Saturday, October 6, 2012

Month 4 of Olivia Rose

Little Miss Livy girl!!!  You might be the smiliest baby I know!  You can absolutely light up a room with that big cheeky grin of yours and I love it!

* You still constantly drool and spit up and your dad and I are beginning to think you have something against dry clothes?  Because it never fails that within 30 seconds of us changing you into something dry you spit up....even if you ate like 2 hours spit that shit up all over your clean dry clothes and then you smile!

* You are absolutely enthralled with you big sister.  You watch her in whatever she is doing so intently and I can tell that you can't wait til you can run around her crazy ass!  She sings and dances for you and you eat up every moment of it.  She's the one that can get you smiling the most and it honestly is one the most precious things I've ever seen.  It literally makes my heart want to explode because I can see already how tight the two of you are going to be.  That makes this mama very happy!

* You are no longer content to just sit back and relax.  You are a nosy little girl!!!  You need to be able to see whats going on around you and you don't really like to sit still all that much.  Constantly walking around with us or moving and bouncing your little more laying back and chillin.

* You are not one for being ignored.  You Scream.... A LOT!

* We've sat you in you bumbo and exersaucer just recently because of the whole nosy and not wanting to chill thing and it keeps you entertained for a while so thats a plus!

* We finally started putting you in your crib at night to sleep and you've done pretty well with the adjustment.  Your whole thing is you love being snuggled tight.  And trust me I snuggle ya whenever I get the chance.

* You are so super close to rolling over but you still pretty much hate being on your stomach.  I'm trying to work on tummy time a little more but you scream....a lot!

* You are grabbing at just about everything which includes mommy's and Mia's hair!  And let me tell you, you have a damn good grip.  I'm pretty sure you have pulled chunks of mommy's hair out.  But you think it's funny!  Like literally...when you get a good chunk of my hair and I tell you not to pull mommy's hair you get a huge grin on your face and think it's hilarious!  Not so much kid...that shit really hurts!!!

* You like watching Cartoons with your sister.  I think it's all the bright colors and music!

* You are super ticklish under your arms and your sides.  Your little laugh is somewhere between a giggle and a cry and it cracks me up!

* You love your blankies just like your sister loves hers!

* You are a chatty little lady and it is so much fun listening to you.

Well Miss Livy girl....I can't wait to see what all this next month brings us!  Just know that we love you and your sister more than we could ever tell you!  Love you, ~Mom!

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