Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Really Child....Why are you crying?

I'm perplexed by the idea that one tiny tiny little person who gets fed, burped, changed, rocked, cuddled, bathed, dressed, swayed, kissed, hugged, squeezed (in a very nonviolent, I love you so much and can't get enough of you sort of way), can cry every fucking waking moment of her oh so tough little life!
You can ask my husband.....I had no patience for anything before Mia arrived ( I still have no patience for most things).  For the first week of her life I thought to myself....Hey, I can do this, she is a great baby.  Maybe God is giving me this wonderfully well behaved very quiet little being since I barfed for nine months straight and was convinced because of the barfing that I was going to have a heart attack during childbirth (only because someone at work who obviously did not know me what so ever and my hypochondriac ways told me her daughter had heart problems because she barfed so much during her pregnancies....stupid dumb Ass Hole!).  I was all like, Oh Justin, see I told you I would have patience once she arrived!  
I was clearly patience is being tested every day and I feel like a horrible mother because all I want my daughter to do is sleep because when she is sleeping she is not crying for no apparent reason what so ever!   I'm pretty sure though that she is the cutest screaming baby ever! 
Don't get me wrong...I would not give any of this up for anything.  I love her with all of my being and I know that there is supposed to be some kind of life lesson in all of this (which I have yet to figure out or come close to figuring out).  Maybe I should be pissed off at my parents for wishing a child upon me that was exactly like me.  Ass Holes!!!  Or maybe I should put the blame on myself.....No, why would I do that, it's always more fun to blame other people!

"Oh mom, you silly lady, I'm a perfect little angel....HEHE"


  1. Nikki, I SO understand. Mia's trying to figure her little world out and you're trying to figure out how to be a mom. It can be so frustrating.
    Babies are so many wonderful things but that doesn't make the non-stop crying any easier.
    The good news is many babies go through this period between 2 and 8 weeks and by three months they're the happiest little buggars around. (Unless you get one like Keaton, but doubtful- it takes a rare and high amount of determination to be that screamy.)
    I'm always around if you need someone to commiserate with! And man is she sute!

  2. Thanks Christy!! I'm sure I will definitely be calling upon you in the near future! I know it's not as bad as what some parents go thru. This morning was just a little worse than others!! And thank you....I think she is pretty damn cute too!


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