Monday, July 12, 2010

Pity Party Monday!!

Today sucked!!!  Plain and was a shitty day.  I woke up crabby and that just fueled the downward spiral of this shitty Monday.  It was a mixture of personal stuff and work stuff and just shit that I didn't feel like dealing with..... plus it's Monday...that's bad in and of itself.   I was more or less having myself a fun little pity party! 
I've been a little down lately and can't seem to snap out of it at the moment.   The fact that I never see my husband has a little to do with it....with him working the third shift we see each other for maybe an hour a day.  We just have really no alone time where we can talk and just hang out.  It's just a change that I need to roll with but it still's not permanent but that doesn't make it any easier right now.  I can't bitch too much about it though because I'm totally grateful that he has a job.

Anyway,  today after work I went to my parents to have dinner and hang out with Mia. She was in such a good mood and was having so much fun playing and I swear someone slipped her some cat nip or crack or something because the girl was bouncing of the walls....literaly bouncing off of her pack and play mesh siding thinking it was the funniest thing ever and her little ass was just moving everywhere!  As I was watching her I got mad at myself for being such a crabby bitch today....I looked at her and realized that all those things that I was letting bother me were stupid....I need to work on letting go of the little things and to stop having those little pity parties for myself.  Life is too short.  I need to learn how to enjoy it more.....although that is much easier said than done sometimes but I'm working on it.

I relish in the fact that this one tiny little person made my shitty ass day not so shitty anymore. 
I can't see how anyone would be in a bad mood after looking at this face!!! 


  1. She is so cute! Sorry your day sucked, but 2moro is Terrific Tuesday!!!

  2. Nikki sorry you are having a shitty Monday! I do however understand where you are coming from. WE all have those days. You are not alone in the shitty days and believe me it is easier to say stop and smell the roses than it actually is but realizing it is half the battle! I'm sure you felt loads better after seeing Mia's gorgeous little face! Happy Mothering,sweetie!

  3. Hang in there, girl. I hear ya on letting the little things get to you, though. You just have to breathe and say things will be better and ok.

    Take a deep breath and look at that gorgeous girl of yours!

  4. Bad day? What bad day?

    Hope the sun has come out on Tuesday.

  5. Aw girl, I'm sorry. You know I love you and I hope you have a better day tomorrow. And yes, that face is adorable. You'd have to be a meanie not to lighten up after seeing that sweet girl...xoxo

  6. It is amazing how quick our kids can make everything seem so not important! I hope that you have a great week and Monday was just needed a "redo"!

  7. Is she wearing baby legwarmers!?!?! Because if so, they are my favorite thing ever.

    I'm sorry you had a retched day yesterday and I hope today is wonderful. :)

  8. Also love the legwarmers! She is such a doll.

    I know what you mean about enjoying the moment-- it's so easy to get caught up in life's little stresses. But at least we have our little ones to show us the light!

  9. I don't know how else to say it, but I LOVE your honesty! I always crack up at your posts even when they are "shitty"! How could that sweet little thing not brighten your day? Hope your week has gotten better!

    I am finally catching up on all your posts! Sorry, bad bloggy friend :(

  10. I'm sorry you had a shitty shit day! It's Friday and I suggest you drink something on the rocks other than sweet tea! :)

  11. Sorry things are sucking so much. I hope the work schedule changes pronto.

    I feel like ms. Mia is going to eat me!

  12. i did the same thing today - i was getting kind of crabby and was pitying myself for all of the things stressing me out lately when i looked at happy, smiling ava and i realized everything else could suck it.

    i'm glad your day got better! such a precious baby girl!


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