Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hello Everybody, I'm Nikki and I am a Coachaholic! 
Everyone:  Hello Nikki

There is a possibility that I have a slight to moderate problem with purses...well bags in general I guess!  Coach to be even more specific.  I'm not sure where this love of fine leather and beautiful craftsmanship came from, but one day, it was just there!  And unfortunately for the doesn't seem to be going anywhere!  I can't help it....they are a's like my drug.....I love getting a new one and feel fricken fabulous when I do!!  I know I'm sad but whatever....thats just how I roll I guess!!!

Last year for my birthday I asked everyone to give me money so I could buy myself a new purse because once Mia came I wasn't going to be able to splurge on myself because I was going to have a baby and people with babies don't get to do anything anymore or get anything for themselves....EVER AGAIN.... and I needed one last fabulous bag that would last me a while!  So I got a beautiful cream colored Coach.

I was on maternity leave for 3 months and then went back to a new position at work.  After a couple weeks back at work I ended back at my most favorite store...the Coach outlet....where I saw this beautiful light yellow leather bag.  Well shit...I just pushed a big ass baby out my whoo and got myself a new gig....I totally need deserve this purse (I know my justification rocks, doesn't it??)  So, home I came, with a new yellow purse! 

Well the hubs and I happened upon the same outlet stores the other day and we just happened to end up in my most favorite store and well.....I couldn't help myself....seriously, I have a problem!!!  (Oh...and I pointed out to Miss Mia that this too, someday, would be her favorite store...I almost got kicked!!)   I ended up with ANOTHER NEW bag.  This time a fabulous black one because every lady needs a fab black purse.  Plus, I look at it as I'm totally helping the economy....right??? 
I'm a total dork but I totally heart my new bag!!! 
I'm pretty sure I have to stop using the whole " Well Justin, how much do your hunting and fishing trips cost??  Yeah thats what I suck's imparitive that I purchase this bag, it will think I just don't care and we don't want to upset the Coach"  sooooo....I think, I think, he might need a couple more trips before I can get me a new one!!!  Don't tell him that though!!!  I'm gonna try to play that card as long as I can!!!
Internet.....what are your vices and "aholic" items????


  1. Um hello...see that name up there? purseblogger! LOL! Just giving you crap. Love your new bag. :)
    I have something for you on my blog :)

  2. Love it! Im realy gonna have to go and get myself a new one arent I? Hope my bloggy bff is having a great day!!!

  3. I saw your blog on the Busy Budgeting Mama. I visited your blog and it seems that we both have a little girl a few days a part and we've been married about the same amount of time! Just wanted to say hi!

  4. OK, I have to say, I've never really been into the whole Coach thing, but your black bag is to die for!

  5. I love the smell of new handbags in the morning!


  6. Super cute purse! I might be slightly jealous, but I just can't spend the money....

    PS I would puffy heart it if you would enable your email address or create a new one so I can reply to your comments via email!

  7. That is a gorgeous bag Nikki!~ I just did a post on designer bags the other day, however blogger messed up along the way and it was gone, then back then gone...anyhow it is gone for good now.

  8. Oh my god I love it! and I love Coach.

  9. Hott purse. I myself am addicted to bags and shoes. I can never get my fill. I love Coach, Burberry, Dooney & Burke, Louis Vuitton and really anything cute.Most of my bags are Coach and Burberry. My husband even got me a rocking Burberry diaper bag when I was pregnant with our first. I heart bags! I heart shoes too....maybe slightly more than my bags:)Nothing like a hot pair of heels to finish off an outfit. I may have to hit up the outlets myself real soon! Congrats on the new bag!

  10. I can honestly say that I have only carried a purse a couple of times in my life, not really into them! I am a new follower from Friday Follow, so glad to have found your blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  11. The first step to overcoming a problem, is admitting you have a problem.
    You have officially taken the first step!
    I am a
    coral-holic [yes the color coral]
    coffe addict
    oh my this list could go on for days!!


  12. Nikki!!! Looks absolutely amazing! Love the design so much!!!

    Grabbing your button, of course!


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