Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Baby Sister

On November 20th my baby sister became a big girl and got herself all married and shit!  It's so weird to me now that we are both married and have kids and are total grown ups and have grown up responsibilities and titles and whatnot!  
I can honestly say that that day might have been one of the funnest days EVER!  I may have even had more fun at her wedding than I did at my own.  It could have been because nobody got maced or arrested!!  Please refer to my beautiful wedding post!  Or maybe it was the fact that we didn't have all the pressure of being the bride and groom yet we got to dress up and be a whole big part of the entire thing.  Or maybe because it was just a fuckin good time!!!
The whole day was beautiful!  My sister was beyond beautiful.  Everything was just perfect!  I don't have a ton of photos but I'll share a few!
Me and the hubs all snazzied up!
The Bride's people!
Mr. and the Mrs.
Me and the cutest dad of ALL time!
Mom and big sis.
This was the beginning to the end of my dear dear sister here!
Beautiful Bride!
The Ladies!!!  
First Dance

We partied the shit out of that night!
This picture pretty much sums of the night!!!

So much fun had by all!!!  Natalie is already planning their five year vow renewal party!!!  I'm thinking Justin and I are totally going to have to do that too!  


  1. Weddings can be so fun! Looks like hers was. Congrats to her! Pretty dresses.

  2. You guys all look fantastic...and so much alike!

    I had the same thing happen at my sister's was way more fun than mine, until I had to drvie my far too drunk husband home while he puked out the window. Awesome.

  3. So fun! She is a beautiful bride. How are you girl? Long time, no see. :)

  4. Wow! Looks like a great time.

    Weddings are way more fun as guests than the bride and groom.


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