Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lil Man

On February 4th, 2008 my little sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy by the name of Carter Eugene!  The instant I saw him I was in love!!  I felt as if I birthed him myself without the pain and screaming and all that wonderful "birth stuff". 

It's been amazing seeing him grow and develop a personality and become this whole little person!  He has amazed me every day.  It's amazing how much kids teach you about yourself...even when they aren't your own. 

It's so much fun listening to him talk and try to figure out what his words mean.  I love that when he sees his Antie "Ninno" he gets a big smile on his face and can't wait to tell me about the "teeto" (tractor) or the "choo choo" or how Ella pooped in the bath (which he is still traumatized about and will no longer get into the tub with his sister). 

When I was pregnant with Mia Natalie and I would talk about how wonderful it was going to be to have kids together that were going to be so close in age and hoped that they would grow up being the best of friends.  I never imagined that this little boy could be so in love with my little girl. 

He loves giving her hugs and kisses and wants to play with her so badly.  It melts my heart to see him with her.  I can't wait to see the friendships that develop and to watch my little peeps as they grow into their own.   

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