Sunday, March 14, 2010


So, I have acquired a new problem.  Some (Justin) may think it's serious while others (me) might think it's more of a hobby!  I never really participated in this activity much before Mia came along and now thanks to my fabulous friend Tully I can't seem to stop!  She decided that it was a good idea to share with me links to mommy/baby steal websites.  Yeah, not such a great idea for a person who loves a good sale. 
So now, thanks to Tully, I visit around 6 or so of these websites daily just "browsing" the next fabulous, have to have find.  Because somewhere down the road Mia is definitely going to need little baby Klean Kanteen's and a gourmet lunch tote (those were my recent purchases).  I've also gotten into a little the whole organic thing.  Now that I have a child I'm definitely more aware of all the shit they put into everything.  I'm sort of trying to be all green and whatnot.  So along with these sites there are organic sites in which I've purchased the softest most wonderous wash cloths and burp rags (also known now as Mia's chew "toy").  I love these things.  They get softer the more you wash them....go figure that huh?! 

Now the problem with all of this is the fact that Justin already thinks I spend too much money on "shopping" when in reality it is the necessities!!!  Or at least thats what I usually tell him.  Anyway, the other day, the day that I ordered the lunch tote and Kanteen's, was the day that he thought it was necessary to check the balance of our joint account.  BAD TIMING!!!

Conversation goes a little like this:

Justin:  What is this Ecobabybuys stuff on here?
Me:  Not sure what you are talking about.
Justin:  Now what did you order from Babysteals?
Me:  Oh that stuff, well it's like the coolest shit ever!

Not much else said for the time being except that I can see him thinking and contemplating really hard at the computer.  I decide to not say much else.

Conversation about 10 minutes later:

Justin:  Hey Nik, do you think "we" could maybe cut down on this whole online ordering thing for a little while?
Me:  Sure, do you think you could cut down on your whole fishing thing for a while then???

End of conversation!!! 

It's so funny how men can go and spend hundreds of dollars on fishing and hunting trips and licenses and ice shacks and hauling fees and gas and beer and all the other shit that goes along with it but when I spend $30 fucking dollars on some wash cloths and sippy cups you'd think I'd gone and spent our last penny.  Because now I'm pretty sure we are going to end up living in a nice big appliance box somewhere in my parents back yard!!!  I just need to ever so nicely remind him of this (above conversation) and then it's all good again.  Because it is necessary for Mia to have all the bargains that I can find!!!!

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