Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pizza Gene 2010

As promised the other day, I'm posting some pics and a quick recap of the events at the Frascone house on Saturday.  It was our annual Pizza Gene day!!!  It was fabulously fun and loud and crazy and hectic.  Just another normal weekend out at the house with all of us together.  It really can't get any better!!!! 

This was Mimi's first year helping, she was such a good little helper.  So much so that she didn't think it was necessary to take much of a nap throughout the day.  Needless to say....not so happy later on!!

We were supposed to be to Mom and Dad's by 9.  Deb....not so much.  Why you ask??  Well she thought it was a good idea to go out for some beverages the night before.  Hence the sunglasses!!!  This is pretty much the extent of her abilities for the day!

Bina and Justin elbows deep in some filling.  As you can see B loved every minute of it and ended up with a slight case of hypothermia.

My two favorite little girls.  They are just too cute that I couldn't not put this pic up here.  A warning to everyone right out for these two!

Rolling some dough!  Which is also a great arm workout after rolling 90+ loaves.  Sad to say, but my arms seriously hurt afterwards.  I think maybe that should tell me something!

The Big Man!!!  Best dad ever and the head of it all!!

Carter did the best job of everyone throughout the day.  This little boy might be the funniest little person I know.  Carter's phrase of the day:  "Hey, What doin?" or "How doin?" 

Rolling some more dough with the best little helper!

Working real hard!!!  Two of my most favorite people!!  We are pretty fun....just ask us!

The day was awesome and no one punched the shit out of anyone.  We started at about 9 and finally went to bed around midnight or so.  It was a long day but lots of fun and lots of laughs!  It was definitely a successful day.  Can't wait for next year!! 

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