Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Really Right Now.....

I'll start this by saying that sometimes.....Nikki.....is not so smart!  Yes I said it....you will not hear those words escape my mouth all too often because, well, I usually am SMART!!  I'm pretty sure that Justin is basking in the light of this comment from his USUALLY smart wife! 
I will recap the reason of the above comment:
Mia's little tush has been a little red lately so I decided to leave her diaper off for a little bit because we were going to be giving her a bath in a few anyway.  I mean, if she peed on the floor then she peed on the floor, I have had to deal with worse so whatever!  So....I was putting something away in the bedroom and came back out into the living where little Mees had rolled herself over to the hall table and had her legs wrapped around the leg of it (bare ass).  I look down and there I see it......she SHIT all over!  I was worried about pee....stupid Nikki.....why worry about pee when I know that Mees has a history of shooting shit out her ass with rapid force. 
Ok....so we got the poop cleaned up off the floor (I cleaned the poop and Justin grabbed Mees) and brought her into our room to get her ready for her bath.  I was in HER bedroom getting things and came back into our bedroom where there was another shitty surprise waiting for me on MY bed!  Yep....you guessed it.....she SHIT on OUR bed!!  Are you f'ing kidding me right now??  Ok.....so we get the poop cleaned and Justin ran in her room to get a changing pad (smart guy) to lay under her while we try to get things cleaned and get things ready for her bath (how many dumb ass parents does it take to clean up some poop and give a bath??  Apparently more than 2).  While this is all going on....the cleaning and the getting ready......she f'ing SHIT again.  REALLY RIGHT NOW!  It was at least on the pad......and let me just tell you that she thought all of this was fricken hilarious.....you can go ahead and picture the smiling, blowing bubbles and kicking her legs about (in the SHIT)! 
Mees finally stopped pooping all over the place and we were able to give her a bath without any accidents in the tub.....which WOULD have been better than the bed but seriously, what fun is there in that??  So....I should have learned my lesson but I didn't!!!  At least poop stories are funny....everyone has them!  Hopefully this is the last one for me.....at least this week!!!

Side Note:  This all happened last night.....well this morning she decided to PEE all over mommy and daddy's bed!!  Gotta love that girl!!!


  1. Oh no!! Sorry, I'm laughing, I can't help it. That is too funny yet gross at the same time. Cracks me up! Who would have thought she'd do it so many times? Yikes!

  2. so glad jessica recommended your blog! love it! off to snoop around. hehe.

  3. Omigosh! I am laughing in disbelief right now! How is it possible for something that cute and small to have so much poo to go around?

  4. Hehe!! Looks like I have a lot to look forward to!

  5. aaaahahahahaha thats hilarious! poop stories ARE always the best. One time, my oldest, was at work with me and she pooped in her pants and it rolled on the floor so all of the other kids started playing with it! Disgusting!

  6. Oh, no! Unfortuanately, I know from experience how awful that is to clean up!

  7. I think that you've officially been initiated as a Mom once your child has shit in your bed. It's like a rite of passage or something. Poop stories crack me up every time!

  8. Hahaha! Poor little Mia, lol. Don't worry... I was attempting to potty train Gracie. I had a client (my salon is upstairs) so I figured I would just take her panties off since she struggled getting them off herself. Her potty was on the floor, and at this point I figured she had it down. Anyway, I finish up my client... and as we are walking downstairs I start smelling the poop! Don't worry, she pinched a loaf right in front of my new Pottery Barn curtains.


  9. Oh poop!

    Seriously, wow. Kids just love to poop and pee everywhere don't they? I haven't had a disaster in a while thank goodness!! One of the reasons we put in dark carpet, it hides tons!!

    You asked about my camera, it's a Nikon D60. Expensive but worth it. I took those pics with my zoom lens, love my zoom. I'd recommend this camera to anyone and know a lot of people that have one!


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