Monday, June 20, 2011

Mommy Tip #3 - Car Seat Trouble you know when you and your husband and your sister and her husband decide to go to DQ after the kids go to bed (not leaving them alone of course because you are all staying at mom and dad's house) because you find it necessary to be eating fatty ice cream and fudge and all that good shit at like 10 o'clock at night!  Yeah....and then decide it would be stupid to take two vehicles so decide on one but then realize that all of the vehicles have car seats in them and then decide instead of taking those car seats out of the vehicles you and and your sister decide it's a really good idea to just sit in the car seats!

I'm sure you are all thinking "holy shit...these two are fricken A.W.E.S.O.M.E."  Well we are but for many other reasons than this!
There are reasons why the law enforces the use of seat belts.  Because you see, when you aren't buckled  in your car seat and your brother-in-law decides to go flying over the railroad tracks at like 50mph and you think you'll be fine if you just duck your head a little and then you realize that when your body isn't touching any part of anything that it should be sitting on and you are completely airborne that you really aren't alright, and then this is what happens......

Mommy Tip #3:
Please refer to and abide by all laws and instruction manuals regarding car seats!  Because when you are not harnessed in there correctly this is the shit that happens!  Make sure when you are riding in a car seat with your sister next to you in her car seat that the two of you are buckled in!!!  Don't let this be you!


  1. You're a friggin' hoot! I love this! You two girlies are so funny!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I promise I won't do this. Again.


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