Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holy Mothereffin Blizzard!!

I'm not sure if anyone watches the national weather but here in Minnesota on this lovely Saturday, we've accumulated about....oh I don't know.....17 inches or so of fuckin snow!!!  The wind is blowing so hard still that I'm pretty sure my patio door might blow the fuck which case we'd be screwed and there would a whole lot of snow up in this place!!

So because of this wonderous blizzard we've been stuck inside ALL day.  It was all cool and whatnot this morning, all cozy and shit.  We got up and made breakfast, played with Mees, made some cookies, layed on the couch, played on the computer, layed on the couch, played with Mees, didn't make dinner because of all the damn cookies we ate, layed on the couch, snuggled with the munchkin, contemplated punching Justin...only because by this time I've gone fricken stir crazy and it just seemed like something fun to do, put Mees to bed and then watched Inception....which I'm still completely confused by and somewhat pissed off at.  I don't like it when I can't figure shit out, so now I'm mad, even though I thought it was a really good movie....apparently I'm just not smart enough!!!

I did however take some pics today of Miss Girl makin some cookies.  Weird...I of Mia!!  Believe it or not though I've been slacking on the photo taking so I'm trying to step my game up!

Needless to say I'm hoping that tomorrow we can either find some sort of non food project...because I'm pretty sure I might vomit from all the mothereffin cookies or be able to get out of the house, even if just to Costco a couple of blocks away!  Because if we don' may want to say a prayer for my poor husband because I may go ballistic!!!!  Happy snow blowing!!!


  1. You sure have a cute assistant on your hands.

    Stay warm...and sane.

  2. She's such a cutie. Now I want cookies!

  3. Looks like she was having fun!

  4. Mia is getting so big Nikki. How time flies! Hey we have snow in South Carolina! All melted now. Hope you get out soon. Happy New Year!


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