Friday, March 19, 2010

Pizza Gene

Tomorrow is the day that the whole Frascone clan looks forward to every year......Pizza Gene day!!!  It's a family tradition and recipe that we make only once a year right around Easter. 
Pizza Gene can only be described as mouth wateringly delicious.  It's kind of like a calzone but not really.  It's dough, rolled out very thinly and then stuffed with a mixture of egg, Italian cheeses, pork, pepperoni and seasonings.  Then baked in the oven until done. 

Some may wonder "Why only once a year?"  Well I can tell you it's because we make about 100 loaves of this deliciousness.  There are ten of us (brother, sisters, mom, dad, significant others) that partake in this annual event of low calorie food!!!  We start at about 9 in the am and are usually not finished taking the last loaf out of the oven until about midnight.  By that time the loaves are gigantic and we really don't give a shit.  Mostly because we (some and/or all) are usually in some kind of food coma or drunk or both!  Because not only do we eat Pizza Gene all day but we snack on various other foods.  This year tacos, nachos and cocktails!!!  This is not a day for the weight watchers!!!

This is one of those family traditions that I'm so excited for Mia to become a part of.  We have a blast with each other and it shows the kiddos that family really is everything, no matter what!  Even though, sometimes, by the end of the day we all want to punch the shit out of each other and self medicate ourselves.  The joys of being part of a big, loud, obnoxious Italian family!!  I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Here are some of last years pics. 

Rolling some dough....Deb and the fleoure!!

Eat up everybody!!! 

Stuffing some stuffing all up in it!

I'm so looking forward to this year because last year I barfed all day thanks to my beautiful daughter!!  So hopefully the rest of my family won't want to beat the shit out of me!  Pretty sure they wanted to last year.

I will, hopefully on Sunday, post some pics of this years events and I'm sure (knowing my family) I will have some kind of random ass story as to someone being a dumb ass!!  I can only hope that I can capture it on camera!!!


  1. Aww have fun- Sounds yummy! Also, your last name is SUPER close to mine- I totally misread it as mine for a sec!
    On my blog you mentioned mama sites had discounts. Any favorite sites for that? :)

  2. Ps. That is Frascone, not westbrock. :)

  3. I have so many favorites!! My girlfriend has gotten me hooked on them. Here are a couple!! Hope you have fun and don't get into too much trouble!!
    Those are just a couple. You let me know if you would like some more!!!
    That's fun about the last names. I'm assuming maybe you are Italian??

  4. Hello there! I found you on Ali's blog (Mommie Life)

    Love your cute blog!!! You have an adorable little family! Looking forward to reading more. ;) Following now.

  5. Thanks Heather,
    I'm new to this whole blog thing!!! I'm having a blast with it so far though. I checked yours out as well and am now following that!!! You have some beautiful jewelry!!! Can't wait to start reading more on yours!!!


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