Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Randomness

I guess you could say I'm a pretty random kind of gal!  I think I get it from both my wonderous sisters.  We sort of play off of each other with our randomness.  There is a possibility that we may drive our husbands and parents nutty but whatev....they are totally stuck with us!!!  Sometimes we say and do the most stupid and random things and it's probably only funny to us.... and those who don't think it's funny....well....you can just suck it!!!  So I'm now going to just ramble on about some random ass thoughts....because I can and I want to!

* I think that the words unitard, biscuit and nugget are f'ing hilarious!  They seriously make me laugh out loud when I or someone else says them.  I know it's childish but I don't care!  Oh and I can't stand the word moist.....isnt' it funny how different words affect people differently??
* I'm completely addicted to Medex lip balm and freak out if I don't have it.  (I'm down to my last jar and am having a slight panic attack about it).
* I sleep with 5 pillows and pretty much leave no room for Justin in bed.....we need a bigger bed!
* I have the WORST potty mouth and am really working on fixing that.....oh who the hell am I kidding....that probably won't happen!
* I'm pretty sure that my OCD issues are far worse than I or my husband ever thought.....I have ROUTINES!!!
* I used to love cold coke in a can whenever I was hungover....that definitely does not happen anymore!!
* A couple of years ago while driving in the car at night and listening to a Vikings Packers game on the radio, my younger sister Natalie asked me how the AM radio worked in the PM.....yeah I almost peed my pants and threw her out of the car!!!  It still cracks me up!!
* I LOVE anything Coach!! 

These are my random ramblings for now.....I'm sure there will be more....there is always some random ass thought going on!!!


  1. Just wait until Mia starts mimicking your potty mouth. We were seriously scared to send Rowan off to preschool each morning for her first few months for fear of what she'd repeat!

  2. I know....I'm totally afraid of that!! I'm really going to have to watch it!

  3. You crack me up! Nugget?! hahaha! So funny.

    I so wish we would have gotten a king size bed! Do you have a queen?

    ..... and DON'T change your potty mouth habit! I find it hilarious.

  4. That am/pm thing is a riot.

    I also have a very bad potty mouth and struggled to control it around the kids. Then I started watching Battlestar Galactica, and instead of the F word they say "frack". I added it to my repertoire, and Dude, it's been a fracking life saver!

  5. I love finding words that make me giggle!

    And, my sister asked how my babies (in utero) got food from my belly button. She thought my belly button was attached to the babies!

  6. Nugget...bwahahaha! That word IS funny--I love it!

    And I just laughed sooo hard about the AM & PM!! Haha!


  7. This post is why I think you just might be bloggy BFF! I live 2 seconds away from a coach outlet store....jealous? I think so....also, the word random = awesome!

  8. That am/pm thing had me laughing. That is something my sister would have said, (apparently I got the brains)

  9. Love the randomness! I love Coach also!! I'll have to create a post about the time our black lab Bruce ate my $300 Coach slingbacks.

  10. Ok unitard is funny, but I'm not seeing the humor in biscuit and nugget. :)

  11. LOL at your sister asking how AM works in the PM!! That is hilarious! And yes unitard, biscuit, and nugget are the best! Biscuit, haha, made you laugh. :)


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