Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Most people know that I am somewhat of a picture fanatic.  I love photographs....I love taking them and looking at them.  Last year Justin and I bought a nice SLR Canon camera.  Since then I've been trying to teach myself how to use the damn thing.  So far it's usually in Auto mode.  I would love to take some photography classes but finding the time to do that right now is, well, not so much!!!

My most favorite people to take pictures of is Carter, Belle and Mee's (as long as they cooperate, Carter usually wants nothing to do with the camera, Belle loves it and Mia could care less).  I'm really hoping that I make it more of a priority to teach myself about my camera.  I think pictures are timeless and so important in capturing the everyday stories of your family!  I want to make sure I do that!!

Mia and her daddy!

Little Man

Old Lady Belle

Diva girl!


  1. Cute pictures for sure! Your daughter is such a doll!! Learning to use the camera is hard but I have learned a ton just through trial and error! It's ridiculous how many pictures you'll end up with but the more the merrier I always say!!

    New to your blog! Way cute!! :)

    Thanks for the follow! I'll definitely give back the follow love! :)

  2. Thanks Ali,
    I saw your blog through one of the others that I follow and it seemed like we had a bunch in common. And I loved reading it and looking at the pics. I'm a huge photography fanatic!!!
    What kind of camera do you have?


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