Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I need to get my Ass in gear and not eat a whole pan of brownies in 3 days!

I seriously need to do something about this whole fat madness thing that has taken over my ass, thighs and belly!!!  Seriously....what the hell is it and why does it need to attach itself to me.  I did not welcome this fat with wide open arms (which has also been taken over and if I opened them wide enough and started flapping I would probably take off)!!! 
I just can't seem to get myself motivated.  Everyday I say... this is the day...this is the day that I plan better meals....this is the day that I don't eat a whole 9x9 pan of brownies just because they are sitting there and seriously why the hell didn't Justin eat more of them.....this is the day that I get my ass to do some kind of physical activity....this is the day that I get my fat ass into gear!!!  
Reality....I just need to do it!!   It's all about self discipline...which I completely lack at the moment....but it is something I strive for....more discipline....yet I find this whole "discipline" thing pretty sucky.  I love food and I love NOT working out....well thats not totally true, once I get going and get into the grove of it I'm great but as soon as I start slipping then all hell breaks loose on my ass!   Baby steps steps!  Otherwise I'm just going to whack that shit right off soon!  
I'm ready to say good bye to my fat thighs that rub together ( I will probably pee  the day that I can see light through those suckers) and say adios to the bat wings....that shit seriously needs to go!!!
What the hell do you all do to keep yourself motivated?  What are some of your tricks?  What are some go to recipes and snacks?  What are some easy quick workouts?  I need all the f'ing help I can get!!!  I need to get my ass into a two piece at the end of January for some Jamaica time!!!!


  1. If you are serious start drinking raw apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons) miked with 8 ounces of water 2 times a day.

    It works to stave of the eating of brownies and helps to digest food.

  2. I have the willpower of a rock. I hate the whole diet/workout scene.

    I will say almonds and string cheese are always my go to snacks. And running stairs is a great workout, a quick one too. Or put two hula-hoops on the ground 6-8 inches apart and jump with both feet back and forth between them, you can add some squats or bicep curls in between sets if you want.

  3. ZERO willpower here...maybe less. Smoothies for lunch always ties me over for the afternoon. Almonds help too!

  4. It takes you a whole three days?!!?

    I have come to realise in my old(er) age that the only thing truly motivating is REALLY wanting something. I figure that at this point in my life I mustn't want SKINNY enough as I have zero motivation and am becoming somewhat accepting of being a larger figure. Not helpful, I know. But there it is.

  5. I have told you so many things to try and do. Have you tried any of those?! I hate to tell you, but theres no quick fix, you must workout, and eat right. One HUGE thing that helps me is to promise yourself not to eat after dinner, and try to eat a light dinner of whatever it is youre having. And working out doesnt neccesarily mean that you have to feel like your dying to get a workout in, just do simple changes like taking stairs instead of elevators, or when youre picking up toys to squat down and pick them up instead of just bending over. And I use my kids to work my arms out. Do sets throughout the day of squats, side kicks, and other little things, and it will help make a difference. Then when you have some more time and energy,kick it up and do a video!

    So there ya go! see ya tomorrow :)


  6. My motivation comes in waves. For a few weeks I will be very motivated and stick with eating right and working out.. And then it washes away and I'm just like.. Meh. I'm in one of those phases right now. I'm forcing myself to workout and always eat breakfast! I'm never hungry when i wake up so I just drink an Instant Carnation Breakfast drink and I find that I'm less hungry throughout the day.

  7. I could have totally written this post. But I've seen you in pictures and you totally do not look fat!but I understand that it is all relative and if you don't feel comfortable then you need to change it. Maybe for exercise, if you have trouble getting motivated or get bored's a trick; if you live by a college campus...which I happen to live by several Notre Dame being the big one...take Mia in the stroller and walk around campus. You will walk your ass off when you see those damn 18 year olds in their frigging bootie shorts. I'm telling you, nothing motivates better than being surrounded by 18 year old girls...that don;t have kids and everything is tight and gravity or breastfeeding hasn't damaged them yet:) And drink tons of water , write down everything you put into your mouth! That's all I got.Happy MOthering!

