Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old Saggy Balls!

I've been a horrible blogger the last month or two and I have no good excuse except we've been crazy busy and by the time I have time to write I just want to lay!!  I have no idea what's going on in this whole other world of mine....I feel a little lost and it's totally my fault.  I'm hoping to get back to my "other" family here real soon....slowly but surely!

Onward to the whole saggy balls situation....my husband turned THIRTY!! last Friday (we haven't gotten to the whole saggy situation yet but rumor has it, things start to go south once thirty hits.....I can hardly wait to see what happens to me!!!)  And me being the horrible wife that I am did not to a birthday post for him yet.  Well....here it is. 
I decided to throw him a surprise party which was not so much a surprise when I found out that one of the invites got returned due to wrong address and Justin decided to open that shit and saw a big blue sheet that said SURPRISE!!  Really right now??  Oh well....I tried!!!  So a whole lot of my family showed up and not a whole lot of his did....they are all on my shit list right now....total other post, and his good friends showed up.  Which now I'm wishing they didn't because instead of partying like he was 30 he partied like he was fuckin 21.  We don't go out much anymore and so one would think to not drink like we go out every weekend.  NOPE.....that most definitely didn't happen.  There were shots being had and more shots after that.  Soooo, by about 10:30....he was DONE!  And when I say done I mean vomitting excessive amounts over the railing outside.  And me being the fabulous wife that I am didn't want anything to do with that shit!!!  I got one baby at home to take care of, I don't need another.  So I made asked Justin's cousin Brad to take him home in his truck because he ain't pukin in my car!  Plus we wanted to stay and party....shit I had a babysitter.  But once I saw that he could barely get his drunk ass in the car I decided I didn't want to come home and find him face down in the hallway or hanging over Mia's crib!! 
Needless to say he made it home alive and didn't puke in my bed.  He was a big pile of shit on Saturday and did absolutely NOTHING.  Which is fine with me....I'm going to be pretty depressed when I turn 30 and probably a big pile of shit myself!! 
Happy Birthday Lover, Love you even though you can't handle your booze anymore!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your man. I'm not sure if I should laugh or feel bad for the guy about his, um, getting ill...
    I've missed you girl. I haven't been around as much either. The nice thing about blogging is we can always pick up where we left off right?

  2. Jeff, the BF, turned 36 in July and I can assure you that the past few years have NOT brought about any ball saggage. You are safe, for a bit!

  3. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUBS!!! I think he's going to be okay for awhile. We don't have a saggy ball problem in my household yet and my husband turned 31 last month. :)

  4. Greatest line ever

    Needless to say he made it home alive and didn't puke in my bed. He was a big pile of shit on Saturday and did absolutely NOTHING. Which is fine with me....I'm going to be pretty depressed when I turn 30 and probably a big pile of shit myself!!


  5. I hate it when my husband is hung over. Like it happens all the time - it doesn't, but when it does, it sucks.

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  7. Happy Birthday to Justin! Well, I had my party on the 25th and believe me you...I partied like I was 21 too I made it until around 3:00 am then things got fuzzy. I do remember waiting for a cab downtown, then the next thing I vaguely remember is waking puking my guts up, then waking up, puking some more..taking a shower and realizing I had gotten a black eye for my birthday. Yeah, I am totally too old for that shit. I apparently dozed off while hugging the toilet and my eye bit it on the toilet. Well, thats the best explanation we can come up with. Either that or I smarted off in my drunken stupor and the Big Guy socked me in the eye:)LOL I doubt it, he knows better.
    And by the way, my husband is 35 and there is NO saggage in the ball area!Now, you've got me all paranoid. I'll be checking for sure:) I MISS YOU my BLOGGY BFF!! Email me! Bug HUGS to you.


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