Monday, October 7, 2013

4 Years My Little Lady!

Happy 4 Years my sweet girl!  It's hard for me to grasp that you have been my baby girl for 4 years now.  Becoming a mom, your mom, was one of the scariest most wonderful things that has ever happened to me.  It's not been easy but oh so worth it,  because bug, you made me a mom and I will forever be grateful for that.

You have become quite the little lady!  You are beautiful, head strong, smart, emotional, sensitive, stubborn, irrational at times, strong willed, sassy, mouthy, empathetic, sweet, loving, defiant at times, funny, loving, creative, athletic, crazy, wild, loud and most importantly you are ours!

You have accomplished so much this past year and we are so very proud of you.  We love you Bug-a-Lou so very much!!!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

Mia 4 Year from Nikki Westbrock on Vimeo.

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