  8. My diet plan for 4 years was to get pregnant and throw up a lot and then breastfeed. Now I have to work out and be careful of what I eat. Right now, for the life of me, I can't figure out which sucks more.
    What has helped the most is working out right away in the morning before my excuse-ometer is in full swing and not eating anything after 7pm. Good luck!

  9. I have struggled with weight my whole life and when it comes to sweets, well, I'm like a crackhead on a binge. Thankfully my good ol' doc did a few studies and diagnosed me with Adult A.D.D (Fuck, I've been telling that mofo I can't concentrate on anything.. Oh look, A Squirrel) Anyway - that has helped me drop 24 lbs and now I'm stuck and can't get the remaining cottage cheese off my ass and thighs. So, with that said is lock up all the junk food and try to remain strong sista friend. :)

  10. I wrote an amazing comment. Then google ate it. Because they had already run out of brownies apparently.

    #1. Pass the brownies. Seriously. I want chocolate.

    #2. I forget what whitty and clever quip I had said last time I posted a #2 before google's snack.

    #3. In an effort to out myself...I am 5'1'' and 123 pounds (ick). Sure, its a low number, but with my super shortness every pound makes a difference. So I need to lose some poundage too and shape myself up.

    #4. I have found that what works for me is I joined a place that offers hot yoga classes and pilates...low impact (bad knee) and easy to do, but kicks my sagging ass!

    Good luck...

  11. Aha! I remember my number #2 now...seriously clever. I mean clever that I actually remembered it.

    #2. Stop copying my posts and taking my post ideas. Stealing my bloggy thunder isnt fun for me. (note-I do not actually have 'bloggy thunder') (Unless you count thunder thighs then I am happy to give some up)

    ---yes...I am a total nerd~

  12. OH, and I saw Eclipse last night....killer awesome.

  13. I've been fighting with my weight since the freshman 15 and having a child did not help that at all. I hate to exercise. I hate the gym. I love yoga, splashing around the pool, and lacrosse. So between a little bit of those activities, and eating only 1200 calories on days I sit home and do next to nothing, I've managed to very steadily shed the weight. 18 pounds since January, to be exact. I admit, it sucks to go to bed hungry, and only get to eat dessert about 3 times a week, but I don't like the way I feel in or out of clothes, so that's my motivation to change.

    ~Erin @

  14. Before my wedding, I carried a picture of my wedding dress in my wallet. That did pretty well to keep me motivated. Now I just think about how much I don't want to look like a lard in a swimsuit. :)

    As for snacks, I like protein bars and cottage cheese. I think I might be one of the only people on the planet that does though.

  15. I can so relate, Nikki! I'm a total emotional eater and a chocolate chip cookie seems to be my favorite therapy. Baby carrots with hummus, almonds, and fruit are my healthier choices when I'm feeling motivated.

    Exercising for exercise's sake isn't all that appealing. I used to dance professionally and that kept me in awesome shape, but I did it because I loved to dance. Now I don't have time to dance like I used to, so I try to do quick Exercise TV workouts On Demand- even a 10 minute one is better than nothing. Walking with baby is also good, especially if you have any hills around you.

    Now if I could just follow my own advice...

  16. HA! You are my kind of girl - totally glad I stopped by :) I'm a teacher and fortunately on summer break - so I have the time to exercise for a few months. But, I hear ya - I always have to set a date for myself. Then I HAVE to do it.

    I'm your newest follower! Stop by One Fine Wire any time!!

  17. I love the Wii Fit Plus! I seriously feel so good after I work out on it. If you don't have it, google it so you can see what all it has. I love it.

    I love to snack on fruits, crackers, and yogurt. I'm not the best at keeping it that way though since I'm such a sweets addict. I've got the bat wings and fat butt too girl! We can do this though, support each other through it!

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