Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The 13th Month

You my sweet dear are already past 1 and into this next month.  It amazes me how so much can happen  and you can grow so much in just 30 days.  

It's been a busy month with birthdays and celebrations and family get togethers and cabin trips and 4th of July celebrations and so much stuff that mom can't keep up with it all!

You are becoming quite the walker!  You still look like a little mini Frankie but it's so dang cute how you balance yourself with both arms sticking out at the sides and you run!  Run.Run.Run with your little flat feet!  Now mom just needs to start putting shoes on you more regularly so you really don't end up with flat feet!  You are like me though and would much prefer to run around barefoot!

We went up to Al and Roxie's cabin a few weekends ago and it was your first road trip!  Actually I think it might have been Mia's first road trip too!  You both did really well with the drive.  I would say the last half hour each way you got a little antsy but being stuck in the truck for 2 and a half hours makes anyone antsy!  We actually hauled our boat up so you got to experience your first boat rides.  You loved the ride.....hated your life jacket!  Which again I can totally understand since you could barely stand correctly because you were so top heavy!  I will say you looked mighty cute!

You still have not gotten any more teeth!  The only ones showing are your two bottom two!  I know your sister was later in getting hers but I think you've surpassed that!  I'm figuring any day now so lets see some more of your little toofers!

You my love have finally figured out the joys of not waking in the night!!!  Yay for mommy and daddy!!!  Although the alternative to that is you now find it necessary to wake anywhere in between 6 and 6:30.  IN.THE.AM!!!  What the hell kid!?!? I'm grateful for the nights and not waking up but come on dude......6 in the AM?!  I guess I'll have to compromise!

You're babbling cracks me up!!  Like seriously....I could listen to you all day long....except for 6 in the AM when I wish you would be sleeping!!  You have this way of enunciating your "words" and sounds and your facial expressions and how your jaw moves is wonderful and hilarious and I don't ever want it to stop!!  I try to record it as much as I can because I know that in no time you will be saying real words and whining and sassing like your big sister and I want to hold on to the innocence and cuteness before I want to chuck you into the other room!!

You are busy! Busy.Busy.Busy!!!  You pretty much refuse to snuggle with me anymore unless you have your bottle and blankie and even then it doesn't last long!  I miss the snuggles!  I can't wait for you to hopefully get back to the sitting and snuggling stage!  I'm holding onto hope cuz your sister went thru the same thing and she's once again an excellent snuggler!!!  So Liv, come back to your snuggling ways, will ya?!

Bath time for you is still bath time for everyone else!  You are crazy and splash and try to do everything your sister does even putting your face in the water!  MMMM....yum....dirty bath water!

You are getting better at catching up with the big kids but you are still such a peanut that it's hard.  They will play with you for a few minutes but then they are off and leave you wondering what the hell just happened and where did they go?!  It's ok Love, soon you will be right beside them causing all the trouble in the world!  But for now I'm happy to keep you by me!

You still are an excellent eater!  I don't think there is much we've put in front of you that you won't eat. Although fruits are your favorite!  You can take down some strawberries, watermelon and cantelope!!! Like take down!  You are your mother's child and are a complete mooch!!  Everybody else's food always looks better than your own and if you see someone eating something or with a plate or a bowl you are up their ass in 2.2!

You still find it necessary to say "Dada" more than "Mama"?!  Not really sure what the hell that's all about since I'M WITH YOU 24/7, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!! I mean come on kid?!  Give mama a little credit here and say my damn name!!  Just like once a day will be fine!!  Just once!!

You, my little love, have proven to be quite the little character and I love watching you grow and develop and gain your independence and play with your sister and giggle and babble and all of the wonderful things you do on  a daily basis!  I wish I could bottle you up and make you stay like this a little bit longer but knowing I can't I'll just keep cherishing you every day and cheer you on as you grow more and more into this whole little wonderful person!!!  Love you Livy Girl!!  Til next month!

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