Friday, April 8, 2011

Half way to Two!!!!

Here we are another month older and mommy is another day late on her post....bad mommy!!!  These months are just flying by and you are getting so big so fast.

* All I can say is that I want to chuck Bambi and Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaur out the f'ing window!!!!  Your dad and I could give anyone a dramatic reenactment of either of these movies!!!  It wouldn't be pretty but it would be accurate!  We get home everyday and everyday you run to the DVD player and stomp around until we put in a movie.  Good Lord child!

* You used to let me put your hair in pigtails and barrettes and now you let me put them in but decide to rip them out shortly thereafter.  And honestly honey.....your hair is one hot mess of a mullet right now.  Mommy would really appreciate it if you could keep that shit in your hair!

* We got our iPad and you LOVE to "paygays"(play games).  You are learning so much and it's amazing how quickly you learned how to work it!  Plus it's an extra bonus for mommy and daddy because we get to play with a fricken sweet ass toy!

* We went for you 18 month check up the other day and you are perfect!  You grew 2 inches or so and are now 32 inches tall and 23.6 pounds.  You are taller than average and your weight is smaller than average!  You still have a big ass head apparently though!  We can all only hope that you have your Antie Becky's cute little petite body....because mommy and your other Antie's are not what you would call Petite!!!

* You've gotten better about not hitting.  Except now you think it's a good idea to inflict pain upon yourself?  Not sure why but when you get mad at one of us and you don't get what you want you will bang your head into the floor, you prefer carpet but hardwood will do, the couch, the ottoman, your princess chair, dad's knee, oh I could go on and on but we'll leave it at that.  I asked your pediatrician about this and she said it's perfectly normal.  I think you're a little crazy....but so am I so who am I to judge!!

There is so much more but stupid me hasn't been good about blogging lately so I really can't remember!  It's my goal to start writing more during the month instead of just monthly!  All I can say is that I look at you every day and wonder how your dad and I were able to make such a beautiful little girl with a personality like no other! are one of a kind and I love you to the moon and back!


  1. THAT is one beautiful girl!! Thanks for sharing her with us!

  2. I'm glad you cleared up that whole paygays thing. I was starting to wonder what was going on in your house!


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