Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Baby Girl is 1!!

One June 6th, 2013, you my sweet baby girl, turned a whole 1 year old!  What.The.Hell!!??  I will admit that I had a little bit of a hard time with this one.  You are our last and our baby and this past year has just gone by in a flash.  I wish I could slow it all down but I know I can't so I'm trying to hold on to whatever I can when I can.

I feel like so much has happened this past month.  You are this whole little human person who walks/tries to run, babbles constantly and laughs with all your tiny little being!

You are quite the little peanut!  At your 1 year check up you weighed in at 19 pounds and 3 ounces which I think might be almost 2 pounds smaller than your sister was at this age and even she was a peanut!  And you are 29 inches long!  You checked out perfect at your appointment!!

You are such a happy girl in the mornings and I love hearing you babble away in your room!  You usually yell for Dada which completely confuses me because I'm the one home with you all day!  I'm the one that feeds you and changes your shitty diapers during the day.....one would think you'd call for me?!  I'll remember that kid!!  

You have attempted the whole sleeping thru the night thing.  You aren't quite there yet on a nightly basis but we've made some improvements.  But Kid....speed this up, will ya?!  

You are a straight up walking machine now!!  For a few weeks you were consistent with taking a few steps here and there and we could tell how badly you wanted to go further because once you took those first 2 steps you tried running and then it all went downhill from there!  But while Daddy was in Canada the first weekend in June you decided you were ready and took off like a bat out of hell and haven't slowed down since!  You think since you've turned into this total bad ass walker you can now run!  Well....you can't!!!  Slow down dude!!! Slow down!  I will say one of the cutest things to witness is a new walker!  Your Antie calls you Frankie because you walk around like a little Frankenstein.  I think you just look drunk!

We have finished with the formula and have moved onto whole milk which is quite the little person milestone!  You are a great eater!  You are like mama and a total mooch!  You LOVE fruit especially strawberries and melon.  I honestly don't think there is much we've given you that you won't eat.  I hope this stays the case because it really does make life so much easier when you'll eat what we eat!  

You've also learned how to drink out of a straw and think yourself to be damn funny!  Because along with learning how to drink out of it you've also started doing what your sister used to do and that's spit it right back out!  And apparently that shit is hilarious in little people world!

You are obsessed with climbing up onto Everything!!!  You've figured out how to get yourself up on the couch and when you can't quite make it you get super frustrated and scream like a dinosaur until someone helps you and then all is right in your world again.  You manage you sneaky little ass up onto the ottoman by way of floor poof.....then you stand and laugh because you know you aren't supposed to be up there.  But apparently second born children don't really give a shit what you tell them....you do what you want!

You are a very serious little lady when you are around people you aren't familiar with.  Everyone always comments about how serious you are.  I don't think your serious I think you are cautious and just assessing your situation which is good Liv.  You assess your heart out!  Because in reality you aren't serious.....you are a crazy, hilarious, fun spirited little lady.
And by about 7 at night it turns into the witching hour around the Westbrock house.  You and your sister literally go bat shit crazy!!!  And not in a bad way at all.....I love it!  You two laugh and talk and play and laugh some more and run around and laugh even more!  I could listen to the two of you laughing all day long.  I want to always remember that sound.  I want to bottle it up and never ever forget it.

You are going thru a little bit of the whole stranger anxiety thing with is ok.  It's mostly strange men that you are leery of...which is ok kid....I'm leery of strange men too!!!  There are pretty much 3 guys you go to....Dad, Uncle Joe and my Dad.  Everyone else gets the stare down for quite some time.  You are usually good after a little while but you still make sure that we are in your eye sight!

You are definitely completely in love with your sister.  You want to always be by her and doing what she's doing.  And unfortunately kiddo I think you are starting to reach that annoying little sister stage.  I know all you want to do is play with the big kids and usually they let you and when they don't I will always be here to play with.  Just remember that and remember that just because they don't always include you doesn't me they don't completely adore you.  Because you truly are that adorable!!!

You love being outside!  And by far your most favorite thing to do is go for walks!  It's the one time that you don't hate being restrained!  You sit back in your seat with your feet up and just take it all in!  Sometimes you babble other times you just sit and chill!

You are extremely ticklish and daddy can get you going just looking at you!  Like I said before I could listen to you laugh for hours and hours!  It really never gets old!  

You love bath time and bath time for you usually means bath time for mommy and daddy!  You splash....A.LOT!!!!  But that's ok....you have fun and it is quite funny!  

My beautiful baby girl....it has been an amazing year!  When you entered this world so very early on that Wednesday morning I could never have imagined how much you would change our lives.  I knew I would love you but I couldn't begin to imagine just how much, I knew you would change things but I didn't realize that things would be so much better, I knew you and your sister would have a bond but I didn't realize that it would be so strong so soon and all along I knew there was something missing from me and I quickly found out that that something was you!!!  You have filled all of those missing parts of our family.  You have made us...US!  You, my baby girl, are a beautiful one of a kind whole little person that we could not imagine our days without!  Happy First Birthday Olivia Rose!!!  Mama loves you to the moon and back!

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