Wednesday, April 7, 2010

6 Big Whole Months

Today Mees,  it is the big 6 month mark!!!  I seriously can't believe that half of the first year of your life is over....where the hell did the time go.  It seems like so long ago that we brought you home from the hospital yet it seems like just yesterday!  Weird how that works. 

This last month has been VERY interesting!!!  You are STILL a diva and I'm pretty sure the whole divaness isn't going anywhere.  You DEFINITELY know how to work mom and dad!!  You are the sweetest little thing when we are around other people and then we get home and the OTHER Mia comes out!  Your crabby time is definitely at night and you let us know!!  It's sort of hard not to know, with all the yelling and whatnot that comes out of your beautiful little mouth!  I do understand that it's hard NOT to be an ass hole when I'm pretty sure that I was/am.....I have no one to blame but myself for that.  It does make you you though and I love it!!
You are starting to sit up on your still have some weeble wobble in you but you are getting so much better at it.  Although you still find it necessary to stiffen your entire body at random times and fling yourself about! 

You are eating fruits and veggies now.  Your favorite is applesauce and aren't much of a fan of carrots ( I don't blame you though....that shit smells nasty)! 
Carter and Belle gave you their walker and you LOVE that thing.  You love being mobile and seeing whats going on. 
You roll EVERYWHERE!!!  You will start on one side of the room and then we find you wedged by the couch.  Along with this, you want to sit up soooo badly on your own that I'm pretty sure you are going to have abs of steal in no time.
You haven't cut any teeth yet but it could be any day.  The drooling has doubled which means a whole shit load of it and your diva moods have increased!  I wish one of those things would just pop through! 
Your personality is really starting to show.  For the most part you are a happy baby and love to smile.  Dad and I know where your tickle spots are and your laugh is amazingly wonderful! 
You held your first sippy cup this month....I don't think you drank out of it but you looked so cute with it in your hands....such a big girl!

The interaction between you and the fam is getting so much more animated.  You are starting to play with Carter and Ella and they LOVE it.  I think it's different for them too because you aren't this tiny little baby anymore. 

We've finally gotten you on some sort of schedule.  It doesn't ALWAYS work out but it's a work in progress. 
You are still getting up in the middle of the night but go right back to sleep after we've fed you and now instead  of crying in the mornings we are awoken by you talking to yourself in your crib.  It's the most wonderful way to get woken up!!!
I know there are about a thousand other things that you've done or accomplished this last month but the time goes by sooo fast and it's so hard to keep track!  You are becoming such a little person and I love it.  Happy 6 months Lou Lou!!


  1. Oh, she is so cute! They grow up too fast. Happy 6 months!

  2. She's a doll! How does it happen that they grow so fast?

  3. She has the prettiest eyes! By the by, my daughters name is Ella! Happy 6th month bday Mia!

  4. I'm a day late, but Happy 6 Months + 1 day Mia! She is absolutely adorable and you are right - time is FLYING!

  5. Happy half birthday to Mia! My little man is going to be 11 months next week and I'm trying to figure out how that one happend!

  6. Hey girl, congrats on winning the giveaway at 504 Main! That is so awesome lucky girl!

  7. She is adorable!

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    Have a great weekend.

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