Friday, October 29, 2010

Better Late than Never....I guess!

I'm making some new goals for myself.....I need to start fricken writing again.  I miss it but I just can't seem to get myself to type the words!  So....I'm going to start small and make this post mostly photos....but they are of Mee's first birthday so all is good!

The munchkin's birthday was on a Thursday (at the beginning of this month....hence the better late than never!) so Justin and I had our parents over for dinner and cake.  I made a f'in DELICIOUS meal!!!  We had a little flank steak topped with a garlic tomato mixture, roasted red potatos, asparagus and mushrooms and some good crusty bread! was amazing! 

First Birthday Family Photo!

A Girl and her Daddy!
Her Barbie Cake before the Barbie masacre of Twenty Ten!
And here we go!
She was a MESS!!! 

As was our table!!  That shit took us about 20 minutes to clean. 
So that was her actual birthday. Her big party was planned for Saturday. Well....Mia's dumb ass mom decided to make her one year check up appointment for Friday and we all know that that means shots. my lovely kid who has never had a problem with shots before decided to have a bad reaction to them and woke up late Friday night covered in her barf. Which ended up as a long ass night for mom and Mees. I felt HORRIBLE!  So needless to say she was absolutely miserable for her first birthday party.  My mom kept telling me that she wouldn't remember and blah blah blah.....well mom....I'll fuckin remember and I was devastated.  She's only going to get ONE first birthday party and I f'd it all up! 
She did have a couple of good moments....more shitty ones that good though!
Her Giant cupcake cake that Grandma made for her that mommy and daddy ended up eating the shit out of!

One of many melt downs!

Tractor ride with daddy!

And we are spent....chillin with Antie B.

So there we have Miss Mia's first birthday festivities in a nut shell.  Hopefully next year we can enjoy it all!


  1. Poor Mia! Happy late birthday. Nik, it happened, I;m sure the party was lovely and your mom is right, Mia wont remember it. Just remember the good parts. Now you know to never plan shots that close to a birthday party) I learned that lesson the hard way too.You are a great Mommy.Don;t dwell on 1 little accident.Happy Mothering and big hugs!

  2. Happy belated first sweet girl!!

    Sorry you were crabby for the party...but you still looked fabulous!

  3. Sorry to hear she was sick, but it looks like there was a lot of fun inbetween the feeling yucky time!!!! Such an adorable cake too!!!

  4. Love the pics! Sorry she wasn't doing so hot for her 1st!!

  5. Aw, I missed you guys! Glad you're back with your hilarious writing and adorbs pics of Mia.

    I think there is way too much pressure to make the 1st birthday perfect. We didn't even take a photo as a family on Q's 1st. I felt like an idiot. Anyway, I'm sorry that Mia wasn't feeling well, but you did the best you could and I'm sure 2 will be much better!


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