Thursday, November 8, 2012

5 Months Old Miss Livy Girl

Happy 5 months my beautiful baby girl!!!  I don't really understand how it's been 5 months already but it has!

You are quite the little lady!!!  So much like your big sister it's a little scary.  You are a ridiculously happy and smiley baby but then you can turn on us in a second.  9 times out of 10 it's because we are "ignoring" you.  You definitely DO NOT like to be ignored.  You like to be in the know.  You like to be where everyone else is.  You are fine for a tiny bit lying and playing on the floor but the instant you realize we aren't right next to you you freak the hell out.  You just are a nosey little poop!!!  It makes it a little difficult to get things done sometimes because you just want to be held.  Honestly I don't mind all that much....I want you to stay little for as long as possible.

The noises that come out of your mouth are contagious!  You have definitely found your voice and love to hear yourself!

You constantly follow your sister where ever she goes.  You are so intrigued by her and it is so cute to watch you watch her.  The two of you are going to be serious trouble once you are more mobile!  It makes me a little nervous!

You are rolling everywhere!  Like everywhere!  You start on one side of the room and within seconds you are on the other side of the room!  And then you get pissed!

You don't like to sit still.  Actually you don't like to sit at all.  Just like your sister you are already standing!  Not on your own but you are not content to just sit with us anymore.

You still love to snuggle with me which I totally love!  I hope that doesn't ever end.

So my little lovey...I ask that you please slow your roll a little!  I'm so excited to see what this next month brings us and how many more milestones we reach!  You and your sister are our everything and I'm so happy and proud to be your momma!!!  Love you you little poppers!!


  1. Happy 5 months to your sweet girl, she is a doll!

  2. She always looks so happy!

    1. Changes are the part of our life.......i fully agree with you.


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