Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Good!

Apparently I scared a few people after my last post.  I'm Good!!!  I was just venting about my beautiful little child who likes to cry when she is awake!!  I don't want to throw myself off of our deck or anything (it wouldn't do much damage anyway....we are on the first floor of our condo building and I could probably hop over and land on my feet or ass since we all know I'm not the most coordinated person).   We are totally good though....I know it's normal for a lot of babies to go through this and I also know that it will pass.  I admit that it's tough and I do cry but I wouldn't give any of it up for anything.  She might cry when she is awake but when she sleeps she sleeps!!  Justin and I actually get sleep at night.  She usually sleeps for 4 hours at a time.  So I'm very grateful for that.

It's nice to have this blog as an outlet where I can write and journal and be sarcastic about whatever.  It's fun for me to share with everyone because as most of you know I'm very open and probably share too much information sometimes. 

Oh and P.S. Miss Mia is sound asleep in her swing right now!  Love that thing at the moment!!!
Oh and P.S.S.  I don't really think my parents are Ass Holes for wishing a child upon me like me......Well sometimes they are!  But I know I deserve and I'm sure earned it!  I wouldn't change it for the world though!

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