Monday, October 21, 2013

16 and a Half Months....cuz Mama's lazy!

You, my lovely little child, are a crazy little goon!!  Your personality is just shining through lately and I love it!  Sometimes you have a very quiet and serious demeanor about yourself but I know's all a ploy!  You most definitely are NOT quiet and I think you are just trying to fool everyone!  Cuz child, You Are Crazy!!!  And in a totally good crazy way!

You have starting mimicking people and think you are pretty funny!  If someone coughs you fake cough, if someone burps, you fake burp and then attempt to say "excuse me".  

You truly are a little peanut.  You are so tiny and petite.  You are still rocking all your 12 month clothes  and even some of those are too big on you.  You are obsessed with shoes and going through everyone's shoes in the mud room closet.  You make sure that we all have our respected shoes to go outside.  I got you a new pair of bitchin brown boots and you think you are hot stuff tromping around in those things.

You have most definitely stolen your papa's heart.  You are still pretty unsure of most men but him....not at all.  With everyone going on with Grandpa and him being sick you can light up his day!  You get a giant smile on your face when go up there to visit and bring him his paper.  It truly makes mama's heart melt and I can only hope that you will have many many more years with him because he loves you so much and can't wait to see how you terrorize your dad and I!

You are still obsessed with the pantry and raiding it everyday!  You know what you want and what you don't want!  If I try handing you something that you don't want, I'm quickly aware because you literally shove it out of the way or throw it on the ground!  A simple "No Thanks" would do kid!

Your sister is clearly your number 1 person!  Having a sister might be the best thing ever.  I know because I have 2 pretty awesome sisters myself.  I see how you two interact and play and sometimes I just sit back and watch because never in my wildest dreams did I think that it would fill me with so much joy to watch you two.  I know that there will be fighting and screaming and all that fun stuff but hope that you two will always stick by each other and be each others person.  Because the bond and love that you two share is so incredibly strong and wonderful.  

You definitely get into a lot of things especially all of your sister's stuff!  You love playing with babies and hold them and give them kisses.  You love pushing the strollers around and carts around.  You kind of look like a little old lady running around the house!  You like to destroy mom's office anytime I'm in there working.  I end up with papers and pens and god knows what else all over my floor.

And like your sister you love looking at pictures of yourself and watching videos of yourself!  You sit very still and are so content just staring.  I love it!  You love music and shake your booty like no other!  You attempt to sing and it cracks me up!

You try so hard to keep up with the big kids and do a pretty dang good job at it.  The 3 of them do a pretty dang good job and including you too.  Although I think Carter may do it a little better!  That little boy loves you to pieces and takes such good care of you.

So munchkin, you keep growing and learning and exploring so many new things and it's so fun to watch you.  You are such a happy little girl and pretty much just go with the flow!  Mom and Dad love you so much Olivia Rose!  You bring a light to our lives that just seems to get brighter as the days go by.

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