Sunday, March 7, 2010

The 5th Month

Today Mia, you are 5 months old already going on 13!!  I didn't think that was possible yet at this young age but you have proved your father and I wrong.  You are quite good at getting what you want by using those wonderful little set of lungs you have.  It's not so a much a cry now as it is pure screaming and yelling.  It's important that we remember that you are only 5 months old and not 13!!! 

This past month has been fun watching you grow and try new things.  The beginning of it was not so much fun with the continuous visits to the doctor ( I really think they should have given us some kind of discount for being there every other day) and the medicines and the RSV and the ear infection and the thrush!  I'm hoping I'm not forgetting anything!! As of now though I think we are on the up and up.  And hoping we don't have to go back anytime soon.  Not fun for you and not fun for mom and dad.  We just want you to be a healthy happy little girl.

We tried starting you on cereal this past month.....that was a treat!  Trying to get you to eat is like trying to get a two year old to sit through church service.  You were not having it.  I'm not sure if it's the taste or the texture or just that you didn't want to have anything to do with it but I actually felt a little bad because it made you gag and yes I kind of laughed!!  So instead of cereal we tried pears.  You are slowly getting the hang of what to do with your tongue and how to keep the food in your mouth and not spit it out all over the place.  It has definitely been fun feeding you without a bottle and watching the wonderfully funny faces that you make when eating. 

You have become so much more animated in your everyday little life!  Your dad and I can't get enough of it.  You have found your voice and the noises that come out of your mouth are hilarious.  If I could record all of it and play it for everyone I know I would.  Because yes, I am one of those mothers who probably shows too many pictures and tells too many stories about you but you want to know what I have to say about that.....I don't care.  I'm going to continue to show pictures and tell stories until I'm blue in the face and if people don't like it well then they can suck it!!! 
Your laugh is absolutely contagious and your smile can make the shittiest day the best day in an instant!  With that being said I often wonder if it is possible for infants to have some form of bipolar disorder??  You can be laughing and smiling and playing one minute and in a blink of an eye you turn into beast.  A pure terrorist!!!  I'm pretty sure this might be because you are a little spoiled and this is something that your father and I argue about and I'm sure it will be something we argue about until the day we die.  He's ok with letting you cry it out sometimes (not all the time but he's ok to leave you be for a short while to see if you can calm yourself down) whereas mom here would rather pick you up and give you everything you need right in that instant because god forbid you cry more than a few seconds if you don't have too. (On a side note, this exact scenerio played out this morning.  I ever so nicely asked your dad to pick you up because obviously something must be wrong because you were screaming.  He picked you up, you looked at me, stopped crying and smiled!  At this point I knew I had been had and just laughed and tried not to let your father get a 'I told you so' in there.).  Yes I know this is going to come back and bite me in the ass, I realize this, but I don't care right now! 

You have also decided that you are a big girl now and don't think it's necessary to sit....ANYWHERE...for extended periods of time.  You need to be standing or us standing holding you because you're nosey and if we don't do this you stiffen your entire body and do that whole yelling and screaming thing that I was talking about earlier.  On the flip side of this you are holding your self up so much better and wanting to know whats going on in the world around you.  And with this whole sitting up thing comes the "I want to shove everything I can get my pudgy little hands on in my mouth" stage.  Which in turn leads to an overabundance of drool and laundry for mom. 

Lucky for us you love your crib.  We are able to lay you down in there awake now for naps and bedtime and you fall asleep all on your own.  This is a surprise to me since you slept with your dad and I for the first 6 weeks of your life and after that we would snuggle with you until you were sleeping and then put you to bed.  It does make me sad though because you are at a time right now where you like your space and don't necessarily want to snuggle much anymore.  You want your bottle and then you like to spread out and do your own thing.  I wish you would want to snuggle just a little more.  You are getting too big too fast and it would be nice for mommy if you could just slow down a little bit. 
It's very cute though now because in the morning which is your best time we are awakened not by screaming but by you talking and playing in your crib.  It puts a smile on face every morning and I can't help but smile and laugh.

You are becoming so aware of the people around you now.  You have started reaching for people which completely melts there heart.  You love your two most best friends in the whole world...Carter and Ella....and they love you!  The two of them are so anxious for you to get bigger so they can play with you more.  I can and can't wait to see what kind of trouble the three of you get into. 

I know I say this all the time but you continue to amaze me with what you do and I can't wait to see what this next month will bring us!  Hopefully more cute and less Diva!!!!  I think I'm already starting to get grey hair!  I love you Lou Lou!!

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