Sunday, May 12, 2013

11 Whole Big Fat Months

It's really hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I'm only going to have an infant for 1 more month.  You are growing way too fast and maybe it's because you are our baby and our last but holy hell....time does not slow down whatsoever!

* You, My Child, are a fricken riot!  You don't sit EVER!  You've mastered standing all on your own and are trying so very hard to walk!  The most you've done is about 5 steps but you usually get so damn excited after about 2 steps that you start clapping and then try to run so you pretty much just fling your body down!  It's quite comical yet I can tell super frustrating for you because you just want to go and keep up with your sister!  I'm pretty sure that in a few weeks you will have it down pretty good!  Which in a way I'm excited for because crawling can just be so dirty at times.  Plus with the weather finally getting nice it'll be nice to bring you outside and just let you go!

* You are STILL NOT sleeping thru the night!  I will continue to document this until the glorious day that you decide that sleeping is flipping amazing!  You've pretty much mastered naps which is great but this whole middle of the night shit is getting old for mom and dad!  Figure.It.Out!!!

* You love big people food and feeding yourself!  We still do a little bit of baby food but you've pretty much graduated to what we eat.  And honestly, you are like your sister and will eat pretty much anything.  You love yourself some noodles for sure!  And like your sister you are a food hoarder so we limit how much we put in front of you because you end up looking like a chipmunk with all of your stored food!

* While mom and dad were in Mexico the weather was actually beautiful here and you got your first feel of grass which apparently didn't go over to well.  According to your Nani you were not a fan!  Like not a fan in the sense that you were clinging to whoever for dear life to get you out of the grass.  You've now become used to it and LOVE being outside!  Grass is totally cool now!

* You have a little bit of stranger anxiety and it takes you a little while to warm up to people.  Which is totally fine with me.  I'd rather you be cautious.  Plus I love that you still need me!  Because I know in just a short amount of time you will want nothing to do with me!  So I'll hang on to that for as long as I can.

* Your chatter has reached new heights!  I love listening to you and can't wait for you to start with your words!  We get Mama and Dada and Nana (which I think is Mimi).  You have the same little deep raspy voice like your sister and I love it.  You've also mastered the fake cry which comes out often when you want attention or you don't get something you want.  It's hilarious!

* At 11 months you weigh 18 pounds and 6 ounces.  You are our little peanut!  You are still in 9 month clothes slowly getting into some 12 month stuff.

* You are obsessed with the iPad!  Actually you are obsessed with most things that you shouldn't be playing with.  And remember that fake cry we were talking about....well that usually shows up when I take said things away from you.  It wouldn't be so bad but instead of playing like a sweet little girl you usually just bang the shit out things and try buying things from the app store!

* You love bath time!  Like so much that  you will try to crawl your little ass in before we are ready to put you in.  And usually your bath time means mommy and daddy receive a bath fully clothed!  It's like tidal waves in the tub with you in there!  We are drenched by the time you are done!  But you love and seeing that crazy little smile on your face is worth the flood! bring a light to this family that I can't put into words.  You are our little Lovey and everyday I'm so very thankful and grateful that I get to be your mommy!  It's amazing to be able to see the world thru yours and your sisters eyes!  It makes getting up every day worth everything!  I love you midget!!!

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