Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'm trying to figure out a way to get myself to write more. So far, I haven't yet figured it out!!  I read all of these other "mom" blogs and am jealous of their ability to share their family and their life with such familiarity, ease and humor.  Why can't I write like that?  Why is it that it is so hard to find the words when I have so many?  I talk all the time and yet when I sit to write I draw a blank.  It's so much easier sometimes to "tell" a story instead of "write" a story or a feeling or a thought.  I'm thinking I should have paid a little closer attention to all my english/writing classes.  Which, funny enough, I did very well in.  Then again I need to remember that that was close to ten years ago. ( Holy shit that means I'm almost 30!!) 

My goal is to try to write a few times a week....whether it's me going on and on about my fantastically wonderful daughter that I know everyone can't wait to hear about or my crazy ass family or just stupid ass holes that piss me off!  I want to get better at this whole blogging/writing thing.  I want people to want to read my posts and not just read them because I email them the link! (How sad am I??  I'm almost begging people to "like" me).  Oh well....hopefully someone someday will relate to or laugh at something that I write.  I'm hoping that the more I write the more confidence I get in myself and the better my posts become.  I want people to enjoy The Westbrock Family because I most definitely do!!!!

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  1. Some of the best advice I've heard is to not expect a perfect post every time. Just getting into the habit of writing a few times a week can help you find your voice and things to write about will follow.
    You'll do great!


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