Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today....You are ONE!

One year ago today you came into this world and changed my life forever!  You gave me meaning and purpose, you opened up this whole other part of my heart that I didn't know was there.  You made me realize that you are the reason that I'm here. 
This last month has been crazy....crazy busy and...well...just plain crazy:
* You have already started throwing little mini temper are completely over dramatic....not quite sure where you get that from!!( I will take full responsibility but that will be our secret!). 
*  You have taken a few steps by yourself.  We try to help you and you want nothing to do with us.  You obviously want to do it on your own.  One day soon you are just going to take off....for now though you are a fast little shit and get to where you need to go by crawling. 
*  It's funny because you are so independent when it comes to certain things and certain situations yet you are completely attached to my ass the other part of the time.  You are fine with other people as long as you don't see me or know I'm there.  This has made mommy's left arm muscle very disproportionate to the rest of her body!
*  You LOVE being outside!  You love to swing on the swings over at Antie's and would spend all your time out there if we let you.
*  You are a total chatter box.  Your new word is baboo for bottle.  You got that from Belle Boo....that's what she calls her bottle.  You are starting to recognize words and what they are related too. 
*  You are still obsessed with the phone and are constantly "talking" on it. 
*  You have graduated to your big girl car seat....we switched them out this last weekend.  It makes me a little sad but it's nice not breaking my back everyday lugging that damn carrier around!
*  We are trying to get you to drink out of your sippys more but you are still a total bottle baby....when you do drink out of them you usually make a game of it and spit your shit everywhere!
*  You follow your uncle Joey around EVERYWHERE.
*  You destroy most everything!
*  You are a dancing fool....can't wait til we can get you into dance class! 
*  You are a total diva and have absolutely ZERO patience. idea where that shit comes from!
*  You can make me smile one minute and make me want to rip out every hair on my head the next!
*  You have a horrible this moment you are screaming and flinging yourself into the if the ottoman did something horrible to you!  It did nothing to you!
*  You weigh 21.2 pounds and are 28 1/4 inches long which puts you in the 50th percentile for both....your head is another story....apparently you are in the 90th percentile for your big ass head.  I don't think you have a big head....and if you do it's only because you are already a genius!!

This last year has been amazing!  It's been the best most hardest year of my life and I wouldn't change it for the world.  You have brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined.
Happy First Birthday Mia Lou!  We love you more than you could ever know!


  1. Happy birthday gorgeous girl!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS MIA!!! I hope she gets a chance to party it up! You only turn 1 once, ya know. :)

    Great pictures. I don't think her head looks big at all. It only looks ADORABLE!

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful Mia! Mothering is seriously the hardest job that you'll ever love! So hard, but so worth it. My girls simultaneously make my life worth living and make me want to rip my arms off and beat myself with them. Hope Mia had a lovely birthday and hope Mommy is doing well. Hugs to both!

  4. Oh, what a sweetie. Happy (belated) birthday, Mia!

  5. Both of my kids have big ass heads. They get that from their dad. However, they get their impatience from me. Oh boy!

    I hope Miss Mia had a wonderful birthday.

  6. A belated happy 1st birthday to Mia! She is such a beauty.

    My Q has a 90th percentile head, too. Clearly our children have huge brains.


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