Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holy Mothereffin Blizzard!!

I'm not sure if anyone watches the national weather but here in Minnesota on this lovely Saturday, we've accumulated about....oh I don't know.....17 inches or so of fuckin snow!!!  The wind is blowing so hard still that I'm pretty sure my patio door might blow the fuck which case we'd be screwed and there would a whole lot of snow up in this place!!

So because of this wonderous blizzard we've been stuck inside ALL day.  It was all cool and whatnot this morning, all cozy and shit.  We got up and made breakfast, played with Mees, made some cookies, layed on the couch, played on the computer, layed on the couch, played with Mees, didn't make dinner because of all the damn cookies we ate, layed on the couch, snuggled with the munchkin, contemplated punching Justin...only because by this time I've gone fricken stir crazy and it just seemed like something fun to do, put Mees to bed and then watched Inception....which I'm still completely confused by and somewhat pissed off at.  I don't like it when I can't figure shit out, so now I'm mad, even though I thought it was a really good movie....apparently I'm just not smart enough!!!

I did however take some pics today of Miss Girl makin some cookies.  Weird...I of Mia!!  Believe it or not though I've been slacking on the photo taking so I'm trying to step my game up!

Needless to say I'm hoping that tomorrow we can either find some sort of non food project...because I'm pretty sure I might vomit from all the mothereffin cookies or be able to get out of the house, even if just to Costco a couple of blocks away!  Because if we don' may want to say a prayer for my poor husband because I may go ballistic!!!!  Happy snow blowing!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

14 Months and every bit the MONSTER!

I feel like an asshole because I'm like 2 days behind on your monthly post which is totally not like me because I have serious OCD type issues that usually don't allow me to miss things like this.....but I did and I'm totally calling myself out on it.  But enough about me....lets talk about your monster little ass!!!

This last month has brought on a whole new level of diva!!!!  You. Are. A. Beast!!!!!  A cute little midget beast but a beast nontheless!  Remember all that talk about ZERO patience and temper issues???  Well that has significantly increased!!  It makes me a little nervous because when you get frustrated you tend to chuck things or fists...whatever works for you at the moment.  I'm trying to figure out how to redirect your frustrations and teach that hitting really isn't the way to go....especially when you hit mommy and daddy.....remember we are the ones that feed need to be nice!  I know you are trying to figure out this whole big world around you so we do what we do and just hope that you won't grow up to be a total Asshole!

These two little peoples....right above here....are your most bestest peeps!  You three are a fricken hoot....there are times you play well together and then there are the times where you whack Belle in the head (remember we need to work on that whole not being an Asshole thing) and shove Carter out of your "bubble".  But the fact that you three have each other is truly a wonderful blessing!

You still think that you can run better than walk and let me tell you....that's not really the case.  You don't look like a drunk frankenstein too much anymore but it's funny because you totally walk like your dad.  It's hard to explain it but you just do and anyone who knows you and your dad can totally understand.  You love to be chased and I'm hoping that will give mommy a smaller ass!

We have our routines.  Our bedtime routine is pretty set and is very ritualistic.  You start with your nightly cocktail of warm milk in a bottle on the couch with mommy and your blankie (unless daddy steals you and in that case mommy wants to kick him in his biscuit because.. thats our time dammit!) and then we sit and snuggle for a little bit.  Then we have to get up and you make sure that dad is right behind us....we have to go look at all the pictures on the wall in the hallway and you point and say "Whosssattt" when the majority of the pics are of you!  Then you get all tucked in with your seahorse and blankies and get mucho kisses and sweet dreams and then it's time for mommy and daddy to Just.....SIT!!!  I love that you know that this is what we do...and the fact that you go down so easily makes life much nicer for mom and dad!

You are starting to talk obviously have your own vocabulary but your communication and understanding of more things is growing every day.  I try to continuously talk to you and explain things that we are doing so you get the concept of different things.

You are a total vulture!!!!  You LOVE to mooch food off of whoever is around!  Totally your mom!!!  I'm just grateful that you like to try things.  And we know right away if you don't like something because that shit comes right back out.  You have found it to be real funny to start throwing your food and flinging it and spitting it out.  You also hoard food in your chubby little cheeks.  I still get yelled at for cutting your food up smaller than what you may expect but you are a HOARDER and...well....thats just what I'm gonna do until you eat your food!

You are quite the character and I love watching you start to explore things more and get more comfortable with yourself and others.  Your massive meltdowns (like we are experiencing as I write this) could be fewer but I guess that's what makes you YOU!!  And I love you more than you could ever imagine!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Baby Sister

On November 20th my baby sister became a big girl and got herself all married and shit!  It's so weird to me now that we are both married and have kids and are total grown ups and have grown up responsibilities and titles and whatnot!  
I can honestly say that that day might have been one of the funnest days EVER!  I may have even had more fun at her wedding than I did at my own.  It could have been because nobody got maced or arrested!!  Please refer to my beautiful wedding post!  Or maybe it was the fact that we didn't have all the pressure of being the bride and groom yet we got to dress up and be a whole big part of the entire thing.  Or maybe because it was just a fuckin good time!!!
The whole day was beautiful!  My sister was beyond beautiful.  Everything was just perfect!  I don't have a ton of photos but I'll share a few!
Me and the hubs all snazzied up!
The Bride's people!
Mr. and the Mrs.
Me and the cutest dad of ALL time!
Mom and big sis.
This was the beginning to the end of my dear dear sister here!
Beautiful Bride!
The Ladies!!!  
First Dance

We partied the shit out of that night!
This picture pretty much sums of the night!!!

So much fun had by all!!!  Natalie is already planning their five year vow renewal party!!!  I'm thinking Justin and I are totally going to have to do that too!  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Monster has eaten my Child!

Apparently when little midget girls hit a year they morph into this walking, sorta talking, monster of a little being!!!  Little Miss Mees has most definitely been giving Justin and I a run for our money lately!  She is a M.O.N.S.T.E.R (a really cute monster though!).
Her personality/attitude is most definitely starting to shine through and most of the time it cracks me up but there is that small part of the time that makes me want to drink 2 bottles of wine, take 3 vicodin and maybe throw a couple of xanax in there with it!!
The temper tantrums have started!  We've started hitting!  We scream if books are not immediately acknowledged and read... at which point they get chucked....sometimes directly at us!  We have become a much pickier eater and really enjoy throwing our food ALL over the fuckin place!  When we do eat we like to shove massive amounts into our mouth and then when told to NOT do it we spit that shit all over the place!
On the flip side of all this small not really so significant naughtiness that girl can make my day in an instant!   Her smile is contagious and I would not change one thing about her crazy, diva, impatient little self!
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