Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Bad Ass Motha!

Ok...I have no idea if anyone even reads this thing here I like to call my blog anymore.  I haven't been much of a "blogger" lately and am completely disappointed in myself.  I'm working on it!

I did however just want to write a quick post because I'm so excited that my "sister" (adopted sister...not legally adopted....verbally adopted.... into our family....you know.....that person that should have been born into your family but wasn't but now is so much a part of your family....yeah that kind of sister) finally decided to start a blog of her own!

She is an amazing woman who has an incredible talent for writing!  Her story and her family our amazing! I hope that anyone who has still stuck around here at My Fantabulous Wonderful Life will please go check her out at My Life as a Mom to two...no..four...no...SIX.  I swear you will not be disappointed!!

I promise that I'm going to be writing more too....this is a promise to myself.  Yeah for me!!!!


  1. I still read your blog whenever you post! In fact, you are on my blog roll as a favorite! :-)

  2. **RAISES HAND** Shouting "ME ME ME" I still read your blog when you post. :) Off to read and follow your "sister" :)

  3. Thanks Sissy! I am workin' on it. Read dooce last night for about two hours...OMFG! She is one funny woman! Love her writing style also. God love her, you can tell she is an English major...my grammar and punctuation will never be up to par. LOL. Love you.

  4. I'm heading that way now to check her out and follow here!

    I am always looking for you - but don't worry - life is like that - we ALL have to take a break from blogging here and there!

  5. I'm still here too...off to check your sista

  6. If you say she's good..she must be...on my way now!

  7. Hey sweetie!Ive missed you. I have moved so heres my new address www.motherhoodthetruth.com
    How have you been? Looking at the pics, can;t believe how big Mia is getting! Miss you!



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