Friday, January 7, 2011

15 Months....the month of the "No's"

Here we are.....the 15th month.  Time really does go by way too fast and it seems as though it just keeps going faster.  
This last month brought us your second Christmas which was sooo very much fun.  You had a blast....actually I think your dad and I had more fun.  It's amazing how much fun Toys R Us can be for adults!  Because of all the fun our house has now been taken over by TOYS!  Holy shit the toys.  

You are still doing all the same wonderful crazy things that you were doing last month with a few more antics to add. ARE old enough to start having temper tantrums?!  Not really sure how that works but it does and you do!  It's almost funny for a while because you are this tiny little thing running around yelling "NO" in a very angry beast like way.  We are trying not to react and to just ignore the behavior but sometimes the yelling doesn't stop and your dad and I want to rip our ear drums out.  The whole patience factor has not gotten any better and actually now with these special little outbursts it's gotten worse.  I'm really hoping that we grow out of this faze.  I can only hope.

Your appetite has increased a ridiculous amount!  You LOVE to eat!  Your new favorite thing is soups.  Which is fricken awesome because dad and I LOVE soups.  You love chicken wild rice, broccoli cheese, clam chowder, vegetable beef, pretty much any soup we've given you to try you love it.  It can not enter your mouth fast enough.  I'm so grateful that you are willing to try new things.  Even if you don't like them you will still try.
You and dad still have your snack time at night.  Your new thing is bananas and cereal.  And like usual you shove as much food as you can in your mouth and hoard it all!!

You are so busy everyday!  It's so much fun to watch you explore new things and play.  You are such the girl love playing with your purse and necklaces and all those girly things.  You still get frustrated when things don't go your way or your toys don't come out of the toy bin easily or your baby stroller gets stuck on something then we experience the giant dinosaur like being that takes over your body.

Again, I can't wait to experience this next month with you and watch you learn, explore and figure out your world.  You amaze me on a daily basis.  You continue to put a smile on my face each and every day.  Maybe not all day but every day!!!!  Love you bug!!!!


  1. Happy 15 months to Mia! Time certainly does fly. My guy is 2 today and I can't freakin' believe it.

  2. Oh how i love her : ) I love my special little bond with her. Antie loves you baby!

  3. Her face in that last one? Total awesomeness!

    Welcome to, isn't it?

  4. She's so cute..and you are SO screwed

    They never quit with the NO thing prepared!

    Smooches to that beautiful girl..enjoy her while she can't roll her eyes!

  5. Fifteen months is a great age!


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