Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pirates and Forty's (And by Forty's I mean Colt 45)

So last night was Tully's 29th birthday and the Westbrock's first "night out" since our little munchkin arrived.  It was so nice to be with good friends and have some real adult interaction.  It is funny though that adult conversation is no longer what it used to be.  A long time ago it was about who got the drunkest and barfed in their car and who passed out where and what kind of crazy shit we can write on friends faces.  Now it's about your child shitting on the curtains or in the bathtub and how your boobs hurt so bad and the fact that one is bigger than the other. (I'm hoping no one was looking over at our table either because I'm pretty sure I was grabbing my boobs to show just how big they are).
Another highlight of the evening for me was the two deliciously wonderful mouth watering Corona's that I had.  I had been dreaming of them for the last 10 months (which is how long it's been since I've had a drink and probably the reason why after only a half of one beer my cheeks were red and I was buzzed). 

We went to Smalley's in Stillwater.  Great atmosphere and no shit they had Forty's to order on their drink menu.  The only thing that could make the fact that they had forty's to order was if they were to come out in the appropriate brown paper bag.  And let me tell did!!!!

The other exciting part of the evening was the return of Gumby (AKA Tully).  Gumby was not back in full force but well on her way.  It could have been the 3 wet and nasty's (or whatever the hell they were called...maybe dark and stormy's) she had or the shot of house rum.  We don't really know at this point.  I only hope that poor Jeremy didn't have to pull over on the way home!

Poor Tully had to get up this morning and bring Brady to swim lessons.....I only hope that she remembered her water wings and didn't end up floating in the deep end of the pool.  Happy Birthday Tull!!!

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  1. Ah, I still have very fond memories of a delicious Mich Golden Light a few weeks after Rowan was born and the glass of red wine I lovingly consumed a few weeks after Keaton.
    Hangovers with kids are the absolute worst. (Not that I would know ANYTHING about that :) )


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