy and lately keeps me wondering when Justin is going to have to call the fuckin ambulance because I'm going to have a god damn heart attack with some of the shit that she thinks she can do...."thinks" is obviously the key word to all of this.

So....once again my goal is to really start utilizing this outlet again.  I miss writing and I miss my friends and I miss reading.  So hang in there....I promise that there will be some random ass reading for you all in the very near future again!
I'll leave you with a pic of my munchkin because she's just too cute to not share!!!


  1. We ALL go through blogging ruts. It's okay. Your girl is more important than this...but if it helps you be a better wife and mother and friend...then work on getting back at it! :-)

    They ALL go through that "me do" stage as I like to call it. My kids all got to a point between 18-24 months where they thought they could do EVERYTHING. Each kid was different with time and things...but they all do it...and then they all get past it...and then just want YOU to do everything for them. That's the "lazy butt" stage.

  2. With that face how could you not be pulled away from blogging!?

  3. Completely understand how Miss Mia could be just a wee bit distracting. But glad to hear you're going to be posting more often!

    Look at all those teeth on Mia! Adorable family pic.

  4. Yup, you are not alone on that one. It won't last forever. I promise.


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